15 SEO Link Building Techniques For Better Search Engine Rankings

SEO Link Building is considered to be a most essential part of Search Engine Optimization. Unless you are having quality links pointing to your website… you will not be able to drive good search engine rankings.

Google displays results for any query which depends on many factors like Domain Age, No. of backlinks, quality of backlinks, page authority, social presence and many more factors.  You can read more about Google ranking factors here.

To get on the top of Search Engine Rankings you must be having quality backlinks to your site, so here I am going to share some amazing link building techniques that would drive you high-quality backlinks and top search engine rankings.

10 Top Link Building Techniques For Better Search Engine Rankings

1. Help People on Quora

Quora is one of most popular question and answer website that allows you to create questions or respond to others queries with the motive of helping them. Quora was founded in 2009 and is having an amazing community of people seeking and responding to queries. It’s a great platform to drive a link from.

Now, Let me tell you how to drive a quality link from Quora.

Step 1. Visit Quora.com

Step 2. Use the search bar to look for the queries related to your niche.

Step 3. Now choose the best query on which you’re confident to respond very well.

link building techniques for better search engine trafficI responded to one query related to link building and got a high-quality link from the community. The above screenshot clearly flaunts that you should not run just after a link. Solve the queries of the people with the main motive of helping them and then do leave a link if it’s relevant.

Please don’t try to spam as it would burn up your image in the industry and could also get you BANNED from the community.

2. Rediff Pages

I recently discovered this link building technique while working on one of my websites. Rediff pages is a part of Rediff Enterprise which allows you to create a page and share whatever you feel like complying with their rules and policies.

To get a link from Rediff Pages, follow the steps-

Step 1. Visit Rediff Pages 

Step 2. Create an account on Rediff Pages and sign in once you confirm your email.

Step 3. After you successful login, click here to build you first page.

higher rankings learn link building

Step 4. Name your Page and enter a relevant description if you want and hit “Create Now” button.


Step 5. Now, click on “Links” and enter the URL that you want to share. Once you hit the button “share” it will look like shown below.

ScreenshotStep 6. Now, enter the message that you want to flaunt with the image. It’s optional! Now, click on “Publish”. Now, it will be successfully posted and would look like as shown in the screenshot below.

ScreenshotCongrats. You’ve successfully got a backlink from Rediff Pages. Now, let’s move on to the next link building technique.

 3. Write a post and run outreach campaigns

You might be wondering, how writing a post could actually drive your website, backlinks. Right?

Let me tell you how!

Look out for the authority blogs related to your niche in the industry and mention them in your post. Once you have published your post shoot out an email to the webmasters requesting them for a link back.

I have personally implemented this link building technique and was very much successful in getting high-quality links from authority blogs as well as shares.

I recently wrote a post on “How To Get Your Posts Loved And Shared By Readers” where I took the suggestions from 9 of the top experts like Neil Patel, Adam Connell etc in the industry. After I published the post, I shoot them an email requesting to link back to that post. Unfortunately, only 3 of them link back to me .. but most of them shared that post over their social networks.

Now, imagine a post being shared by top experts in the industry is generally being read by people and are often linked if they liked it and this link building strategy worked very well in my case.

4. Share links On Blogging Communities

Communities are a rich source of getting high-quality backlinks if they itself are of HIGH Quality. I share my each and every post to the blogging communities like Bizsugar, Klinkk, Dosplash, Triberr, Kingged.com, Reddit etc.

Generally, people research these websites to look out for the content to mention on their websites. I got a link from Small Biz Trends through Bizsugar.


The above clearly illustrates that it took the link of my post through Bizsugar.com.

I also do recommend Reddit for promoting their content as it delivers a high-quality link to your page. Sharing the direct link to Reddit is very simple. Just follow the steps-

Step 1. Visit Reddit.com and click on “Create and account”

ScreenshotStep 2. Once, you successfully log in to your account, click on “Submit a new link” button.


Step 3. Now, fill out the relevant details such as title as click on “Submit”

ScreenshotThat’s It. Your link would be published successfully. Let’s, move on to the next link building technique that I follow.

5. Blog Commenting

Yeah.. I know. Most of you would be following this link building technique from a long time. But what if I told you that, you are doing it WRONG!

If you’re doing blog commenting for just link building then just leave it, boy!

Commenting with the main purpose of getting links and commenting with Keyword Rich Anchor Texts would let your comment go directly to the spam folder. What you need to do is to act natural. Keyword rich anchor texts are good for Search engine rankings of a page but do let it go natural.

The second thing is not to spam. Just deliver a natural comment and then leave a keyword rich anchor text in the comment and I’ll sure your comment would be easily approved by the admin.

The third thing is to make sure to have a Gravatar to your profile so that you don’t look fake.

Here is an amazing post on  How To Do Blog Commenting The Right Way! which you must read to learn blog commenting very well! 🙂

6. Guest Posting

Matt Cutts Recently declared Guest Blogging as a spammy practice.So, should we still do guest blogging?

Yes, you should still do! It’s not a spammy practice if you are Guest Posting with original and unique content. Now also you can find many top bloggers such as Neil Patel delivering at least two guest posts a week on authority sites such as Forbes and Search Engine Journal.

Guest Posting is still an effective link building technique but it should be complying to Google Policies.

I have Guest posted on Authority websites like Inkthemes, Comluv etc. which helped to make my inbound link list stronger. So, you need not worry about Google penalties if you are really posting a unique and quality content.

7. Find out broken links on other sites

This method is a little bit tough process but if you do it nicely, it could be a boon for your website! I learned this method from Backlinko.com and thought it could be helpful for my readers so sharing it!

First, you need to find sites having broken links. There are tons of blogs having broken links but you need to convince the webmasters kindly to replace that dead link with yours. Follow the below steps to learn this link building technique

Step 1. Make a list of few blogs related to your niche. For e.g. My blog is on internet marketing so I will make a list of 5-10 blogs related to my niches such as Passiveblogtips.com or bloggingcage.com.

Step 2. Use Free Broken Link Checker to search the broken links on their websites. Here I searched for Passiveblogtips.com and it displayed the following result.


 Step3. Now, what you need to do is mail the admin of the website to replace that broken link with your link if it’s relevant.

8. Infographics

Infographics are an amazing way to gain ultimate backlinks while you’re sleeping. An attractive and descriptive infographic could drive you backlinks from high-quality websites.

If you don’t know infographic designing, so no need to worry. There are many designers offering services from just $5. You can hire them and get your infographic designed. Make sure that they using royalty free images and unique content.

Once you get an infographic designed use embed code generator to get an embed code for your infographic.  The embed code will allow your visitors to embed the infographic on their websites with the link to your site.

If you are not getting much traffic to your blog, still your infographic can get you quality backlinks.

What you need to do is shoot out emails to some popular blogs related to your niche requesting them to have a look at your infographic and publish it on their blog if they like it.

Infographic is a great source of exposure for your brand.

Read out this amazing post by Brian Dean on how you can build backlinks using infographics.

9. Spy Your Competitors

Check out how and from where your competitors are generating backlinks. There are many websites like Ahrefs and MonitorBacklinks which allow you to research backlinks for any site but I usually use SEO Spyglass to check my competitors’ backlinks. It fetches the complete list of backlinks of any website you want.

Below are the screenshots of how I used SEO Spyglass to research backlinks of Quick Sprout.



The next screenshot is the complete list of backlinks but I can’t share it here! 😉

Once you get a report of your competitor’s backlinks, it would be easier for you to reach those websites! 🙂

10. Tiered Link Building Technique

Tiered link building is an amazing Link building strategy that dominates search engine results and ranks you on the top. Tiered link building makes your inbound links more stronger and reliable.

Here is an illustration which would help you in understanding tiered link building much better!

best link building technique

Tier 1 backlinks are the backlinks that are directly linked to your websites so these links must be of high quality and should be built on high page rank and authority websites through blog commenting, guest posting etc. These could also be built using Web 2.0 , social bookmarking, wiki etc.

You can build tier 1 links with the keyword rich anchor texts for better search engine rankings but as I told earlier let it be natural.

Tier 2 backlinks are the backlinks of tier 1 links. These links can be of low quality than tier 1 links but still should be relevant. Here you should keep anchor texts variations to get safe from google penalties

Tier 3 backlinks are backlinks for the tier 2 links which you can build from anywhere. They can be build from blog commenting or through anything else. It doesn’t matter. This is just strengthen your tier2 and tier1 links.

Watch the following video and learn more about tiered link building!

11. Paid Links Work

Once I bought links and it worked!

Before going further with link building technique please do watch this video by Google Webmasters on ” What is actually a paid link” !

I usually do buy scrapebox links for tier 3 links which don’t cause any penalties and just strengthen the tier 2 links which ultimately make my tier 1 links more effective.

To learn more about how paid links work read this amazing post on Viper Chill.

12. Write Posts With Memes

Posts with attractive graphics make it more effective and popular. Memes do play a positive role in influencing your CTR’s on social media.

link building using meme

Credits-  Search factory

Memes can video, images, a text which are humorous in nature and goes viral within a short span of time. People love to share memes that are entertaining as well as informative in nature.

Memes can be a boon for your link building campaign if made a proper use of social media. Memes get shared on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

For creating memes you need not be a designer or any analyst. Meme creating process for link building is just very simple. Below are the ingredients that you need to create an enticing meme that make people link to your website.


  1. Basic sense of humor
  2. Little knowledge about trending topics in your niche.
  3. Accounts on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Reddit, Tumblr etc.

Step 1. Visit Free Meme Generator and start building your memes.


Step 2. Once you have created an attractive meme, start focusing on its promotion. 

Write a post and insert that meme as a featured image in your post to make it viral on social when you share that post on social media. Share your post with memes over the following social networks

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Stumbleupon
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Don’t forget TUMBLR

Learn more how memes can drive you high quality backlinks. Read this ultimate post on Moz.com.

13. Share images over Pinterest

Share your featured images/infographics on Pinterest, one of the highest growing social media websites. Pinterest is an online pin board as it links to your page with the image that you upload on it. Getting a backlink from Pinterest is not a big deal.

You just need to verify your website on pinterest by just pasting a Meta Tag in the head section of your website.

Once, you verify your account, start sharing your images and you will be linked to that particular page.

To learn more about building backlinks using Pinterest follow-up this post!

14. Create your own images if you can

If you know Photoshop very well then you can create your own attractive images that people would love sharing on their websites by giving credits with your link. Or alternatively, you can also use Canva.me. It’s a free designing too and I love it! 😀


For example- The above image is created by shoutmeloud.com so as I picked this image, I will give it credits like source- shoutmeloud.com

So, if you know how to create your own images then it could also be a boon for your link building campaign.

15. Don’t forget Google Plus

Aha… The king of all the social networks – Google Plus. Sharing your posts on Google plus drives you a backlink from Google.com. One of my posts  got good shares on Google plus which drove me 98 backlinks from Google. Isn’t it amazing!

get backlinks from google

The above image clearly illustrates that sharing your post on Google Plus can drive high quality backlinks from Google.

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SEO Link Building can either boost or drown your rankings. It completely depends on the link building strategies that you are following get better search engine rankings so you might be better very careful when it comes to link building.

This was my first post on link building techniques and I hope you would have liked it. I shared all the strategies that I follow in my link building campaign.

Also, learn how to rank your pages for multiple keywords.

Have I missed any link building technique?  Do let me know through the comment box!

Nikhil Ganotra (Nick)

Nikhil Ganotra is the owner and editor of Universal Blogging Tips. He is a passionate blogger from India. He loves to read and write about content marketing and SEO related topics. You can catch him on Twitter or use this contact form.