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how payoneer india works

Payoneer was once used to be one of the best option for bloggers, small businesses, affiliate marketers etc. or those who keep making/receiving money transfers worldwide. Payoneer being one of the best Paypal alternative is back in India to provide you with 100% secured global payments services.

Although RBI is still having some restrictions on Payoneer due to which it has limited its services but still it is a great option for bloggers, freelancers, affiliate marketers and other small businesses in India as it charges less fees than Paypal.

Payoneer was not able to operate in India and for a long time it needed to shut down its services but now they have resumed their services in India And one more good news … They offer a $25 Bonus when you sign up for Payoneer India following this link.

How Payoneer Works?

When you sign up for Payoneer, you will be given details of U.S and EU Payment details that you need to use while receiving payments from US And UK Cflients. Payments will be directly deposited to your bank account.

Payoneer India account can be used for making SEPA Transactions in Europe and ACH Transactions in U.S.A.


Who Should Sign Up For Payoneer India ?

You should sign up for Payoneer if you are a blogger, freelancer, affiliate marketer or anyone who serves clients worldwide and make transactions online. By signing up for Payoneer, you could save your very much bucks as they are charging very less commission as compared to Paypal.

How to sign up for Payoneer India


Payoneer India Review

Here I am going to share some features and benefits of Payoneer India and I hope this will benefit my Indian readers as Payoneer India could stand out be better option for them than Paypal.

  • Lower Fees

As mentioned above Payoneer India charges just $3 for every payment that is being converted into INR and sent to your bank account.

  • Automated Daily Withrawl

Now, you need not make manual withdrawl as it makes an automatic transfer of your funds to your bank account everyday.

  • US And UK Payment Collections

It had very much happened with me that when I am about receive payments from some clients abroad, they only prefer to make payment to the local American Bank account.. But what if I didn’t had any?

I had lost that client .. Right? But now with Payoneer, you will be given full details of your bank account abroad that could be used to received payment. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Fast transfer

Now, you need not wait for 5-6 days as Paypal for the payment to reach your local bank account as Payoneer makes the transfer of your funds to your local bank account withing 24 hrs and that is truly AWESOME. What say?

So, I must say Payoneer is the best alternative of Paypal for Indian bloggers, freelancers, small business owners and anyone who receive payments worldwide to save pretty handsome bucks that they are giving out in the form of Paypal Fees.

What I like about Payoneer?

Apart from all the benefits they are two more features that I like about payoneer.

1. Sign Up Bonus of $25

Yes, you heard it right. Payoneer pays $25 as a sign up bonus. But to claim $25 you need to recieve atleast $100 to your payoneer account. Here is a complete while-listed merchants.

2. Refer And Earn

You can take a big advantage of this promotional strategy by Payoneer India. What you just need to refer a friend and when he completes his/her first $100 transaction, your account will be credited with $25.


At last I would like to say again that Payoneer is said to be the best Paypal alternative and I really hope that Payoneer India will not suffer any setbacks this time.

Using payoneer you can save pretty much bucks that you are giving out as Paypal charges. As Payoneer charges $3 for each transaction to convert into INR and send to your local bank account so its advisable to use Payoneer India for bigger payments.. Ummm… say above $80-$100…

So, what are you waiting for?


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