7 Indirect Ways To Boost Up Your Affiliate Sales

You might be generating a good revenue from affiliate marketing by using various strategies such Email marketing, SEO, PPC, etc. But do you know there are some basic factors that might help you boosting up your affiliate sales. Here, I am going to share some basic ways that made my sales go up.

The methods that I am going to share, will not skyrocket your sales but still play a significant role in increasing your affiliate sales.

  1. Introduce yourself to your readers briefly through a short bio in sidebar


Tell your readers about your successes, projects and the work experience. This generates a trust for you in the mind of readers and they will be more likely to make a purchase through your link. Try to be honest and don’t fool them.


2. Flaunt your social followers


No matter what, people have developed a mindset to trust websites having a huge number of social shares and followers. If you are having a good no. of followers, then flaunt social shares in the sidebar.  I use Monarch plugin by Elegant Themes as it is highly responsive and easy to customize.



3. Build a reputation in the Industry

It’s possible to make a huge amount of money without building a brand name and SEO works out very well there. But, what if the keyword is too much competition and can’t be ranked? There comes the role of your brand. Why not start building your brand reputation right away!

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If your readers have a trust on you, they will definitely buy the products that you will recommend them. This formula would also work if you want to start selling your own digital products in future. Stuart Walker from Niche Hacks makes thousands of dollars by just selling a single ebook. How? He has a good reputation in the blogosphere and bloggers trust him.. even I do!

Now comes.. how to build reputation?

You can start with delivering a free course to your readers. If you have a good email list, you can daily send them free tutorials and informative articles or videos related to the product that you are going to promote. Suppose you have a blog which focuses on delivering email marketing tips. Deliver your readers a basic free course that helps them to learn the ABC of email marketing to the advanced section which would be covering topics such as writing enticing subject lines, using stunning templates etc.

In between, you can promote the best email marketing tools that had helped you to get to this level. And I am sure conversions would be high! 🙂

4. Showcase your awards, if any!

Showcasing your awards on your blog’s homepage will deliver a good expression to your readers. It will make them trust you. Both Stuart Walker And Mathew Woodward are well-known affiliate marketers in the industry and they use the same strategy.

 best way to increase affiliate sales

Why my affiliate sales so low

5. Display authority websites where you have been featured on.

Many authority bloggers use this strategy to build a brand name in the industry and to make good affiliate sales, you need to have a good brand name in the industry. Do some guest posts on authority blogs or get mentioned there by anyway and showcase those websites on your blog’s homepages.


6. Show what others say about you!

This is really very essential to make good sales. Even when I do make a purchase online, I generally have a look at it before check out. Jitendra from BloggersIdeas.com,  Stuart Walker from Niche Hacks do the same.



7. Do pull marketing rather than push marketing 

There is a significant difference between pull marketing and push marketing. Push marketing means directly pushing the products to your customers. Push marketing strategy can be used by well-established brands but from small businesses pull marketing works out very well. Pull marketing is an attempt to pull your customers or targeted audience in through various sources such as Ads etc. Though you need to incur an advertisement cost, but it’s worth.

Let me explain you with a short example. Suppose you want to launch a product. Let’s say – A software to find untapped niches. 

Push marketing – Here you’ll pushing out the product directly to your audience through the blog, email marketing etc.

Pull marketing – Here you’ll be writing an ebook on let’s say – the Best way to find untapped niches + 4 Untapped Niches [BONUS]. Then you’ll be giving this Ebook for free to your targeting audience through Ads. If they find your ebook informative, they will definitely make a purchase. Not everyone will buy, but I guarantee conversions would be good!


Here you learned some basic ways that could help you in increasing your affiliate sales. Don’t just rely on spoon-feeding, keep observing and implementing them! Open each and every promotional mail in your inbox and observe, how they promote and which strategies they use to build a brand name and make sales.

I hope you would implement these and if you think that I have left over anyway, feel free to contact me! :

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  • Hey Nikhil thanks a lot for the mention on your post. Yes these kind of tactcis always increases sales and business.

    • Hey Jitendra,

      Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it.

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Hi Nikhil,
    In my experience, what I really advise to most is to be as honest as you can be about the product you are promoting, and give a lengthy and exceptional content about it, and let the marketing/SEO side empower its chances of getting sales.

    Email marketing is also one of the best ways to increase affiliate sales, but it takes time to build up your list. It’s important that you keep your focus to really achieve your goals in this line of industry.

    • Hey Christina,

      Yeah, I completely agree with you. Being honest plays an important role in building reputation in the online industry and long content is always loved by Google, so it’s a win win deal that drives good affiliate sales.

      Glad you liked it. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  • Hi Nikhil,

    Great tips to boost affiliate sales. Building authority and starting affiliate is the key to build affiliate sales in automation, because readers trust you.
    Thanks and have a nice day !!

    • Hey Justin,

      Yeah, if readers trust you, they will buy what you’ll recommend them! Glad you liked it. Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

  • Hi Nikhil
    Sorry to say but these tricks does not affect the sales of your affiliate items rather then you are going to add new blogger friends and followers. If you want to make a lots of affiliate sales then you have to do more than content marketing.

    • He Rakesh,

      Here,I haven’t talked about content marketing. I just pointed out some factors that build brand reputation and then indirectly help in generating sales. I have personally noticed a slight increase in my sales using these tactics.

      Though, thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it! 🙂

  • Hey Nikhil,

    What an insightful and refreshing article you have posted. Thanks for being specific about the steps folks can take and providing so many tips. I’m still in the learning stages and truly appreciate when I stumble upon genuine help! It’s rare when you find good advice that doesn’t come with an offer to purchase a product.

    Best regards, Angellina

    • He Angellina,

      I am really glad that you liked the post. People are not robots, they always make a rational decision. So, to make them trust you need to serve them good and build a brand in the industry!

      Thank You! 🙂

  • Hey Nikhil,

    Great tips here! It runs along the lines of what I want to do for the new year. I want to brand myself, change my bio, get testimonials, share where I have done guest post, and more. But I tell you this works, especially when you get social proof. You pique the interest of many because of social proof and it motivates people to want to get to know you and trust you. This makes getting affiliate sales less of a challenge.

    Thanks Nikhil for the share! Have a good one!

    • Hey Sherman,

      Yeah.. I agree with you! Building a brand makes it easier to generate sales. That’s why we should not only rely on SEO or PPC as these tactics can bring you a downfall anytime but if you have a already build an audience, you can just email and generate sales.

      Glad you liked it, Sherman. Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

  • Hey Nikhil..

    this is really very helpfull artical i;m new in affiliate marketing and i read every word of this artical. thanks for sharing with us.

    • Glad you liked it, Saddam!

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