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Generally, it not easy to decide which WordPress theme to go, which plugin to buy and which website hosting is the best. I have faced those days too, when I started blogging but now as I have over 3 years of experience in blogging, I have tried many WordPress resources ( Themes, Hosting and Plugins). Some worked for me, while some were completely useless. Here, in this I have compiled the best lists of WordPress themes and WordPress plugins which is my handpicked collection out of the best. So, you need not worry about the quality. All the WordPress resources mentioned are of top brands which aims to deliver top-notch quality products.

9 Best WordPress Themes For Online Businesses 2017

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world. The popularity does not fade with just blogging. WordPress seems to have extended the same in its website creation too. Many website holders thank WordPress for their fame. Businesses of different kinds and websites of different services are run by WordPress. The only thing apart from […]

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10 High CTR WordPress Themes 2017

I know what you are wondering…! You might be thinking, despite having a good traffic on the website, why  I am not able to earn a good revenue from Google Adsense! 🙁 The problem is with your Click-through rate. And obviously, your Adsense earnings will be low. But how to increase your CTRs?.… CTR depends […]

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How To Learn WordPress Online For Free

WordPress being a free and easy to use open-source software is being used by most of the webmasters. Setting a website or a blog online is not a big deal through WordPress even if you aren’t a tech savvy. WordPress is powering millions of website and still counting. Either you are an individual or a […]

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