40+ Lead Magnet Ideas To Build Your Subscriber List In 2018

Have you heard about Google penalties, Google algorithms changes, etc. ?

If you haven't, you should definitely read about it. I am saying this because I used to rely on SEO (organic traffic) for my affiliate sales ​without building an email list. 

Recently, I had my CFA exams and I wasn't able to work on it for a couple of months and there was a drop in my website rankings and in affiliate sales as well. ​

We should never be solely dependent on organic traffic to make sales, either your own product sales or affiliate sales.

​The best is to build an email list and keep following up once you build a good relationship with your visitors. It really helps. 

Now, here comes the role of Lead Magnet.

What is a lead magnet?​

A lead magnet is a kind of a bribe that you offer to your visitors in return of their contact information, especially email. The main aim of a lead magnet ​is to maximize the number of targeted leads that you can drive from your page by giving your audience a kind of a bribe, LOL! 

​Types Of Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets can be of various types for different online businesses. Here, I am going to share over 40+ compelling lead magnets examples for affiliate marketers, eCommerce stores, online coaching, eBooks, consulting businesses, photographers, podcasting etc. 

Why do you really need a lead magnet? ​

You want your visitors to come back to your site over and again. Isn't it? 

It can be easily done by emailing them regularly about the new content, offers, webinar, podcasts that are being posted on your site. But for grabbing their emails you need to incentivize them with a free course/report/checklist etc. 

Now, you have a good clue about what is a lead magnet and why do you need it. Still, before leaping up to the examples, I want to tell what makes a good lead magnet. 

You're running a website, so you might very well know that who is your targeted audience. For example, here at Universal Blogging Tips, my targeted audience is internet marketers and affiliate marketing beginners. 

Once, you define your targeted audience, you just need to know about their problems. But how to get to know about them? 

I just run AMA (Ask me anything) sessions that let me know about the commonly faced problems of my audience. These days, quizzes also play a lead role in knowing the problems of your targeted audience. I will give a try to that too. 

Here are few questions that you need to have answers for: 

  • Does it gives a quick one-time solution for their problem?
  • Is your bribe compelling enough to grab their eyeballs?
  • Does your bribe reflects your expertise in that particular area?
  • Is your bribe easy to digest by users? 
  • Tip: You should make your free course/ebook to be brief and concise and the user should read/view that in less than 10-12 minutes. 

40+ Lead Magnet Ideas To Boost Your Subscriber List

Example #1: eBook

example of ebook lead magnet

Giving out free eBooks is a great way to increase your subscriber list. One advantage is that eBooks can be used for any kind of online business. If you're an affiliate marketer and want to sell a software that optimizes Twitter Ads, you can give out a free eBook related to the topic shared in the above screenshot. 

Even if you're a selling your own software, eBooks are a great way to collect emails of your targeted audience.

But as per my experience, eBooks as a lead magnet have a great conversion rate but have a less tendency to convert those into actual customers and it still depends on the kind of business and the types of visitors, so it might or might not work for you. 

If it doesn't, you should give out checklist/short guides/report to your visitors which are easy to digest and let your list act fast to buy your product. ​

Example #2: Cheat Sheet

example of cheat sheet landing page

Recently, I had my level 2 CFA exam and the course was too vast that I wasn't able to remember everything in my last week after 4 months of hard preparation. So, what I did was that I downloaded a cheat sheet to have a quick look to all the topic and memorize them to see whether I know all the topics or not. Believe me, cheat sheet was a life saver for me. 

Same thing applies to online marketing as well. You really work hard, spending almost a week writing 6000-7000 words blog post but do you thing everyone will remember that?


Why not give them a cheat sheet of the blog post and get their email in return. Through your check list they will get to know about the main points covered in the post. 

One big advantage of delivering a cheat sheet is that it's easy to digest and let your subscribers to act fast. ​

Example #3: Templates

example of template lead magnet

Templates could be any kind. It might be an email template, or a format of an Ad that others can just copy by editing few details and win. Templates are irresistible lead magnets that just makes the visitors to download them for free as they make their work easier.

As shared in the above screenshots, they are eBook templates. Writing an eBook is a tedious task. When I wrote a eBook, it took me a day to work on the index and with poor designing skills, I was getting stuck in between. Now, what if I get a free eBook template in which I just need to add content.

Isn't it is irresistible?  🙂

Example #4: Planner

planner example for lead magnet

The above is an example of a premium product but in a similar way, you can create a planner for your defined audience and give it out for free in return for their email. 

Planner could be also a diet plan. For example: You have a hectic schedule and you don't have time to create a diet plan for yourself. If someone is offering you a free diet plan for you in return for your email, won't you accept it?

I would have done it, definitely!

So, depending on your online business, you can create a planner as shown in the above screenshot and give it out for free

Example #5: Resources

This kind of lead magnet is best for all bloggers. Let's say you have a food blog with an ultimate customized and unique design. Now, other food bloggers will also be interested in having a website like yours, so you can give out the PDF with the links to the tools that you used to design that particular website. 

Resources can be of anything. You just have to simply mention the links ​to relevant pages. As you can see in the above screenshot, they are giving a PDF with links to the best sites to write  guest posts. If I would have been looking for it, I would have definitely signed up, wouldn't you?

Example #6: WorkSheet

worksheet lead magnet example

When I was in school, I was never attentive in my class. Taking power naps in between my class was my routine. But when I was given a worksheet, I got focused into work and only that helped to pass my exams, LOL! 

So, do you expect your visitor to be attentive while reading your blog posts. Why not give them a worksheet to do to help them learn whether they have understood your concepts or not. 

Suppose you have written a post on 'How to write compelling headlines to boost conversions', now if you ask them to complete 101 headlines with buyer keywords, now they will think, research and act based on your concepts and in return, you will get their contact information. 

Isn't it a great idea?

Example #7: Calculator

lead magnet calculator example

I never knew that a calculator can also be used to generate leads.

Recently, I was looking for a good SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) to invest in.

But for that, I needed to knew the approximate amount that I need in future for my goals, so I searched for a Power of compounding calculator. To get to calculator, I was asked to enter my email. That hit me with this idea. 

Obviously, the normal calculator can't be used as a lead magnet, LOL.

If it's a financial calculator or any other calculator that's it's too expensive to buy, you can get it built by a developer and use it as a lead magnet. 🙂

Example #8: Video Training

video training lead magnet

Video training is one lead magnet that I have myself found very much irresistible. Videos are easy to digest and keeps the viewer attentive. If you're like me, who always yawn while reading, then you'll definitely prefer free video training over free eBook. Isn't it?

Videos will take a hell lot of your time but it's worth doing it. 

Recently, I was searching for 'How to build a high converting funnel?' Instead of downloading an eBook, I went for a free video course by ThriveThemes. 

Videos will make your users feel like they are connected to you and they'll listen attentively. 

As it is said that videos are future of digital marketing, so if you start from now, you'll have a competitive advantage in future. 

Example #9: Software Trial

free software trial lead magnet example

As an internet marketers, we always test the tools before buying it. Isn't it? 

Then, why don't use it as a lead magnet. Most of the software companies ask for your contact information for the software demos, some of them ask for your billing information as well, which will be used when the trial ends. 

You take too many software trials in a month, please don't say no! 😉 

In the above screenshot, you can see a free trial is being offered by Microsoft for Office 365. When you'll click on the green button, you will be asked to create an account which will ultimately send your contact information to Microsoft. ​

Example #10: Quiz

Quizzes are in trend these days. Whenever I see a quiz, I just jump on it to test whether I know it or not. Besides just grabbing your visitors' emails, you also get to know how targeted are they. Through a quiz, you ask them certain questions, to get to know about their preferences etc. 

quiz lead magnet example

If you run a hotel website, you can setup a quiz on your website to know what kind of tourists you might get to your hotel. 

If you run a food recipe website, you get to know the kind of audience, you content is attracting. Whether they are moms, bachelors, etc. 

Quizzes are entertaining and give a better picture of your audience that an eBook does. It is best for affiliate marketers, eCommerce stores, startups etc. Make it viral on social media and get amazing results. ​

Example #11: Blueprint

blueprint as a lead magnet

A week back a guy who is an affiliate marketer made $15K in a single day with CPA. I really want to know his business model, don't you?

If you have a great business model and you don't mind sharing it with others and helping them, you can give them for free and grab their emails in return. 

Making money online is not so easy nowadays as it was 5 years ago so why not help others by giving them a blueprint of your business model. 

When you do it, please do let me know, I will subscribe! 🙂 

Example #12: Free Consultation

free consultation lead magnet example

Free consultation gets you highly targeted leads which might be your potential customers. You get a good excuse to ask them for their contact information for further follow ups. 

​This lead magnet works best for health and fintech startups. If you're an affiliate marketer and have the complete knowledge of the product that you're selling, then you can also use free consultation as a lead magnet. 

Example #13: Webinar


​Webinar gives a sense that users are connected to the host. Webinar as a lead magnet is a kind of scarcity marketing where it creates an urgency for the users to act fast and if they don't they'll lose something valuable. 

As you can see from the above screenshot, NeilPatel.com homepage is the webinar page where he also flaunts popups showing a timer to create an emergency. ​

Through a webinar, you can explain a problem and show how your product can solve it and finally, you can offer them a limited discount to buy your product.

If they don't buy, still you have got their emails. You can still do further follow ups or also use them as a source of traffic for your website. 

Example #14: Case Study

case study lead magnet

Now, you have known the problem of your audience and you have written in-depth blog posts to solve them.

Why not help them by giving them a free case study about how your product helped others?

Won't people be eager to know how your course/product has helped others?

Definitely, they'll. 

Neil has linked the above to his webinar page but this could also be done by linking to an in-depth case study about ​Alana grew her online business by 300% by my Advanced Marketing Program. 

Example #15: Checklist

checklist as a lead magnet example

​Do you always remember what all you need to pack for the trip? I am damn sure you'll forget something if you don't create a checklist.

Isn't what happens?

Same is the case with our visitors. They really don't remember all the points that you mentioned in your long in-depth post. Why not summarize it with main points and use that checklist as a lead magnet? 🙂

Checklists are easy to digest and would have a strong call for action. ​

Example #16: Report

report lead magnet example

Reports as a lead magnet are suitable for any kind of business especially for B2B businesses. If you are an trader and want to sell your trading software, you can give out free research reports and grab your visitors' contact information. 

Later, you can do follow-ups, host webinars to explain your product and take queries. 

​Giving free reports is a better idea than an eBook. But as I said earlier, it still depends on the kind of your business. You can try both and choose the one which converts the best.

Example #17: Free Sample

free sample lead magnet example

Won't you be eager to get a free sample from company before buying their products?

If you, then why don't others? 🙂

This tactic is well followed by Snacknation.com who delivers healthy snacks for offices. Do you have a similar business?

Well, it could also work for you then. If it doesn't work for the first time and you can do further follow-ups to know why they don't like so that you can improve it. 🙂

Example #18: Spreadsheets 

If you a finance/statistics guy, this lead magnet works great because it is irresistible. Visitors have to download this because without this they can't proceed further. 

I was going through a post on financial modelling on WallStreetMojo.com and there that guy explained it through a Colgate model. So, it was irresistible for me. ​I had to download that. 

Example #19: Free Recipes

free recipe lead magnet example

If someone has developed a taste for your recipes, won't they like cooking based on your recipes the next time?

Definitely, they'll.

If you're selling cooking courses or run a food blog, giving ​free recipes is good idea to use as a lead magnet to drive sales/revenue from your targeted visitors. 

Example #20: Exclusive Content 

premium content lead magnet example

Exclusive content can also be used as a lead magnet. For instance, you wrote an in-depth research backed article which you consider as a premium content. 

Or if you have something EXCLUSIVE content/news/video that is not available on the​ internet to share, that could also be used as a lead magnet. 

You can give it out for free and your visitors will love to get access to it by giving you their emails. ​

Exclusive Bonus: Download 40+ Lead Magnet Ideas In PDF Version To Grow Your Email List. 

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Example #21: PDF Version

Free PDF lead magnet example

Imagine you were looking for a post on 'How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Program' and while scrolling Facebook news feed in office you came to know about a 9000 words long post which you can't read right away. 

What would you do?

Either you would bookmark it or download the PDF. 

You can do the same with content on your blog. Give out the PDF versions of your content for an email and do further follow-ups with the topics/products related to the content which was downloaded. 

Example #22: Guides

guide lead magnet example

Guides are similar to reports but consider them as a detailed version of reports. Guides and eBooks only convert well as a lead magnet when they are unique and research backed. 

People will only ready lengthy content only when it's unique and is research backed. 

So, if you are delivering a unique guide, you've already won!

Example #23: Infographics

I love visuals, do you?

You can get an infographic designed by a designer for few bucks and give it out for free with the content. If readers are bored with the content, they will prefer to download the infographic by giving them you their emails.

The above is an amazing infographic that I downloaded from Pinterest.

It seems interesting, isn't it? 

Example #24: Free Audiobooks


Do you generally download eBooks from different blogs? 

Even if you download, you can just scan it fast because it is not easy to consume. Isn't it?

This issue can be solved by giving your users free Audiobooks. Audiobooks are simply the MP3 format of your eBooks. Audiobooks are easy to consume and your users can listen to them in their car while travelling to office which could save their a lot of time. 

If you have an existing eBook which is not converting well on your website, publish it as a long post on your website and use Audiobook as a lead magnet. It should work. 

Example #25: Short Email Course

email course lead magnet example

How many times do you check your mail in a day?

If you ask me, it's infinite times. We all generally spend a lot of time reading emails, isn't it?

Why not offer a free short email course to readers and grab their emails in return? It will further let you know more about your audience and increase your traffic/sales as well. 

What you have to do is create a short 7 part email course out of which one part will be daily delivered to your subscribers and they feedback would be taken at the end. This is all how it works. With this, your subscribers will ask you more queries and you will understand them better. It's a win-win deal. 

Example #27: Free Strategies

Are there any strategies that you use and you haven't disclosed on your websites yet?

If yes, why not use them as a lead magnet?

Every internet marketer has its own strategies which he/she uses to survive in online business. So you can disclose some of them for your subscribers and do follow-ups to sell your products/services etc. ​

Example #28: Contest


Hosting contests on your website is a great idea to collect emails of your audience. I took a screenshot from my friend Lad's website: Theultimateknife.com

Example #29: Free Tickets

free tickets lead magnet example

Do you host live workshops/events? 

If yes, then you can use Tickets as a lead magnet for your website. Giving free tickets in return for their emails might cost you in the beginning but if you really deliver value to them in the workshop, you will drive a great ROI in future. 

Example #30: Catalog

catalogs as lead magnet

​Flaunt your product catalog on your website and use them as a lead magnet and make it irresistible to download. 

Example #31: Quote

This lead magnet works very well for Affiliate marketers, policy agents, etc. You can simply use this as a lead magnet and when you the emails, you can give them the free quote and explain more about your product and how it can solve their problems. Even if you run a digital marketing agency, you can tell your audience to get a free quote about their particular project. 

Example #32: Free Shipping

​I took the above screenshot from H&M online store where it asks its users to sign up and get free standard shipping with their next online order. 

Isn't​ the offer irresistible? 🙂

Example #33: New Launch Notification

Do you want to collect leads even before you have launched your product? It works really great if your product seems unique to your prospects. It should create a suspense and excitement in your users and if it does, you have already won. 

Example #34: Entry To Facebook Group

​Do you have an exclusive Facebook group that really delivers value to members?

If yes, why don't you use it as a lead magnet on your website. Ask people to subscribe on your blog/website and get access to your exclusive Facebook group.

Example #35: Event Video Recording

We all have a hectic schedule and our most of the time our planning fails, isn't it?

Even I miss too many important events happening around me, either it could be offline or online. What if the host is ready to give me event recording in return of my email? 

I won't take a second to download that, LOL! 

It's a great and irresistible lead magnet that you can use to build your email list. 

Example #36: Live Chat

Have you ever wondered by do companies/bloggers always ask for your emails before they start the live chat?

It is because, if your chat gets interrupted, the further follow-ups could be done. But you can also think the other way around, Live Chat is also a lead magnet. No matter whether you have  blog or a full-fledged business online, your visitors have certain queries for which they prefer instant solutions. This makes Live Chat an irresistible lead magnet. ​

Example #37: AMA Sessions

AMA sessions a.k.a Ask Me Anything sessions. Here I assume that you are doing great in your field and want to help others by solving their queries. You can run Ask Me Anything sessions and make it viral on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc. to grab as any eyeballs as you can. To enter into the AMA session, you can take their emails. I got this idea from a friend who recently hosted a AMA session on Facebook. It could be great lead magnet. 

Example #38: Free Certifications

Certifications give a boost to resume, right?

If you agree, then why can't you help people get good jobs, by giving free certifications by taking a few online tests etc. in return for their emails. It's a win-win deal both for you and your users. 

Isn't it? 🙂

Example #39: Giveaways

Giveaway is basically when you give out something for free in a form of a lucky draw. It's not like you have to give it out your own product, you can even partner with any company and ask if they want to host a giveaway on your website. Most of the times they will agree because, it gives brands exposure as well. 

Example #40: Video Transcripts

​Most of the time I am in Library without my earphones. Then, what I do to listen my scheduled/saved videos? 

 I just download the transcripts of the videos and just read them. ​I do it then others as well. Using Video Transcripts as lead magnets is a good idea because it seems irresistible to office guys and others who go to library but don't have earphones with them (this is my case). 

Example #41: Term/Tip Of The Day

Share a tip with your subscribers each day. If you run a blog and you're have good knowledge about your field, it will just a couple of minutes to write an email but it will keep your subscribers updates. This lead magnet works very well for encyclopedias, online dictionaries, etc. 

Example #42: One-On-One Demo


​I am very lazy to read the documentation before taking a trial of any product but if any company offers one-on-one demo, I will immediately try it. One-on-one demo is great lead magnet to use if you run a software company. 

Example #43: Short Survey

Survey as a lead magnet works very well if you're giving your users something in return for filling the survey form. It could be either Facebook Ad credits, an Exclusive discount that can't get anywhere else or anything special. This motivates user to fill out your survey. 

Example #44: Free Updates

Ah, the simplest of all. We all have hectic schedule and we generally forget the websites we wish to visit over and again. For that we generally subscribe to get regular updates. In the similar way, you can and YOU SHOULD definitely have this lead magnet on your blog. 

Example #45: Free Sample Answers

This lead magnet works great for forums and question answer websites. If you own one, that's amazing, get ready to win.  

That's it. There are many more lead magnets that I could have shown and grown the list upto 100+ to rank it on the top of Google search results but that's of no use. The above shared lead magnet ideas are the most commonly used lead magnets that I came across. 

If I have missed any lead magnet example, please do let me know. ​If you find the above post interesting, make sure to share it over your social networks. 

Nikhil Ganotra (Nick)

Nikhil Ganotra is the owner and editor of Universal Blogging Tips. He is a passionate blogger from India. He loves to read and write about content marketing and SEO related topics. You can catch him on Twitter or use this contact form.