Long Tail Pro Free Alternative To Check Keyword Competitiveness

keyword research using long tail pro

Are you looking for a Long Tail Pro free alternative?

That’s great. Today, you’re going to learn about an awesome new tool which would help you in better analyzing the keywords and target the low competition keywords which you can rank and out beat your competitors.

I am going to share a free tool that doesn’t have all the features of Long Tail Pro but still, it’s a great SEO tool through which you can:

  • Get related searches for any keyword
  • Track daily activity on keywords by the users
  • Check CPC of each keyword
  • Check no. of searches with ‘Allintitle‘ for each keyword
  • Do deep On-page analysis

Isn’t it amazing?

Here is the link to the tool: SEO Tool Set

Below, I am sharing how to use this free long tail pro alternative. So, keep following!


How to use Small Tools Set ( Best Alternative To Long Tail Pro)

I generally use this tool for keyword analysis and for on-page analysis I use and recommend Screaming Frog.

For keyword analysis, follow the below given steps:

Step 1: Sign up for SEO Tools Set

Step 2: In your dashboard, hit the ‘Manage Keywords’ link.

free alternative to long tail pro

Step 2. Type your primary keyword and hit the button as shown in the below screenshot

free alternative to long tail platinum

Step 3. Select all the keywords from the list and hit the ‘Add Selected Keywords‘ button

free alternative to long tail pro

Step 4. Hit the submit button and click on ‘Keyword  Report


So, what are you waiting for? Go, take an action.. RANK AND BANK! 😉

Some quick tips to get the best results:

  • Target keywords having 100+ Daily Activities
  • If your DA is in 20s then target keywords with competitive score 2-4. It would rank with few backlinks.
  • If you are choosing high competitive keywords with score 5+, then try to get as much as natural authority backlinks or do tiered link building using Web 2.0s etc.
  • Make sure your post length is good (1200 words+)

So, what are your views on the Long Tail Pro free alternative?

Nikhil Ganotra (Nick)

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