Top 5 Best Free VaultPress Alternative WordPress Backup Plugins

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Are you keeping regular backups of your website? 

I hope so!

Here, in this post I am going to share some of the best VaultPress alternative WordPress plugins for website backups. I know many people are looking for VaultPress alternatives.

best alternatives to vaultpress

And there might be two reasons…

  • VaultPress is a premium WordPress plugin
  • VaultPress cause caching issues if your site is on HostGator. 

If you are dealing with any or both of the cases mentioned above, here I have some great free VaultPress alternatives.

But, before getting started with those alternatives, I would like to say that PLEASE DON’T RELY ON YOUR HOSTING PROVIDERS for the backups of your website. I have hosted my sites on SiteGround and I just used to rely on SiteGround for my backups as they provide free daily backups.

One day I messed up with the code on my website and it was down and you might not believe, I started crying like a kid as I had no backup with me, but SiteGround restored my website successfully.

Though I got my website restored successfully, but it’s my responsibility to keep regular backups of my websites. Since then, I take a manual backup of my website once in a week.

I got my website restored successfully, but it’s my responsibility to keep regular backups of my websites. Since then, I take a manual backup of my website once in a week.

So, what I mainly meant to say that you should get one of the best backup WordPress plugins for your website. Below are free alternative plugins to VaultPress.

5 Best VaultPress Alternatives Backup WordPress Plugins 2016

1. UpDraftPlus

best backup WordPress plugin

According to me, it is the best backup WordPress plugin that I have ever used. Currently, I keep regular backups of my websites using this plugin itself. It gives you an option to take manual backups or make it on automation. I consider doing it manually.

It allows you to connect it with a remote storage such as Microsoft one drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google drive email etc. So, you can store it to the cloud or you can also directly store it on your server which you should never do because putting  extra load on your server might slow down your website. I take manual backups of my websites and use Dropbox as a remote storage.

If you want, you can keep one backup on your server, no issues with that!

There is also a premium version available which gives you some extra features such as Migrate/clone websites, sending backups to multiple remote storages, personal support etc. but I don’t think you need premium version.

I am using the free version and it’s working fine for me. You can also schedule the backups using the free version.

The best feature of UpDraft plugin is the easy customization. The plugin is extremely simple to use.


2. BackUpWordPress

vaultpress alternatives

BackUpWordPress is another free backup WordPress plugin. I used to use this plugin few months ago. I stopped using this plugin because the free version of this plugin didn’t allow me to store the backups in the remote storage. Otherwise, it is a great plugin which also lets you schedule the backups. If you are looking to go for a premium version of this plugin then, you will be able to store the backups in cloud storage such as Google Drive, FTP, Dropbox etc.


3. BackupBuddy 

vaultpress alternatives

BackupBuddy is one of my favorite backup plugin. Though, it is a premium WordPress plugin but it is worth the money. Generally, newbies like me don’t know much about tech. We need the best and safest solutions to keep our website secure.

BackupBuddy lets you schedule daily, weekly and monthly backups and keep let you send to your remote storage such Google drive, Dropbox and others. The plugin is very simple to use and you can even email the backups of your website.

The best feature of this plugin is that now you can easily migrate your website from one host to another without having any technical knowledge. Even in the case of changing your domain, BackupBuddy is a kind of big deal.

In case, you need any support with anything related, they are very much eager to help you out!


4. BackWPup

WordPress backup plugin

BackWPup is a free backup plugin for WordPress. It has a premium version as well but I don’t think that you need it. The free version itself does all the necessary tasks. It is easy-to-use and lets you schedule the backups and save them to your remote storage.

Premium version comes with personal support and you might go for it, if you really need it.


5. BlogVault 


BlogVault is another great backup WordPress plugin with too many positive reviews over 4+ ratings out of 5. It gives you the complete backup of your database and files and lets you store it to Dropbox. You can either take a manual reel-time backup or even schedule it for daily automatic backups.

Aha… the best feature of BlogVault is that it also gives you off-site backups which store the backups of your websites on their servers instead of yours so that in-case your server crashes, you can still restore the website. It will also avoid the extra load on your server.



So, these were the best backup plugins and VaultPress alternatives those who avoid going premium.

I thought of sharing these plugins as I got to know that VaultPress creates caching problems when sites are hosted on HostGator. Believe me or not, Hosting my sites on HostGator was the worst mistake I made in my blogging journey. That’s why I migrated my site from HostGator to SiteGround and now things are going really well. Learn about my migration experience here.

So, what are your views on the above free VaultPress alternatives?

Nikhil Ganotra (Nick)

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