Thrive Content Builder Review 2017: Build Professional Landing Pages In Minutes {No Coding Skills Required}

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Thrive Content Builder is a WYSIWYG editor WordPress plugin specially built for non-techies and designers who want to save time while designing their client websites. It helps you build professional landing pages in minutes. It's a must have plugin for your WordPress website. 

First came WordPress. Then we were treated to the templating system, which came with a cocktail of themes and theme frameworks.

But very few WordPress themes are designed for conversions, and it is too hard to keep switching the WordPress themes to test.

What if a single plugin can help you boost up your conversions without changing your existing theme?

Yes, is it’s possible. It’s Thrive Content Builder And Landing Pages WordPress plugin.

Building a respectable WordPress site, say, using the Thrive Content Builder plugin, is the stuff of fourth graders nowadays, and can save you both money and, oh so precious time.

In this Thrive Content Builder review, we take apart the plugin that adds so much ease to WordPress site development, that now a newbie can even build stunning professional pages without any coding skills.

Ready? Well, strap on because we are taking off for Thrive Content Builder Review in 3, 2, 1…

So, what exactly is Thrive Content Builder? That’s easy.

That’s easy. Thrive Themes Content Builder is a front-end page landing page builder for your WordPress-based website.

thrive landing page review

What that means is you can create amazing pages and posts on the front-end without going to and from your WordPress admin dashboard. It also means you needn’t have a design or coding knowledge/experience; just click, drag and drop elements into place without breaking a sweat.

Thrive Content Builder is an easy-to-use, click-to-edit visual editor for WordPress beginners and pros alike.

The brainchild of Shane Melaugh and the awesome team at Thrive Themes, the Thrive Content Builder plugin is the best Instabuilder and OptimizePress alternative, seeing it was built to serve you convenience on a silver platter, and save you time with tools that have a clear business purpose.

Such tools include dozens of amazing landing page templates, and the functionality to completely customize your blog posts just to touch the tip of the iceberg.

Now, you don’t have to fiddle with the technical stuff. You can build the pages, posts and incorporate the elements your website needs in record time while staying clear of distractions that eat up your time. This, of course, leaves you more time to concentrate on the stuff that really matters; your bottom line.

So just nobody is lost, Thrive Content Builder is:

  • A WordPress plugin
  • A 3-in-1 product. You get Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Landing Pages and Thrive Lightbox feature to really wow your clients
  • A visual drag-and-drop content builder (WYSIWYG WordPress editor plugin) that’s jam-packed with more features than you’ll ever need (Better to have them and not need them than to need them…you know how it goes)
  • Not a theme
  • Not a theme framework

According to the developers, those gracious guys, Thrive Content Builder is “…the ultimate click-to-edit front-end builder for your [WordPress] website.” It works “…based on a very simple idea: if you want to edit something [on your site], you click on it.” Aye.

But what makes all this possible? What features make Thrive Content Builder plugin a darling of an army of more than 35000 users?

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Thrive Content Builder Plugin Features And Tutorial

I have been fortunate enough to test and review a couple of WordPress content builders, and Thrive Content Builder, this baby, beats them all hands down in terms of features, and the ease in which said features play together to give you exactly what you need.

I’m not even kidding, the sheer number of features this bad boy totes will leave you feeling light-headed. Here’s what Thrive Content Builder has in store for you:

Beautiful Layouts & Professional Landing Page Templates

Thrive landing pages example

An example of landing page of a Product discount page on Universal Blogging Tips

Don’t lose prospects left, right and center with a boring design ever again thanks to Thrive Content Builder column layouts that are incredibly easy to customize.

Within no time, you can drag-and-drop columns onto the canvas, and create your dream page or post you can imagine, enabling you to supercharge your site without spending copious amounts of money on a designer.

Really, you can build anything from amazing sales pages, landing pages, home pages to contact pages and anything else you fancy by clicking a couple of buttons, and dragging the rest of the elements wherever you fancy.

thrive content builder templates

If that isn’t enough, Thrive Content Builder ships with a full suite of landing pages that will drive you crazy. The Thrive Landing Pages WordPress plugin now comes bundled with Thrive Content Builder.

What this means is on top of creating outstanding posts and pages, you get access to 120+ conversion-optimized Thrive Themes landing page templates that you can customize to your heart’s desire. Speak of lead generation on steroids.

Not to mention, you can completely override your theme’s design and create 100% custom pages using the landing pages feature. Can you compete with that?

Fully Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design

In the world where smartphones and a slew of other mobile devices reign supreme, you can’t get far with a fixed-width (read rigid) website. You need a fully responsive website that looks great and, more importantly, performs exceptionally well on mobile gadgets.

Which is exactly why you’d be crazy not to fall for the idea that Thrive Content Builder utilizes mobile-first design and responsive design techniques that ensure your users have a great time on your site regardless of the device they use.

Provided your WordPress theme is responsive, every page, post or element you build with plugin will be 100% responsive. Your website will literally bounce off walls, and you’ll be poised to make a great impression on your readers from the word go.

Convert With Awesome CTA Buttons

CTA buttons Thrive Content Builder

Call-to-action drives eyeballs, that’s without a doubt. This is especially true if your animations don’t “hang” on their own or slow kill your website.

Thrive Content Builder has around 4 high converting CTA options that boost the engagement and click-through rates on your pages.

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Create Powerful Blog Posts

I have been hinting at this throughout the beginning of this post, and that’s because it’s one feature you will hardly find in other content builders.

Your blog posts play an important part in your content marketing machinery. And as a, by the way, no one – I repeat – no one likes boring posts.

Well, good news is you can now say goodbye to drab posts with the Thrive Content Builder plugin, which lets you create highly engaging blog posts using drag-and-drop. Whoa!

You can add elements such as table of contents, content boxes and review summaries just mention a few directly in the front-end. You will love creating posts with Thrive Content Builder, guaranteed.

Social Proof & Social Sharing

In the online world, the challenge of acquiring new and valuable consumers has baffled entrepreneurs since time immemorial. I mean, how do you attract users – without breaking the bank – in an environment teeming with cutthroat competition?

Answer: You harness a concept known as social proof.

According to Aileen Lee, a partner at venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, social proof is “…the positive influence created when someone finds out that others are doing something. It’s also known as informational social influence…” and it is “…a relatively untapped gold mine in the age of the social web.”

Did you say untapped gold mine?

There are five types of social proof, but that’s story for another day. There are up to 10 social proof strategies you can use including testimonials, ratings, reviews, influencer endorsements etc but that’s also story for another day.

best visual editor for WordPress

Now, Thrive Content Builder allows you to create beautiful testimonials in a matter of seconds. And thanks to fully customizable feature/content boxes, you can take your game a notch higher with amazing customer ratings and reviews that are as easy as A, B, C to activate.

Social proof goes hand in hand with virality – one fuels the other. This WordPress content builder comes loaded with a “click to tweet” box that entices your readers to share your content, sending you more social traffic on autopilot.

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Outstanding Content Boxes + Grids

Without the right tools, something as simple as highlighting important parts of your content can become an uphill task.

Thrive Content Builder ameliorates this situation with fully customizable content boxes that are suitable for text highlights, review summaries, feature lists, CTA buttons and so much more.

With easy to customize content grids, you can easily call attention to your most popular content without trying hard. What else could you ask for?

Responsive Pricing Tables & Countdown Timers

Creating and managing pricing tables in WordPress is a pain in the you know where. Yet, you need pricing tables especially if you offer (or plan to offer) multiple packages/pricing schemes.

how to install thrive content builder

You will love the intuitive, animated and responsive pricing tables that are barely two clicks away once you active this content builder. I’m talking about the kind of pricing tables that boost conversions, not the other type that just sits on your website eating up precious real estate.

Speaking of conversions, did you know you can leverage scarcity mentality to boost your conversion rates? Yes you can using the animated countdown timers that come with Thrive Content Builder.

You won’t have to try hard to convince your visitors that your offer will expire soon. One look at your beautiful timers and they will know that, if they don’t act in the now moment, they will lose, and lose big. Can you think of a better way to get your visitors clicking ’em buttons and completing those forms?

Aside: Btw, make sure you create short forms because we all hate those lengthy forms that are a pain to fill. Now, let’s continue with our Thrive Content Builder review.

Conversion-Focused Buttons & Calls to Action

build professional landing pages

Seeing you will be creating top of the drawer content using Thrive Content Builder, it is only right that you give your work a deserving finish with beautiful CTA buttons.

With a click, you can easily add huge and attention-grabbing CTAs and buttons to any part of your website. With little to no effort, you can then customize the buttons using your very own colors and styles among other aspects.

Additionally, you can use the Content Reveal element to define the amount of time that needs to expire before revealing your buttons and CTAs. How suave considering we are just touching on the surface?

Ready-To-Go Optin Forms

“The money is in the list” is an old maxim in the online marketing world. The mailing list that is. When you harness email marketing well, you will have no problems generating traffic and revenue for as long as you wish.

leadpages vs thrive content builder

Thrive Content Builder comes in at a point in email marketing where you need to be the most aggressive as well as vigilant: list building. You can drive millions of daily visits to your site, but without the perfect opt-in forms, you will struggle to build a worthwhile email list.

Thanks to the guys at Thrive Themes, you can easily add beautiful and conversion-focused opt-in forms anywhere on your site. You can add plenty of options to your forms to maximize conversions. Options such as multiple fields, check boxes, drop-down menus and much more are all at your disposal.

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Any Layout, Any Page, Any Purpose

There are no limits to the layouts and pages you can create using Thrive Content Builder. How you want to use your layouts doesn’t really matter; just start creating any page you desire and be done before the coffee brews.

Yes, this visual editor is all about speed. Keeping in mind that part of staying ahead of the competition is to implement ideas quickly, you needn’t look for another content builder.

For starters, Thrive Content Builder is all front-end; the page you’re editing looks exactly like the page visitors see. Secondly, this plugin uses the best web standards ensuring everything in the editor responds immediately.

Say goodbye to waiting for elements to load. The few seconds you save each time you add an element using Thrive Content Builder, add up to a lot of hours by the time you’ve built a website. And another, and another. This is the time you can invest elsewhere.

Honorable Mentions

Other features worth a quick mention in our Thrive Content Builder review include:

  • Responsive and retina ready font icons
  • Fully responsive videos. Add YouTube, Vimeo or your own custom HTML videos easily
  • Beautiful custom post types and content grids
  • Styled bullet point lists
  • Content tabs and toggles just because we can’t get enough of these
  • Feature grids
  • Custom HTML & CSS
  • Visual HTML table builder
  • Responsive Google Maps
  • Clean and super-fast code
  • The plugin is easy to install and customize
  • You get access to top of the world and knowledgeable support

The list of features is virtually endless, but in a nutshell, Thrive Content Builder offers you all the tools and power you need to build a professional WordPress site from the ground up.

It works well with all WordPress themes and theme frameworks, and since the plugin keep its content in a separate folder, there are no plugin conflicts. This, of course, places even more customization power in your hands. It is a tool worth having by your side.

Or as the developers say…

All features aside, Thrive Content Builder provides something that goes beyond mere technology: it brings back the joy to creating content is just more fin when you use this plugin!

How to Install Thrive Content Builder Plugin

Installing, activating and using Thrive Content Builder plugin is pretty straightforward we don’t expect you to run into any trouble.

After purchasing the content builder, you will be directed to the Thrive Themes member area from where you can download the plugin ZIP file.

Then just login to your WordPress site and navigate to Plugins -> Add New. Upload the Thrive Visual Editor ZIP file as you would any other plugin, and click the Activate Plugin link once installed.

Navigate to Settings -> Thrive Content Builder and activate your license. This is easy as well but if you face any problems validating your license, don’t hesitate to contact the support team right from the Thrive Themes member area.

After activating the plugin, just navigate to the page or post you want to edit. Once the WYSIWYG editor launches, just click the “Edit Using Thrive Content Builder” button to launch the content builder in its full glory.

Thrive Content Builder is quite easy to use you could be building amazing websites in the next five minutes. The live editor comes with a lot of elements that you can add to your pages, and within your posts with simple click or drag-and-drop.

You “Preview” your changes, and when ready, just hit the “Save Changes” button. Previewing is unnecessary though as you see the page or post you’re editing on the front-end, as your visitors would see it once live.

There’s no learning curve here, boys and girls, and with all the video tutorials Thrive Themes offer, you ought to start creating websites out of your dreams before the cock crows tomorrow. You can check out the video tutorials here.

Thrive Content Builder Pricing

Now that you’re rallied up, how much does it cost to get in on all the action? Quite a tiny sum is all you need to start building sites the entire world will love, not just your momma.

With as little as $67 bucks, you can start using Thrive Content Builder on a single site. You get unlimited updates, full feature set and 1 year of unlimited support. Then you have the 5 License plan at just $97 bucks which come at a discount of $238, which allows you to activate the plugin on multiple personal sites. You also get all the sweet features and 1 year of support.

Finally, you have the 15 License Pack package at $147 which comes at a discount of $858.

If you’re just starting out and want to test it out, you can go with the single license and if you’re already familiar with landing page WordPress plugins and have many sites to work on, you should get the 5 site license or 15 site license and if you’re a designer and have clients, you should go for Thrive Membership plan for just $19/month. It’s amazing, believe me.

You can get 24% OFF on Thrive Membership, learn how!

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You have read our Thrive Content Builder review, but now see, what others are saying about it!

The great features, the favorable pricing, and the awesome support team will hook you on Thrive Content Builder, just like the following customers:

How to Get Started with Thrive Content Builder

Head over to Thrive Themes and purchase the plan most suitable to your needs. Install and activate the plugin as we’ve discussed and…wait for it…start creating! There’s nothing more to it. 10 minutes is more than you need.

Final Words

In a market flooded with content builders that promise heaven and fireworks but deliver brimstone from hell, it can be hard choosing the perfect fit for your business.

You need a content builder that’s easy to use and within your budget. You need a content builder that places emphasis on aesthetics, speed, and more so on performance. You need a content builder that comes with an awesome support team. You need Thrive Content Builder.

That said, would you consider using Thrive Content Builder? If no, which is your favorite Best WordPress Landing Page Builder Plugins?

If you have used Thrive Content Builder, which features or aspects do/did you love the most? Have questions or suggestions?

Let us know in the comments below, we always look forward to your thoughts on the above Thrive Content Builder Review.

Cheers to happy creating. Adios!

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Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is a Professional Content Writer who manages several blogs, a podcast show and has been featured on several blogs.

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