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TubeBuddy is a must have tool for every YouTuber. Getting huge success on YouTube is not all about creating and uploading a great video. It is also about how you promote it, how to get it ranked for specific queries, how to make sure that it reaches your targeted audience, how is its thumbnail, and much more.

TubeBuddy is an essential tool for all YouTubers who want to grow their channels at an exponential rate. It comes with a lot of powerful options under a single dashboard which saves hell lot of your time. The best part is that so many options come with a reasonable pricing structure as compared to its alternative like VidIQ.

Another best part is that I also have a special 20% OFF coupon code for Universal Blogging Tips readers.

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How To Get Super Discount On TubeBuddy?

Step 1. Clear your browser cache and visit the visit the TubeBuddy Homepage.

Step 2. Hit the pricing button on the top

Step 3. Choose your desired plan.

TubeBuddy discount code

Step 4. Choose your billing plan

Note: Choosing A Yearly Plan Will Get You Extra 20% OFF

Step 5. Enter coupon ‘NiksBuddy‘ in the coupon field and hit apply button, will drive you 20% coupon discount.

That’s it. 


YouTubers are loving TubeBuddy. It is being used by over 1 million YouTubers. Now, what better proof do you need? 🙂

TubeBuddy coupon code

Wrapping Up

In this post, I tried my best to help you get the maximum discount on TubeBuddy. If this coupon ‘NiksBuddy‘ worked for you, feel free to share it in your network.

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