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If you’re looking to buy the best SEO articles to drive a lucrative flow of targeted traffic which REALLY converts then, you’re at the right place!

Here at UBT, we provide best SEO article writing service for blogs and small businesses. We aim to deliver SEO friendly articles at reasonable prices. Now, you need not hire any premium writers from Content Brokers which really costs you high! :/

Getting good content writers nowadays is not an easy task! I have hired many writers in past but only few of them worked well. You can easily find some good SEO writers at Fiverr, Text Broker, etc. but the drawback is that they take a long time to write and their charges churn out your budget. Generally, writers charge $70- $80 for 1000 words with 5 star ratings. How a newly setup blog or a small business afford to pay $80 for each article? …

Second drawback is that they write on the basis of number of words etc. which makes them write some useless words to complete the task and get their money. It makes you revise and edit the post before publishing it which is really very time consuming.

It’s not easy, I know!

Content was king… Content is king… and will always be!

Then, why to compromise it by hiring a writer who doesn’t have the complete knowledge about the topic which he’s writing. What they all mean by SEO friendly content is stuffing keywords which makes your content looks unnatural and can drive you either lower rankings or higher rankings for short-term and a penalty after then.

Google is getting strict with its policies and want to deliver the best content to user. This doesn’t mean that SEO is dead. SEO is still alive but there are certain ways to make the content look natural like by using LSI keywords, taking keyword density into consideration and writing the articles which complies with latest Google algorithms such as Rank Brain.

Top experts in the industry deliver extremely high-quality content to promote their product and services and build a brand name in the industry. This indicated Content is EVERYTHING and no compromises should be made with it.

Universal SEO Article Writing Service

Here, we’ve got some of the best writers from various niches to deliver high-quality SEO friendly content for your websites. Now, you might be thinking, what makes us different from the rest?

Here is what, which makes us stand out of the crowd :

We don’t follow the hard and fast rule of charging you on the basis of number of words. Each site has different requirements. We analyze the site first and then discuss with you to come up with final decision.

We write purely for humans. SEO friendly doesn’t mean keyword stuffing. Besides SEO we also focus on brand building by engaging with users and solving their problems.

100% Conversion optimized premium quality articles. What is the use of writing a post if it is not optimized for conversions? … Conversions could be leads, sales, subscribers etc. We don’t write the articles blindly as we make sure to discuss the project with clients first and then write according to their needs and requirements.

Some Other Overwhelming features : 

Timely delivery of articles

Reasonable pricing

100% Money back guarantee

Ultimate premium support

Here’s how we work : 

Step 1. We analyze your site and discuss the project requirements.

Step 2. We get the best writer of your niche to write the articles.

Step 3. I (Nik) personally revise and optimize the content for higher rankings.

Step 4. Delivery is made on time

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Universal Blogging Tips delivers SEO article writing service at fair prices. It was really a great experience for me. The guy discussed the project with me properly and did a proper keyword research which helped me ranking it easily. The best part of UBT content writing service is that articles are writer purely based on your project requirements and not considering just the number or words.
Srijan Bhardwaj
I really don’t recommend you to go sites like textbrokers or Upwork. What they do is thatthey churn up the words to complete the task and get paid. I recently triedUBT Article writing services which delivers SEO articles at reasonable prices.The best part is that besides SEO, it also focus on providing easy reading experienceby using simple languages.They are also good at keyword research and they discuss your project properly beforeworking on it.
Rahul Arora

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