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SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of your pages in the search engines. Learn the basics of SEO – On-page and Off-page SEO and get to know how you can rank your pages on the top of the search results for competitive keywords. If you get the basics strong, ranking won’t be much difficult.

How To Rank Short Tail Competitive Keywords

Here you will learn how to rank short tail keywords naturally by building an authority in the eyes of Google and not spamming that I really hate! In 2016 you should focus on building authority by delivering extremely high-quality content that they are looking for and Google will automatically reward you with higher rankings. Some […]

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How To Search Long Tail Keywords For Your Posts?

Long tail keywords are the 2-3 word phrases that people search on search engines. The main advantage of using long tail keywords is that they narrow down your competition and rank you high. I target Long tail keywords and my posts automatically get ranked for short tail keywords as well. Isn’t it a win-win deal? 🙂 […]

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