How To Learn WordPress Online For Free

WordPress being a free and easy to use open-source software is being used by most of the webmasters. Setting a website or a blog online is not a big deal through WordPress even if you aren’t a tech savvy. WordPress is powering millions of website and still counting. Either you are an individual or a big e-commerce company, WordPress is the best solution nowadays to save your time as well as money.

Although, setting a WordPress website doesn’t require any coding knowledge but still you need to learn WordPress(Inside and Out) to fix the bugs and customize your website as you want to.

Being a non-techy geek, I was always seeking help from professionals to fix bugs on my WordPress as sometimes my website went down due to wrong installation of any plugin while sometimes anything else was the matter. So, it’s not always possible to hire  a writer to fix your bugs or customize your WordPress website and you should be having a decent technical knowledge of WordPress.

Here, I am going to share some of the covers the step-by-step guide to learn WordPress Online Free. The below-mentioned websites would be covering WordPress Tutorials, How To Use WordPress Guides, WordPress tutorials for beginners, WordPress video tutorials etc.

Best Websites To Learn WordPress Online Free

  1. The WordPress Codex
  3. WP Beginners ( WordPress Video Tutorials)
  4. Udemy ( Paid + Free )

How To Get Started To Learn WordPress Yourself?

Learning WordPress is not a big deal only if you’re passionate about it. You can master it in 10-20 days depending on no. of hours you give in a day. The only disadvantage of learning WordPress yourself is that you don’t know from where to start and where to go. The above mentioned free websites to learn WordPress online are of no use unless you follow the steps and procedure that I am going to share below.

Why spend hundreds of dollars online to learn WordPress despite there are gems resources online that I have already hand-picked for you. So, don’t worry and follow the below-given procedure to master WordPress in 10-15 days.

Please do make sure you have WordPress installed before getting started with it.

Step 1. Go through the HTML, CSS and PHP basics for the first 2-3 days



Code Academy is the best website to learn. It’s easy to follow tutorials and quiz lets master them.  There are some paid resources in CodeAcademy for which you need to pay a certain amount but if you want a free tutorial, just follow these two guides –

>>Beginners guide to HTML and CSS

>>An Advanced guide to HTML and CSS

For PHP basics > ThePHPbasics 

Step 2. Scan WordPress Codex

Once you get through HTML, CSS and PHP basics .. now go through the official WordPress codex. Being a beginner to WordPress, you might not be able to get each and everything in mind, but do make sure to scan it.

You can also follow videos which are recorded from WordCamp worldwide. Also, there you can check out the videos of core developers like Mark Jaquith to learn more.

Next thing is to go out for something techier, Make WordPress Core. It is the official blog of the core development team of the WordPress. This is the best place to let yourself updated of the latest WordPress news.

Step 3. Get started to learn Theme Development 

To learn the full-fledged functioning of the WordPress, the priority should be given to learn how themes work!

There is the Theme Development section in the codex that teaches you why WordPress Themes and are used and delivers you an informative guide to learn the functioning of a WordPress theme. There is a small section of ‘Child Themes’ under “Working On Theme” in Codex which would be a good read for you.

Here is a great tutorial that would help your in developing your first WordPress Theme >> How to develop your first WordPress theme. 

The above guide is recommended by many authority websites and it might be a boon for beginners who has a passion to code and learn to develop WordPress theme.

Step 4. Get started with writing a plugin

Learning WordPress is not like you learn for your college exams. It’s practical. Here you need to implement, test and learn. Now, after theme development.. the next step is to see how a plugin works and how to write your own plugins!

To get started with it, the first step is to scan the ‘Writing a plugin’ tutorial in WordPress Codex. Once you go through it, here is a great guide to get started with basics of WordPress Plugin Development.

Step 5. Get a reliable hosting

To make your website run smoothly and with a low page load time ( below 2s), you need a reliable web-hosting. If you want to go with shared web hosting, Universal Blogging Tips recommends SiteGround. While for Manged WordPress hosting, these are the best options.

Step 6. Theme and customization 

Follow this REALLY ultimate guide to customize your WordPress theme. I know that you are still not a professional in the coding part as a person learns by experience and not just by reading.. but still it’s worth a read and you should read it for sure. The guide will show you how to customize any theme even if you’re having a little coding knowledge.

I know that you are still not a professional in the coding as a person learns by experience and not just by reading.. but still it’s worth a read and you should read it for sure. The guide will show you how to customize any theme even if you’re having a little HTML, CSS and PHP knowledge.

Here you will learn to create a child theme, making modifications in theme files such as functions.php, style.css, etc. and I hope you will not skip reading this most comprehensive guide.

Now, it’s time to get back to the basics and get away from the techy part. Go through WP Beginner basic video tutorials and learn to upload and installing the template.

Step 7. Relax and keep yourself updated

Now, you have completed the process to learn WordPress online Free. Now, what you need to do is to keep yourself updated with the latest WordPress news. There are tons of WordPress news sites, let me recommend you the best –

>WP Tavern



Considering yourself as a beginner, I delivered a step-by-step guide to taking yourself to get started with learning WordPress online for free. Learning WordPress is not an overnight game. There are many tutorials that guarantee to you master you WordPress in 6-7 days, which is actually not possible. It comes by experience when you fail and learn and not just be reading and reading.

When there are so many free resources available online that help you master WordPress, then why pay for the training, courses and all. But there is one drawback of learning WordPress yourself as I told earlier, you don’t get to know from where to start and what to go for next. But this step-by-guide will help you do so. Still, if you are facing problems, I will suggest you go for a Paid WordPress training course by Lynda.

I hope you will follow up this guide and let me know if I had missed something.

So, what are your views on this brief guide ‘Learn WordPress Online Free’

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is a Professional Content Writer who manages several blogs, a podcast show and has been featured on several blogs.