Why I opted for Niche Blogging? – Benefits

Today, I am going to discuss the benefits of niche blogging over general blogging. I have seen many bloggers having the misconception that a multi-topic blog will drive more traffic. This statement is completely wrong.

niche blogging benefits
Let us come to niche blogging, niche blogging is nothing but blogging about a specific topic. For example, this blog (UBT) is a niche blog on Blogging. It can or should only deal with blogging, but not with health or others. Here are the few reasons why you should choose niche blogging over general blogging:

If you are expert in your niche, people recognize you as authoritative

When you blog about a topic regularly and you’re determined to succeed in it, this helps to move you from an amateur blogger to expert status quickly. By focusing on only one topic, you dedicate your mind to only one niche or topic. By dedicating your mind to a niche, you will be mastered in that niche.

In other words, mastering one thing will help you move up single mountain easily and quickly and stand out of the mass. Running multi-niche blog in a single author site is like planing to climb many mountains at one time.

Quality niche blogs get loyal readers

Suppose you can take an example that you have a general blog covering all the topics on A-Z. Suppose a blogger like I visited your multi-topic blog, read an article on blogging, and liked it. The next time I visited your blog in hope of finding something related to blogging. Gosh! I found health articles! 
In this case, I will not visit your blog once again as I can’t find professionally insightful blog posts useful for me.

Having a niche blog helps in getting loyal readers, even a fellow blogger in your niche checks for new blog posts regularly, as I do with UBT.
Readers, who like your niche, will definitely be the loyal readers, and thus they increment returning visitors count. This also helps you in boosting your subscriber base. Like I am interesting in reading SEO articles daily so I will subscribe to MOZ instead of an top multi-topic blog because I don’t want to receive any updates of health or business articles. Am I right?

Building a community will be easy

Think of building a general community, what the heck? Completely filled with spam. If you have a niche blog and are an expert in the particular topic, you can create a niche community, call upon your readers and engage with them. Add people subscribed to your blog to the community.

As having blog’s pages in Facebook and Google Plus helps SEO of your blog, having community of your blog will be helpful for rankings.

Google loves quality niche blogs

When you have a quality niche blog. Google considers that you are master in your niche, but not in the case of general blog. Even you know one person cannot be a master of all. For this reason, Google loves niche sites and considers them as trustworthy to place in SERPs. Niche blog helps you building a brand and authority. As google has came up with new algorithms which considers brand and authority as a factor to rank your website.

It usually ranks niche blogs higher in SERPs and thus increase click through rate of blog posts. More and more clicks on your blog in SERPs lead to increased traffic and loyal visitors.

By looking at About.com or other sites, you may think otherwise. However, remember that although About.com is a general site, it has separate subdomains for every niche, which is treated as separate sites by Google. It is also a professional multi-authored blog.

Better Targeted Ads

Ad networks display Ads related to blogging in blogging blogs, and thus increase click-through rate. Increase in click-through rate increases your earnings. If you have a multi-niche blog instead, it is less likely to display targeted Ads, as the blog has no particular topic. Thus, it reduces click-through rate and decreases your earnings.

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Money Making would be really very tough from Multi-Niche blog. Until you are blogging for fun and as a hobby, there is no problem in having a multi-niche blog but…if you are serious about your blogging career then I would personally advise you to work on single niche first. Income is directly proportional to the targeted traffic and direct traffic you are getting.

Let me give an example:

Assume that I run a Mobile company and I am having two options to advertise

  • Blog #1 which is getting 6000 page views a month and all traffic is coming for topics related to mobile.
  • Blog #2 which is getting 10000 page views a month and all traffic is coming for topics related to mobile, health and fitness, WordPress hosting etc.

Which one do you prefer? I’ll go for blog #1 as it would give me a better-targeted traffic and a good CTR. In the second blog I don’t even know what percentage of the total visitors are interested in reading mobile articles.

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Final words

I too had a tech blog, but even after 2 years, a single post didn’t show up in first page of SERPs for popular keywords. Because at that time I am not a niche blogger, I was a Jack of all trades, Master of None. SEO of a multi-niche blog is very tough and you need to be very patient specially newbies. If you still have a good knowledge on various topics then you can work on different domains or create a sub-domain to your original domain. For Example- health.universalbloggingtips.com , tech.universalbloggingtips.com.

If you are a newbie then I want to advise you to start a single niche blog and gain some experience and trust. Try to make it big. When you become specialized in one niche then start a multi-niche blog and I know you’ll succeed for sure.

Therefore, I recommend all readers to opt for niche blogging instead of multi-niche blogging.

So, which type of blogging do you prefer… Single niche or multi-niche?

Akshay Hallur

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