Top 6 Essential Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Gone are the days when generally bloggers used Firefox browser. Nowadays, generally most of the bloggers are addicted to chrome browser and I hope you too are..

No other browser delivers a smooth experience as chrome. The browser loads in seconds and it’s extensions are a boon for bloggers. Here I have handpicked a list of Top Chrome Extensions For Bloggers that you need to install RIGHT AWAY, if you haven’t… !

top chrome extensions for bloggers

After installing the below-mentioned chrome extensions, you will be able to check website ranks, Domain authority etc. of websites which are very essential to check before commenting on them. Apart from SEO chrome extensions, I am also going to share some other extensions that might increase your productivity as a blogger by saving your time.

Below are the recommended Chrome extensions that I personally use as a blogger:

Top 6 Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

1. Ahrefs


I consider Ahrefs as the best Chrome extension to check page rank, Alexa rank, domain authority etc. of any website. It comes out to be the best when I go to find some best websites for blog commenting that tends to pass a quality link juice to my website. Copying the links of websites and check ranks individually becomes very time-consuming.

So, it’s recommended to install Ahrefs extension to save your time and increase productivity.

2. Lightshot


Using Lightshot Chrome extension is the easiest way to capture screenshots. Being a blogger, I am used to capturing hundreds of screenshots daily. It could be either for tutorials or how-to guides or may be any other purpose.

It allows us to select the certain portion of the screen that you need to show as the image. Now, there is no need to edit the screenshot using any third party tool. You can draw lines, point arrows, type a note without any hassle.

3. Grammarly


It’s an amazing free extension by Grammarly that is used to correct typos and grammatical mistakes. We bloggers have a hectic schedule and have no time to proofread the draft over and again… and there comes the role of Grammarly.

It helps you in correcting your errors while writing in real time. Apart from just spelling mistakes, it also helps in correcting your grammatical mistakes and many more errors to make you a better blogger.

You can get Grammarly account for flawless writing experience.

4. SEO Quake


Ahrefs extension and SEO Quake play the same role of flaunting a toolbar below every result in Google displaying DA, PR, AR etc. of every website in the search results.  But some stats are ignored by Ahrefs so I prefer using both Ahrefs and SEO quake lite chrome extension.

5. Ad Block


Aha. One of the most essential tools. Being a blogger, I need to read many blogs daily to keep myself updated with the latest trends in the industry. But.. some websites have too many ads that distract me a lot while reading.

Ad block allows you to hide ads with just one click.

6. SpyBar

SpyBar is an ultimate premium chrome extension that lets you-


It’s the best tool for bloggers that keep spying on competitors to beat them in the search results. If you are a niche marketer, then this extension is highly recommended as it helps you finding new and better pages for link building as you get to know about competitors backlinks with just 1-2 clicks.


You have learned about some of the Best Chrome Extensions that are highly recommended for bloggers. I might have missed many extensions that you might be using, so do let me know some other Chrome extensions that I have missed above!

Nikhil Ganotra (Nick)

Nikhil Ganotra is the owner and editor of Universal Blogging Tips. He is a passionate blogger from India. He loves to read and write about content marketing and SEO related topics. You can catch him on Twitter or use this contact form.