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I have faced many problems in my blogging career. Sometimes I was not able to add multiple pages in blogger while sometimes my site showed error 522 when hosted on WordPress. So, here I am going to cover the solutions for all the problems that I have faced in my blogging life.

What is the future of WordPress? Let’s Discuss!

Have you ever thought, what is the future of WordPress? Will it survive or its alternative would kill it? 25% of web is being powered by WordPress which seems really very interesting! Right? But.. will it be keep dominating the web in future or it would be dominated by other CMS like Squarespace and Wix? […]

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Beginners Guide To Scarcity Marketing

Do you know, scarcity marketing can help boost your sales and revenue? All the big sites such as Amazon, hotel booking websites, review websites and even the niche websites are using Scarcity marketing as a technique to boost their sales. Even I use that too, sometimes! :p uh-oh, but please tell me what is scarcity […]

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