8 High Paying Affiliate Programs To Make Money Online [Upto $197/sale]

best affiliate programs to make money onlineEveryone loves making passive income online given the benefits the program offers.  Among all ways to earn passive income, affiliate marketing is the king simply because you can make thousands of dollars with just few thousand visitors a month. 

I know you have a lot of complaints! You signed up for many affiliate programs, even made a few sales, but you couldn’t cross the threshold payment ever.

Do you have the same issue?

If you say yes, I should break this out for you, ‘your affiliate program selection has gone wrong.

We must aim at the maximum return on investment. For that, you need to start promoting high paying affiliate programs. Do you have no idea which program pays the best? Don’t worry! I have got you covered.

High Paying Affiliate Programs To Make Money Online

Do you think what on earth makes me eligible to write on this topic? Well, I am a full-time blogger making a living mostly from affiliate marketing. And, that’s how I ended up having a list of the following high paying affiliate networks programs as well.

Are you ready to dive into the list? Here you go!


high paying affiliate programs- ipage

As a digital marketer, you might have heard of iPage as they are one of the leading web hosting providers out there. iPage offers shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Your visitors will never run out of enticing options in any of the above hosting plans.

Do you have website owners regularly reading your blog? You should definitely give this a try then.

Their shared hosting costs $1.99 per month (with all the freebies including domain). Once you refer a person to purchase it, you will get $105 as the commission. Yeah, I can already see your eyes popping out! The commission remains the same for VPS too.

For WP Essential Hosting, they offer $120 per sale. And, when it comes to dedicated hosting, you can bag in $150 for a single sale. Given the company is already a reputed one, you won’t be having much difficulty in convincing your visitors to opt for them.

For the affiliates, they have set up a dedicated toll-free number.

Join iPage Affiliate Program



NinjaOutreach doesn’t follow the same pattern iPage does for the affiliate commissions. They follow a distinct recurring commission basis. Don’t you know it?

Recurring affiliate networks pay you as long as your referrals make periodic payments. Let me tell you with an example. NinjaOutreach’s primary plan (or Blogger plan as they like to call it) costs $69 per month. If you bring someone to buy their service via your affiliate link, they will give you 50% commission right away (that’s $34.5). As they make the next payment in the upcoming month, you will get $34.5 again. And the process goes on until the customers stop paying.

I have just explained the case of the basic plan. But there are three more costly plans that can get you about $299.5 only as affiliate commission (as long as your referral stays as their customer).

Once you join their affiliate network, they will give you access to the promotional creative materials to help you earn higher commissions by driving a good ROI.

Join NinjaOutreach Affiliate Program


affiliate programs with big commission-semrush

You are in love with recurring affiliate programs now, aren’t you? That’s why I have got another one that continues to pay you commissions.

It’s been quite a while since SEMrush became the favorite competitor research tool for tens of thousands of marketers. Maybe, you are also using it. But you know what? SEMrush pays 40% recurring commission for each successful sale you bring.

SEMrush is available in three different plans priced at $99.95, $199.95, and $399.95 respectively. Let’s take the basic plan as an example. For a single sale, you can grab about $40 as commission, and you will keep on receiving it until your referral stops using SEMrush. If you make at least one sale every month, your commission will be $800 for the last month at the end of the year.

Join SEMRush Affiliate Program


Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is a marketplace for WordPress themes and plugins. Over the last few years, Thrive Content Builder has become popular among affiliate marketers due to its excellent content presenting features. Not only that, but they also have many popular themes (like Focus and Luxe) and efficient plugins (like Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Leads) as well.

Thrive Themes also follows an annual payment method. It is $228 for the basic membership plan. The affiliate gets 50% of the first time payment plus 30% recurring commission. Means, for the basic plan, you will get $114 once and $62 (approx.) every year. Check the below screenshot for proof:

thrive themes affiliate program

In order to have a continuous income stream from Thrive Themes affiliate program, you need not have a good flow of traffic. Even few targeted visitors can make you large commissions.

They also allow people to purchase a single product. In case your visitor clicks on your link to buy the membership and end up paying for only a single product, you will get the share of the money he actually spends.

Join Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

SEO PowerSuite

make money online affiliate- seo powersuite

As an internet marketer, you know the importance of SEO tools in your profession, don’t you? We need tools to inspect the search volume, backlinks, and much more. SEO Power Suite is a bundle of such tools for every digital marketer.

They pay a flat 33% commission for every sale. SEO PowerSuite comes in two different packages; Professional and Enterprise, costing $299 and $599 respectively. You can receive about $99 commission if you bring a customer for their basic plan. Apparently, the figure can go even higher according to the number of referrals you brought to the company.

Also check: SEO PowerSuite Overview And Details 

They don’t operate the affiliate program from their own website. You have to join for it from Avangate.com. And, it gets you double layer support in case anything happens (from the affiliate network and the SEO PowerSuite team). Moreover, the presence of a dedicated affiliate network makes it easier to track sales.

The affiliate cookie of SEO PowerSuite lasts three months. Means you don’t have to worry if your audience doesn’t buy the product right away.

Join SEO Power Suite Affiliate Program



Bluehost doesn’t need an introduction among webmasters, especially WordPress website owners. WordPress.org endorses Bluehost as one of the best hosting for WP sites. As an affiliate marketer, their esteemed reputation will do well for the promotion.

Bluehost has almost every type of hosting under their roof (shared, VPS, WordPress, cloud, dedicated) they have it all! No matter how small the sale is, you will get $65 into your affiliate dashboard, which you can then withdraw.

You don’t have to be a Bluehost customer to take part in the affiliate program. According to their statistics, about $5 million was paid as the commission itself.

With sheer marketing skills and compelling writing style, you can promote their hosting with different types of articles. Once you rank well on the search engines, believe me, you will be able to drive good commissions from Bluehost.

Join Bluehost Affiliate Program


Elegant Themes

make money referring- elegant themes

Elegant Themes is a marketplace of WordPress themes just like Thrive Themes. They also got some impeccable plugins to boost customer engagement. Elegant Themes follow a membership-based subscription with a yearly and lifetime plan.

The annual plan costs $89 (per year) whereas the lifetime one costs $249. No matter what plan your audience chooses, you will get 50% of the payment ($44.5 or $124.5). If you bring many yearly subscription members to the marketplace, they will pay the same commission for each renewal too.

You can write individual theme reviews or list posts to promote their membership. If you manage to solve problems of your visitors with your promotional posts, you will see an outrageous increase in the number of sales.

Join Elegant Themes Affiliate Program   


Email marketing comes on top if you compare the ROI of different digital marketing methods. You need an efficient platform to manage subscribers and respond to them even if you are not in front of the computer. Aweber is one of the most popular email marketing solutions available on the web right now.

Their affiliate program follows 30% recurring commission method. What about the scope of earning then? The plans start from $19 per month and go all the way up to $149. If you bring a $19 sale, you will get $5.70 every month as long as the customer uses their platform. It’s just the case of a single sale of a basic plan. With proper promotional efforts, you can make multiple commissions like I gave here in the example.

Join Aweber Affiliate Program

Wrapping Up

So, what do you think about the above affiliate programs?

I have covered 8 high paying affiliate programs that are making huge commissions for me.

What now?

Now, you have to just decide how to promote these products. It can be done through content marketing, video marketing, etc. It’s completely up to you.

Feel free to comment below! ?      

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