5 Top Clickbank Niches And Their Best Selling Products [Infographic]

Are you looking for most profitable Clickbank niches?

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Here are some top 5 Clickbank niches and their best selling products that might deliver you ultimate sales if you use the correct strategy to promote Clickbank products. I will talk about it below on How To Promote Clickbank Products. So, keep reading!

Top 5 Clickbank Niches And Their Best Selling Products

profitable clickbank niches and best selling products

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How To Promote Clickbank Products?

Once, we have found the best Clickbank product that we would like to promote but now the question arises : How To Promote Them? 

You can make millions from Clickbank or can end with 0 sales, it all depends on what strategy are you using to reaching your targeted audience.

Before getting started, there is no general method that would make you Clickbank sales, all you need to just know the basics that I am going to share below and keep implementing till you get the results. Just consider yourself as a buyer and think what decisions you make before making a purchase online. Below I am going to share the basics that will help you in getting started!

Getting Started With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: 

Do you know what you need to focus on if you want to be a wealthy affiliate marketer in 2016?

Building authority in your niche rather than just focusing on SEO. 

Step 1. Get a good domain name, EMD (Exact Match Domain) would work but it’s risky,  so go for any partial match domain name. Get a good hosting and install WordPress.

Step 2. Build important pages like about, contact, privacy policy and page mentioning terms and conditions.

Step 3. Build a static homepage with a stunning optin box to collect emails by giving out a freebie. E.g. ebook or any case study related to the product that you are promoting. (Email marketing works as a boon for affiliate marketer).


Step 4. Build a page about the product that you are promoting. Make it look stunning. You can also use Landing page plugins to boost up conversions for that page.

Step 5. Build some more pages related to the product, can be comparison pages with some other related products.

Step 6. Attach a blog to it. ( DAMN IMPORTANT)

You’re ready!

Your website is ready, now the next part is to reach your targeted audience by following effective promotional strategies!

  • Write high quality and 100% unique informational articles and link them to your sales pages to reach your audience. ( Recommended content length : 1000+ words)
  • Write high-quality reviews and link to your sales pages. Use Thrive Landing Page Builder for building professional sales pages.
  • Be active in forums and engage with your audience on Social Media.
  • Besides just Facebook, Google + and Twiter, also make use of Pinterest and Instagram to reach your targeted audience.
  • Do visual marketing, build some enticing Infographics and videos and submit them to get more exposure.
  • Get started with Paid Traffic, Facebook Ads can be boon if you really know how to optimize them, if not, read few articles on it and then get started with it.
  • Buy an ad space on a website related to your niche through BuySell Ads and link it with your Clickbank product.

How To Make The Best Use Of Facebook Ads For Promoting Clickbank Product:

I think you know this method very well. What you need to do is to just plug-in your affiliate link in the Facebook Ads and then see the magic. Right?


You will end up with either 0 or very few conversions and it would not be worth with the CPC that the Facebook would be charging you for!

Here is the right method to use Facebook Ads to Promote Clickbank Product:

Firstly, Create a stunning landing page with a lead magnet, as I told above you to give out a freebie, like an ebook or a case study or any in-depth reports!


Here is an example of the landing page with a lead magnet:

How to promote clickbank products

Redirect the successful optins to the sales page that you made!

Check out this page for an example. 

Now, you have got leads, if not sales!

The game has not ended yet!

Email marketing can make you $$$$ but don’t spam their inbox by promoting your offers everytime. Deliver them some high-quality content and build a relationship with them before pitching next time.

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Here you learned about 5 most profitable niches and best-selling products of Clickbank that could drive a lucrative income online. You also just got to know about the basics on how to promote Clickbank products.

Now, you know the best selling products of Clickbank, you know the promotional technique. So, what are you waiting for? 🙂

And.. what are your views on the top Clickbank niches shared above?

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