TeslaThemes Affiliate Program Details And Overview

TeslaThemes is a web-based company that delivers responsive premium WordPress themes at reasonable prices which make it convert really well. Setting up a dream website is not a really big deal using TeslaThemes due to its super easy customization and great customer support. All TeslaThemes WordPress templates are 100% responsive and SEO friendly and flaunt an enticing look which made me promote them to my audience and it started converting well!

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program is for those who blog on WordPress and Blogging niche and can earn a good income by promoting TeslaThemes Products. If you are currently monetizing your blog with Adsense or any other Ad networks, then why not increase your blog revenue by just promoting some more legit products like TeslaThemes.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program Review 

TeslaThemes is one of the popular WordPress themes company in the online marketplace which deals in top-notch templates for WordPress. Besides that, they also have an affiliate program that could make you a pretty good income by little hard work. If I can make money by promoting its products.. then you can’t? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s get to know about some more details  about TeslaThemes Affiliate Program:

  • Get 50% of all the sales you make

Isn’t it amazing?… Just 1-2 sales daily can make you around $1000/mo. It’s really good option to grow your revenue by promoting legit products to your audience.

  • One dashboard for purchases and affiliates

If you make a purchase or want to promote TeslaThemes, you need to create separate accounts as a customer or as an affiliate.

TeslaThemes affiliate program review

  • 90 Days Cookies 

Once someone makes a purchase from your affiliate link, the cookies will be stored in his browser for 90 days and if he makes an another purchase within 90 days, you will be paid. No matter how many other affiliate links he clicks afterward, you’ll get the commission.

  • Promo Materials Available

TeslaThemes made your work easier. It provides a complete toolkit for its affiliates to help them grow their revenue. You can get the code of your high converting affiliate banners from your affiliate dashboard and simply paste them on your website. Once, a user clicks on the banner and makes a purchase, you’ll get the commission.

  • No Minimum Payout

Either you make $1 or $1000, you will be paid at the beginning of every month. There is no minimum payout and it the appreciation for the hard work that you have done to promote TeslaThemes products.

How To Make Best Out Of TeslaThemes Affiliate Program?

  • Write List Posts

Being promoting WordPress products since years, I have seen that list posts really convert well. TeslaThemes specializes in top-notch blogging and business WordPress Themes. So, you can write lists posts, for e.g. Best Business WordPress Themes By TeslaThemes and then promote it to your audience. You can use organic traffic or promote it through PPC Ads but do make sure that you are not using TeslaThemes brand name in PPC keywords or domain name.

  • Request For A Custom Coupon

People love coupons. Even I do! ๐Ÿ˜€

You can request TeslaThemes for a custom coupon which you can share it on your social networks and blog which might lead to good conversions. If you are using PPC to promote TeslaThemes, then make sure that you are not sending direct traffic to your affiliate links. There are two reasons:

1. It won’t convert well

Affiliate Marketing is like dating. Imagine, if a guy asks a girl to marry him on his first date, probably he will get rejected. But if he stays with her for few weeks and know each other better and then makes a marriage proposal then she is likely to accept. Same is the case with Affiliate Marketing, your first motive should be to drive visitors to your high-quality content and then send them to the sales page, it will drive you better conversions.. isn’t it? …

2.  It’s against TeslaThemes polices

TeslaThemes doesn’t allow direct traffic to affiliate links and you might risk your affiliate account so, it’s better to be on a safe side.

  • Tier-2 Affiliate Program

Tier 2 TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

TeslaThemes also provides Tier-2 commissions for its affiliates. If you get some affiliates signed by your affiliate link, you will get 15% of their commissions. This would be a completely passive income generated by your blog. So, what are you waiting for?

Start Earning 50% Commissions

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