How To Search Long Tail Keywords For Your Posts?

Long tail keywords are the 2-3 word phrases that people search on search engines. The main advantage of using long tail keywords is that they narrow down your competition and rank you high. I target Long tail keywords and my posts automatically get ranked for short tail keywords as well. Isn’t it a win-win deal? 🙂

Long tail keywords basically help you rank for multiple keywords and increase your traffic.

find long tail keywords for your posts

Here in this post, I am going to share some ultimate ways of searching long tail keywords for your posts.

Most of the short tail keywords are very competitive that makes hell difficult for you to rank your pages. So, I would suggest you go for long tail keywords such as “Best Premium Leather Wallets” instead of “leather wallets”.

Just using Long Tail Keywords won’t rank your pages on the #1 position. They need to be analyzed through the keyword research tools to check their competition and average monthly searches.

Earlier, I used to rely a lot on Google keyword planner to search long tail keywords but now as they have removed the exact search volume of the keywords, I prefer SEMrush over Google Keyword Planner but still, I use it to get an approximate figure.

What I do is that I just plug in my competitors’ links in SEMrush and find out long tail keywords with low search volume and low competition. {Even a low competition keyword with a 10 search volume is not a bad deal}. Never underestimate the power of low search volume keywords, they can drive you a hell lot of traffic and make sales.

The main point is that long tail keywords drive you targeted traffic, and more the targeted traffic you get, more sales you generate.

Isn’t it? 

Let’s have a look at common methods to search long-tail keywords:

1. Use Google Suggestions

When you search for a term in Google search engine, it gives you few more suggestions at the end, related to your query. Those queries are based on the related topics on the query you searched.

Suppose I searched “SEO tips”  in Google. It gave me few suggestions for long tail keywords.

research long tail keywords for your posts You can also widen the ideas by clicking on one of the suggestion and now take ideas from the keyword” SEO tips for beginners

Now, if you want to still want more similar ideas then you can click on one more suggestion and grab more long tail keyword ideas from it.

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free keyword suggestion tool that gives you ultimate long tail keyword ideas by adding a letter to your keyword.I am using Ubersuggest from past 2-3 months and I must say it an awesome tool as it helped me in generating sales online.

It’s not so easy to generate thousands of long tail keywords on your own. You need some help and for this purpose, Ubersuggest is highly recommended.

Ubersuggest delivers the results on the basis of info shared by Google suggest and other suggestion services.

research long tail keywords Ubersuggest

The best part of this tool is that it’s not so complicated. What you need to do is just type your keyword and select the language. It will automatically deliver amazing results through which you can make a relevant list of long tails keywords you wish to target.

Once you get a list, you can plug in those keywords in SEMrush to get their keyword search volume and competition.

You can also expand the results for the particular long tail keywords shown by clicking on the keyword.

ubesuggest for long tail keywords

Now, you can generate thousands of Long tail keywords ideas within few seconds. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Forums

Before moving further let me tell you the basic definition of the keyword. The keyword can be a single word or any phrase that user types in the search engines to look for the solutions for his queries.

Now, you might be thinking how forums can be useful to find long tail keywords ideas. Am I right?

Forums give you an idea about which types of queries are commonly searched by users. Use this Google string to search the forums related to the keyword you’re targeting.

 "Keyword" + "Forums"

For example:  I am looking for long tail keywords ideas for the keyword”SEO” through forums. I used the google string “SEO” + “Forums”. Here, I got some useful forums related to SEO.

Screenshot from 2014-06-18 15:54:52

Now,  I got some long tail keywords on SEO chat forum.

Screenshot from 2014-06-18 16:02:48 Long-tail-keywords-targeting

Blogging is all about solving problems, isn’t it?

Forums tell us about the most commonly faced problems by users. Once you get the problems faced by your defined audience, you can draft an in-depth post around it and help them! 🙂

4. Soovle

Soovle is an another awesome tool for searching long tail keyword ideas but it would deliver you less keywords ideas as compared to Ubersuggest. Everyone wants to rank his pages on the #1 position on Google, but have you thought of ranking on other search engines besides Google?

 I don’t think so…

Soovle fills that gap.


Search engines other than Google can also drive good traffic to your posts. So, you should consider them too!

5. Google Keyword Planner

Note: As Google Keyword Planner has stopped showing exact search volume, I prefer SEMrush over GKP, but still I use it to get an approximate figure.

Google keyword planner is the commonly used tool in the industry. I am a huge fan of Google keyword planner. The most common mistake that we make is that we never filter the results.

We just enter a keyword and jump to see their average monthly searches and competition.

Here I will tell you how to make proper use of Google keyword planner to get relevant keyword ideas.

Step 1. Sign in to Google keyword planner with your google account. If you don’t have, then create one. It’s free!

Step 2. Click on “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas

Step 3. Time to target your audience. Targeting is a very simple task. You just need to Select the country, language and Search engine for a particular keyword you’re targeting. Leave the “Negative Keyword” option as it is. Negative keywords are the keywords on which you don’t want to advertise. So, this option will only apply to the Adwords users.

Screenshot from 2014-06-18 19:32:53


Now, the final step is to search for a keyword and click on keyword ideas.

6. Quora

Have you ever heard of this word before? If not, then you’re missing out something important. Quora is a question-answer website where queries are created, answered by the community.

Now, you might be thinking how this community-based website would get you long tail keyword ideas? Am I right?

Through this site, you’ll actually get to know the queries that people are searching for. What you just need to do is to sign in and type your keyword in the search box.

There it will show you the queries searched by the users. Now what you need to do is the choose the relevant long tail keywords out of it and jump to Google Keyword Planner/SEMrush to analyze their competition.

For example. Your niche is internet marketing. So, you searched for the keyword ” SEO” in Quora. Now, you will get to know the queries that people are searching and what problems are they facing.

Screenshot from 2014-06-18 19:56:16

Here, I got the results. I have pointed out some long tail keywords which you can target after analyzing their competition.


Getting higher rankings in the search engines is not a big deal only if you’re following the correct strategy to research long tail keyword ideas. If you’re a newbie then I would recommend you not to rely on short tail keywords as they would rank your pages nowhere. You need to compete with sites having thousands of backlinks.

By-the-way, I have already written a post on how to rank for short-tail keywords in Google

So, what methods are you following to search the most relevant long tail keywords for your posts?

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  • Thanks for this list Nikhil. though I personally don’t prefer running behind keywords.. Writing posts based on long tail keywords is certainly a good idea. And your list really a good one.. Quora was something I didn’t expect here..but it’s certainly a good idea..
    Quora is also a good choice if you want some good content ideas..

    • Hello Manpreet,
      I am glad that you liked the list. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  • Hi Nikhil,
    I never tried quora and soovle for searching long tail keywords. Got to know about these 2 new ways.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hello Kuldeep,
      Seeing you after a very long time on UBT 🙂

      BTW I am glad you got to know two new methods to grab quality long tail keyword ideas. Thanks for your views and comment 🙂

  • Really a great article Nikhil. I am visiting this blog for the first time but it’s the quality of your blog post which compelled me to post my comment. All tools mentioned by you are great. I don’t use Google Keyword Planner tool much because many times it shows inaccurate data.

    One of the best keyword research tools is “Long Tail Pro”. I am using it from last 4-5 months and i must say ” it’s a great keyword research tool”. What do you say?

    Thanks for this great post. Have a great day.


  • Hii Nikhil,

    Thank you so much Bro for sharing this mind-blowing article. In this article you mentioned really some very useful and needed source of Searching Long Tail Keywords For Posts. I am going to use few of them right now.

    Thanks again Bro. Keep updating 🙂

    • Hello Amit,
      First of all I would warmly welcome you to UBT. Glad you liked my tips.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  • How could i described this post — Very short and informative approached for long tail keyword. Thanks bro for this post..

    • Glad it helped 🙂 Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    • Hello Olayinka,

      Glad you liked my post. Thanks for the feedback buddy 🙂

  • Although I havent used all of these tools yet but I am not a big fan of Google Keywords Planner as I always find the data ambiguous.

    I was looking for more precise keyword suggestion, so I am going to try Ubersuggest as you recommended.

    And I would definitely like to know how exactly you target those long tail keywords for better rankings?


    • Hello Preeti,
      Yeah I agree with you that google keyword planner sometimes shows inaccurate results but still I believe that it’s the best free tool available for newbies who can’t afford to go pro.

      Ubersuggest is a good as I am personally using it since 2-3 months.

      There are some good strategies that I learnt from I think you must also read that blog.


  • Hi Nikhil,

    Awesome post….. I never used this kind of tools. In this article you mentioned really some very useful and needed source of Searching Long Tail Keywords For Posts. I am going to use few of them right now. Anyway thanks for sharing this content.. 🙂

    • Hello Hiten,
      First of all I would like to welcome you to UBT.

      Glad you liked my tips. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      • @Nikhil Your always welcome bro.. You know I am surprised when you say welcome to UBT. I mean how did you recognize I’m here for first time. I like way to you maintain relationship with your audience. 🙂


  • You are amazing bro. The tips you have given here I don’t think anyone can give. Always people used to say that use long tail keywords but nobody ever told how to find them. I think this article tells everything about this. Nice one.

  • Superb post ….this post really help me to understand about long tail keywords. I never used this typed of tools before but after reading this post I will surely try to write long tail keyword posts. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Glad you liked it. Thanks for the feedback Hamim 🙂

  • Nice post.,The sites like quora,soovle are new to me.,
    Thanks for letting us know

  • As a newbie I really learnt a lot from this tremendous post.but Nikhil according to your own point of view between UBERSUGGEST and GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER which one do you prefer as best??

    • Heyy,

      Welcome to UBT 🙂

      See, you got it wrong. Ubersuggest is basically a tool for getting long tail keywords ideas better that google keyword planner but it doesnt analyses the competition and search volume for a particular keyword. For that Google keyword planner is the best!

      Thanks! 🙂

      • Thanks bro.It is clear now.Next article that i will write i will have these awesome tips at the back of my mind.

  • Hi Nikhil,
    Long tail keywords are one of the important fact to rank a post better in Search engine results pages easily and quickly. But finding a long tail keyword is not easy especially for newbie. You mention here some great tips that will surely help to find proper long tail keywords.
    Thanks for the awesome sharing.

  • Hello
    I just want to say you that this post is Awesome! Really long tail keyword is very effective for ranking easily on Top of SERPs. Every newbie blogger and webmaster makes wrong while doing keyword research. They go for competitive keyword that is hard to rank as their blog is new!
    Honestly. i did not aware of using Quora before. I must try this tool for keyword research.
    However, Thanks for an informative article. It is worth to share this post to my Friend John. Bookmarked!

  • Hey Nikhil,

    I use to use keyword planner a lot but now I’m just using Google ideas to find long tail keywords for my blog posts which are working so far. I hear of ubersuggest but I haven’t looked into it yet which I will start doing from now on. I’ve never heard of Soovle but it sounds like another great tool although it may not give you as much long tail keyword choices as Ubersuggest.

    Thanks Nikhil for the tips here! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

  • Hi Nikhil,

    I just met you as a guest on Sherman Smith’s blog and sure glad I did. When it comes to long tail keywords for my posts, I’ve kept away from that like the plague. I just didn’t know how to go about it.

    Now I do! I did hear about some of these sites to search, but didn’t use them …yet. What a great way you have explained this all and now I feel a little more comfortable using these. Many thanks for this useful information.


    • Hello Donna,

      Glad to meet you!

      All the sites I mentioned above can be a great source of traffic and I am glad that you liked them. Thanks for stopping by!

      stay updated! 😀

  • Great post to hear to get ideas for Long Tail Keywords. Do you suggest some paid tools to get Long Tail Keyword mappers such as Long Tail Pro, SEOprofiler?

    • Hey Venkatesh,

      If you are seeking to buy premium memberships of tools to search long tails keywords, then I would suggest you going for Long Tail Pro. It’s really a very smart tool!


  • Excellent post here buddy!
    Some people advice that we just flow but I think if we go with your strategy, we will keep getting targeted traffic. If you use this method to do affiliate product reviews, you will certainly make sales and earn commissions.

    Excellent writeup

    • Hello Enstine,

      Really glad that you liked my post.

      Yes, if you want to drive targeted traffic on your blog, targeting long tail keywords comes out to be an essential step.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • Thannks 🙂

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