SendPulse Review: All-in-one Email, SMS, And Push Notifications Tool Pack

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How many emails do you open out of all you receive every day?

Very few, isn’t it?

It is because they are not optimized for conversions. If they were optimized, you should have opened them.

SendPulse is an email marketing service provider which aims to maximize your open rates, expand your reach through various channels and boost conversions. There is no such special difference between sending emails from SendPulse, Mailchimp, GetResponse etc. but I am reviewing SendPulse for its unique functionalities.

I liked SendPulse as it maximizes the audience reach by resending custom emails to unopened emails on automation and the users get free access to WebPush notifications to increase their open rates by over 30%. 

SendPulse makes your work a lot easier as it chooses the best time to send the message based on user location and decides the source through which the message would be delivered such as Email, SMS, Web Push, Mobile Push, etc. It uses AI Technology to boost engagement and increase conversions. 

The above was the overview of SendPulse. Now, let’s learn more about SendPulse Email Marketing Software.

Features Of SendPulse:

1. Easy To Use Dashboard

It has a single dashboard to get access to all channels: Email, Web Push Notifications, Mobile Push Notifications, SMS. 

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It offers drag and drop editor for your campaigns, so you need not have any coding skills for that. Simply drag and drop the elements you want to have in your emails template and your newsletter is ready for delivery.

It has a collection of professional ready-made templates for your emails and you need not waste your time in creating templates using HTML. Though this is common functionality that all email marketing service provider delivers, but the best it yet to come! 🙂

2. Artificial Intelligence

This is one of a unique functionality that SendPulse offers. SendPulse has used Artificial Intelligence to boost up the open rate up to 30% for its users.

It automates the delivery process for your emails based on the user’s location, user behavior, product purchases etc. It automatically personalizes your email for increase the open rate and decides the channel to use to send the message. It uses 4 channels for delivering your messages: Email, Web Push notifications, Mobile Push notifications, and SMS. 

3. Free collection of professional templates

Now, you need not waste your time using HTML to create your desired email templates, as SendPulse gives you free access to professional email templates from all major categories such as Holiday, Ecommerce, Travel, Restaurant, Healthcare, Education etc..

This saves you a lot of time and you can get your newsletter ready within 5 minutes.

All email templates are 100% responsive and adapt themselves to all screen sizes.

4. Spit Testing made easy

A/B testing is a very simple task with SendPulse. It is not a complicated process, even if you’re a newbie.

A/B testing helps you analyze the user behavior by sending different versions of the same emails to your subscribers and tracking which one worked the best.

By using the Split Testing feature, your list gets divided into 20:20:60 ratio ( You can customize it).

The various versions of your original message are sent to the portion of your list and winning email is sent to your remaining list. This is how split testing works and it’s a great strategy to boost up your conversion rates.

5. Advanced Reporting

SendPulse also allows you to track email opens, along with other metrics:

  • Open rate and Click rate
  • Click chart
  • Geographic stats
  • Stats by device
  • Error stats

You can easily analyze your email marketing process through Google Analytics using UTM-tags.

6. SMS Service

I was surprised when I came to know that SendPulse also has a SMS service as well. It aims for fast delivery of messages: 200-500 SMS/second. Amazing, isn’t it?

You have the complete access to personalize your SMS to boost engagement through your SMS. I think only few companies give an option to import phone numbers and I was glad that SendPulse is one of them! 🙂

You can also use Autoresponders to send SMS based on the users action and save a lot of your valuable time.

7. Web Push Notifications

Though, it had been a lot more common now but I am glad that this service can be integrated with an email service.

If you’re not familiar with Web Push notifications, you should definitely check out the following video: 

SendPulse Pricing Structure

SendPulse is free for those who have less than 2500 subscribers and send upto 15000 emails/month. 

If you have more than 2500 subscribers, you can go Monthly Subscription which starts from 26 USD and if you don’t send emails often, Pay as you go plan is best for you. You can view the complete SendPulse pricing here.

Personal Views By Nik…

SendPulse is a great email marketing service provider but the only drawback is that it can’t be integrated some optin forms like Thrive Leads. You need to make sure that your optin form can be integrated with SendPulse.

Their artificial intelligence technology is currently is Beta version and soon be launched which will be a boon for email marketing. I wonder how much time we will be able to save using the artificial intelligence technology.

I am not currently using SendPulse because I am not so much into marketing through SMS and Web Push notifications. But I have a free plan of SendPulse and will definitely try it for my business.

Why don’t you get a free plan and try your hands on it?

Try SendPulse  For Free

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