Beginners Guide To Make Money With Freelance Writing

The main objective of all the writers is to make money with their blog. But how? Through advertisements?

Advertisements will only work if your site is getting high traffic. Have you ever thought of being a freelance writer? No?

Why Not?

You can easily make over $500/month with freelance writing. Today, I am going to share some basic tips to help you get started with freelance writing. When you are at work as a freelance writer you are your own boss. What is the need to get scoldings from your boss or daily get stuck in a traffic  jam when you can easily make money with freelance writing working from home itself?

Getting into a field of freelance writing requires just a bit of patience and dedication. It’s not a one day task but if you keep reading this post carefully then I’m sure you would easily start generating decent revenue in few days with freelance writing.

What do you actually mean by freelance writing?

Freelance writing basically means writing for clients on a contractual basis. You are neither employed nor have to sign a contract. Just find clients, write for them, get paid. It seems easy, right?

What you need to do?

You will be given a topic by your client.

You just have to do a lot of research on the given topic and make a story around it.

You have to throw a good impression on your clients so you need to make sure that the article is totally unique and with no grammatical and spelling errors.

It should show your creativity as I believe writing is an art. Writing involves the proper arrangement of sentences to throw a good impression.

How to get started with freelance writing?


  • An internet connection.

  • Basic knowledge of M.S. Word and Browsers.

  • Good English and writing skills (Not really necessary, it comes with experience)

Step 1.  Look Out For The Topics, you’re really passionate about!

You should choose a topic which motivates you to write more.

 How will you keep yourself motivated with the topics that you don’t like? Suppose I am good at internet marketing so I will love to write about SEO, Link Building, Branding etc. rather than writing about fashion, technology etc.

Step 2. Do Some Research work

Start with your research work today. Search for highly reputed blogs in your niche and observe their pattern of writing. How they start and end the article…How they make a story around it.

 Just try to understand the art of writing a good article. You can also visit ezine articles and article base to get yourself familiar with freelance writing.

Step 3. Submit for free

How you can sell your services to your clients when you don’t have a portfolio.

There are thousands of writers in your field, how will you stand out of the crowd. This really matters.

If you don’t have a blog or don’t have time to manage that, what you simply need to do is to write 5-6 articles and submit them to most popular web directories.

This would help you in building your portfolio.Your clients can ask for it to check your writing skills. Don’t take it as a burden. It will definitely help you in gaining flexibility while writing for your clients

How to find clients?


You might be a little stressed as these questions might be rolling in your mind –

  • From where I can get clients?

  • How much should I charge?

  • How to deal with my clients?

  • How to ……. Blah ! Blah! Blah !

No need to worry. Below I am going to clear all your queries.

Search on Google for “Freelance writing jobs” and other related phrases. Join the major freelancer platforms like Odesk, craigslist, elance and Guru. I started with Odesk and then after some work experience, I found my own clients. You just have to fill up your profile there and the employers would contact you soon. I found my own clients. You just have to fill up your profile there and the employers would contact you soon.


Here are top six platforms to find freelance jobs-

Odesk – Short version of “Online Desk”. I started my freelance writing from odesk. It’s an amazing platform to get clients. Payments are made in U.S dollars and believe me it is a completely secured site in terms of payment. Odesk is an online hub of millions of freelancers. Now what better proof do you want? You are the next…

Guru– The most popular freelance platform. Here you can make upto five profiles. The commission charged here is reasonable. It allows big companies to get freelancers on some commission.

Elance– It is the best site for developers, programmer, designers and marketers. Their commission higher than other comparatively platforms. All the transactions are made through Elance made network. Each freelancer can post their profile, previous jobs, portfolio, work experience and other relevant details there.

Online Writing Jobs– It is a place where writers meets brands. You can search upto $50 per article. Just enter the phrase of job you are seeking and the list of hundreds of jobs will appear.

Text broker (Only for U.S citizens) – Just start by registering there. Get paid for every word you write. Amazing, right? They will ask you to verify your ownership and submit few samples.

Just few steps and you can earn as much as you can. Just need to write better to make a huge amount from your hardwork. – You may be knowing the famous blogger  “Darren Rowse”. He allows to post a job on for $50 a month. There are hundreds of jobs piling up there. Look for the relevant job there.

Try all these freelance platforms and I’m sure you will be able to make money money with freelance writing.

There are millions of companies who require good writers. You just need a good mind setup and make sure that you wouldn’t leave until you find a good job.

Expose your profile…

Make use of social media   – Publicize your profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and let people know that you work as a freelance writer.As I told you earlier that your resume should be attractive enough to impress your clients.

You must also try Linkedin as it best professional network where you actively participate in all freelance communities.

Charge a reasonable fee – I know you might be thinking how much should I charge to my clients?

As a beginner try to build a good reputation in your niche instead of thinking of money. Just focus on delivering quality article and make your clients come back for more. Slowly and slowly increase your rates.

Create a good sample of your articles in your portfolio and make sure to deliver good impression to your clients. I’m sure your clients will like your work.

Benefits of freelance writing as a career

Most of the blogs are run by part time bloggers.

But how can they manage their writing task after a heavy schedule in the office?

They prefer sleeping rather than working on their blogs. Then comes the task of freelance writers. They require writers to maintain their blogs.

New companies are booming up day by day. They require good articles for their product promotion.

Then also freelance writers are required. That’s why I believe freelance writing has a full fledged career ahead.

Here are some benefits of working as a freelance writer-

1. Own boss

 You are not an employee who have such a busy schedule in the office, then stuck in jams facing many problems in a day. You just have to work from home researching and writing the story around the topic given to you by your client. You are your own “boss”.

Many branded companies like Nike, Adidas have blogs as a support for their customers. They also use blogs for their product promotion. Working on such blogs can earn you pretty good fees.

2. Minimal expenses

 Going office leads to hundreds of expenses of fuel, lunch etc… But what is the need if you can earn a decent amount just sitting at home with comfort.

3. Promotion with experience

The main advantage of working as a freelance writer is that you can give an increment to your salary as you become a professional writer.

First write for local clients at a very less rate then apply for online magazines and other professional networks. You can choose your income yourself and not dependable on your employer.

4. Flexible working schedule

There is no need to wake up early in the morning and getting to work. If you are having a lunch scheduled the next day you can balance your working hours by working late night. Working as a freelance writer gives you a flexible lifestyle.

There are many more benefits to tell but today is my cousin’s birthday so I am going to wrap up fast 🙂

Wrapping up

Becoming a professional freelance writer in one day is not possible. You just need a perfect mind setup to impress your readers and clients and I’m sure that clients will come back to you for more work.

Here are some do’s and don’t which you must keep in mind:

  • Be careful regarding your transactions.

  • Request for 50% of payment in advance.

  • Do offer quality work.

  • First try working as a part time to check whether it’s your cup of tea or not.

  • Do put a huge effort in your blog promotion.

  • Do gain some experience by writing for local clients and then apply for online magazines or big companies.

  • Never disappoint your client by delay in work.

  • Avoid errors and typos in the content.

  • Be patient.

  • Do have an attractive cover letter.

I think these tips might help you in getting started with freelance writing.

Having any query? Feel free to ask in the comment box!

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  • Hi Nikhil,
    Making money by providing freelance writing services is in trend nowadays and many freelance writers are making good amount of money by providing writing services and this guide will help many other writers to make money as a freelance writer.
    Thanks for sharing this useful guide 🙂

    • Heyy Tarun,
      Welcome to my blog.Yeah I totally agree with you that making money by freelance services is a trend nowadays. But still the competition is not so high as it will be in the next few years. So we must take take an advantage of this situation to make huge amount in years ahead.
      Thanks for stopping by and do enjoy your weekend.

  • Freelance writing is a great opportunity. Several years ago I did a lot of freelance writing in order to make some money while my own sites were growing, and that writing income allowed me to be able to leave my full time job. Then when my own sites were making enough money I focused on them and stopped writing for other people. That flexibility is one of the reasons that freelance writing is such a great option.

  • Hey Nikhil, that was a very informative post and I am certainly going to share it and after having worked as a freelance writer for more than 1 year, I can surely testify the facts you mentioned. However, you missed as one of the methods to find freelance writing jobs. I have got lots of awesome writing projects due to connections made through this site.
    Freelance writing is in fact a nice way to improve your writing skills. So guys, you must try it out. But make sure you take the necessary precautions like taking 50% payment in advance etc. Else you might be disappointed.
    Be patient!

    • Hello Manpreet,
      I apologize for not mentioning “”.Yeah you are very right that freelance writing boosts writing skills. I am glad that the girl having a year experience of freelance writing found this article useful ;).
      Being a newbie I keep learning many things from experienced bloggers like you.
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day 🙂

  • Hi Nikhil,

    This information is good enough for a freelancer to boost is carrier and every day 100’s of blog are opening and they also look for freelance content writer. Freelancer should decide and stick onto specific niche and start it.

  • Hi Nikhil,

    That was an informative post indeed – yes a guide to freelance writing 🙂

    It reminded me of the time I started my career as a freelance writer years ago. I used to visit all these sites mentioned, and started with O’Desk also – one of the most secure places to be in where money and payment is concerned. Yes, be honest and truthful in your dealings with your clients, and you can never go wrong. Now of course, people contact me, old and new for work.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    BTW – I wonder if you read my post a few weeks back on how I started my freelance writing career too 🙂

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