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SEO Powersuite is a bundle of 4 SEO tools that I consider essential for every blog/website we own. But is it still an essential SEO software?

For SEO process, we generally need to keep track of our rankings, conduct site audits to know which links are broken etc., spy our competitors' backlinks and conduct outreach campaigns for backlinking and finding potential backlinking partners.

SEO Powersuite is a bundle pack of website auditor, Rank tracker, SEO Splyglass and Link Assistant which helps you to be successful with your SEO campaigns. 


SEO PowerSuite is one of the best SEO tools that can be used for optimizing any website. Either it is your own blog or your client’s website, SEO PowerSuite is smart enough to make you stand out of the crowd. SEO PowerSuite is one of the best SEO premium software that I have used in my blogging career.

Gone are the days that you manually need to find broken links, long meta tags or other errors that lead to poor ranks in the search engines. SEO PowerSuite is one of the most popular optimization software that lets you do both On-Page and OFF-Page SEO professionally. It’s used by thousands of website owners and enterprises to get higher ranks in the search results.

Here I am going to share SEO PowerSuite Review in which I will deliver my views and will let you know how I have been benefited through this amazing optimization tool.

I started using SEO PowerSuite a year ago and found it DAMN Useful!

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SEO PowerSuite Review 

They deliver 4 tools in the complete SEO PowerSuite package. Here they are:-

1. Rank Tracker

Now, you need not check the ranks of your keywords manually, especially if you are having too many websites like I am. It’s a very frustrating task. Right?

Not Now!

Rank Tracker tool lets you analyze the rank of your keywords and their difficulty level as well as progress without any hassle. Isn’t it amazing? ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is how it works:-

Step 1. Install Rank tracker and create a new project and enter your URL

Best premium SEO software 2014

Step 2. Check the countries where you want your keywords to rank.

rank tracker 2

Step 3. Now, enter the keywords that you would like to rank.

Rank tracker 3

That’s it. Your Job is done.Now, Rank Tracker will analyze your keywords and their difficulty levels. Here is how it looks.


Functions Of Rank Tracker SEO Tool

  1. Unlimited Keywords Tracking
  2. Flaunts Progress Reports
  3. History
  4. Keyword Difficulty
  5. Ranking Reports

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2. SEO SpyGlass

I wonder why are you wasting thousands of bucks for researching your competitor’s backlinks despite when it is available in just hundred dollars.

Some sites like Ahrefs and other online tools charge you very high to spy your competitors’ links. Am I right?

I was too very tensed about saving my bucks and find some cheaper resource … And then after a lot of research, I came to know about SEO SpyGlass that is available in the SEO PowerSuite package. Unless you don’t spy your competitors, it would be difficult to rank. 

Another tool that I prefer for competition analysis is SEMrush

Lets See How It Works:

Step 1. Either enter any keyword or your competitor’s URL that you want to spy.


Step 2.  Wait till it collects the data and then select the “Ranking Factors



SEO Spyglass will deliver you the following reports:-

  • Complete Backlinks Report
  • Complete Backlinks details
  • Link Penalty risks
  • Backlinks from blogs and directories
  • Backlinks from some specific sites

Have a look at the below screenshot for an example:-

seospyglass 4

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3. Link Assistant

Now, you must have known the benefits of link building in ranking up your pages. It is an essential method to beat your competitors and rise up in the search results for a particular keyword.

Link assistant lets you configure your link building campaigns and send and receive emails directly from the tool.

Let’s see how to get started:-

Step 1. Enter the URL


Step 2. Wait till it fetches the information.

Step 3. Configure your keyword and anchor for which you want to rank your blog on the top. Fill out some basic information and hit “Continue“.

Step 4. Click on Search and select the most essential step for collecting the information.

Step 5. Now, enter your keywords and Click on”Fetch”

now, it will take few minutes to deliver the report. You will get a report of all the webmasters and their email addresses

Now, you might be thinking that what’s the use of this information. Am I right?

It lets you send them emails through the premade templates that Links Assistant delivers you with the package. It lets you handle your link building campaign professionally. Now, see how to send email:-

Step 1. Select any one URL


Step 2. Select any premade template to send. That’s It! You can also edit that template.

Some ultimate functions of Links Assistant:-

  • Finds out best link building opportunities
  • Checks Failed Statues
  • Delivers Anchor Variation Options

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4. Website Auditor

Website Auditor is the best premium on page SEO tool that analyzes all the major ranking factors like Headings, Links, redirects, and many other factors.

It’s not possible to check all these things manually. Is it?

Obviously, it’s but you need to spend a lot and lot of time!

Website Auditor delivers all the relevant information on your On-Page SEO to make your site rank on the top of the search results.

Functions Of Website Auditor On-Page SEO Tool:-

  • Perfect On-Page SEO analysis
  • Flaunts Social Media Popularity
  • Popular pages on your website
  • Broken Links
  • Duplicate Meta Tags which is a very poor ranking factor
  • Meta tags errors

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Here is this SEO PowerSuite review, I delivered my views as I have personally used SEO PowerSuite tool. At last, I would like to say that it’s an essential SEO tool that every website owner must use.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Disclosure: I am an affiliate of SEO PowerSuite and will receive little commissions if you purchase from above links at no extra cost for you. However, my recommendations are nowhere biased due to the commissions and it helps to support my blog. 

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