What is the future of WordPress? Let’s Discuss!

Have you ever thought, what is the future of WordPress?

Will it survive or its alternative would kill it?

25% of the web is being powered by WordPress which seems really very interesting! Right?

But… will it keep dominating the web in future or it would be dominated by other CMS like Squarespace and Wix?

Future of WordPress

All these questions occurred in my mind yesterday and hence I decided to take some expert views and share with you! But.. before getting started with expert views on ‘What is the future of WordPress‘, let me share some interesting facts about WordPress:

  • Over 60 million websites are powered by WordPress
  • Over 48 million Self-hosted websites are powered by WordPress.
  • Besides blogs and news websites, WordPress is also being used by some of the top e-commerce websites
  • More than 30,000 themes are available for free download
  • WordPress is being used by 23% of top 10 million websites in the world
  • Most popular plugin of WordPress is Akismet

Expert Views By Neil Patel  Zac Johnson  Sue Anne  Aaron  Kulwant Nagi Shaswat Shah

What is the future of WordPress?

  1. Neil Patel


WordPress will expand into a much larger CMS play. Right now people use it mainly for blogging, but my prediction is they will start using it more and more for things like e-commerce and just building general sites or even for creating a resume type of site. Whatever it maybe, its’ use as a CMS will continually expand.


2. Zac Johnson

has completely revolutionized the way content is created on the internet. Not only has WordPress made it dead-simple for anyone to get started, it’s also eliminated a lot of the learning curve and frustrations as well. As for the future of WordPress, I’m sure it will keep growing in market share and it’s ability to change how content is created and read online. I also predict we are going to see a lot more businesses create products and services based on the WP platform as well.

3. Sue Anne Dunlevie

is a powerful software platform that allows developers and users to customize their site. The future is bright for WordPress, even though a lot of younger bloggers are trying out SquareSpace and some other platforms like Medium and Ghost.
I prefer to stay with WordPress and continue to recommend it to my clients. There are more plugins and new themes as well as e-Commerce opportunities with WordPress.


4. Aaron Lee

aaronleeThe truth is, every platform has an invisible expiration date printed on them when they were created. We’ve seen the fall of many great platforms which looked indispensable like yahoo, myspace, Friendster and much more that came before that. Remember Geocities?It’s tough to say what WordPress‘s future will be, but it wouldn’t be surprised that a young new startup all the sudden come up and younger generations start flooding to it to replace their WordPress. It’s like how WordPress came to replace Blogger/BlogSpot.

The true beauty of WordPress today is that it has a vast community of users and beautiful backend that is so versatile that can easily be turned into anything that you want such as e-commerce, lead pages etc.

While I don’t believe WordPress is going anywhere so soon, it will definitely be replaced with a simpler platform.

5. Shaswat Shah

aaeaaqaaaaaaaajwaaaajgfhyzm4ndc5lwywyzgtnde3zc1iodu4lti5m2q3nwm0mjq3naAccording to me, If WordPress keeps evolving it surely gonna survive a very long path. As currently, around 20% of the websites are running on WordPress CMS. It’s surely a very user-friendly CMS system as compared to Drupal, Joomla, and others, but the main thing they WordPress needs is to keep updating their platform and making changes.

Orkut didn’t survive the race because they came up with nothing NEW. Friendster got dead because their servers were shitty and later on Facebook took over their places.WordPress will survive only if something else free/open source doesn’t show up in future, which I guess is definitely gonna happen (as online-o-prenuers are growing) and so other thing is they HAVE TO COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW every time just like Facebook has changed in 10 years.

6. Kulwant Nagi 

is such an awesome platform to start any online business with very high flexibility. E-commerce, coupon, wallpaper, real estate, portfolio or whatever you can think of is possible with the WordPress. This CMS has one of the biggest community in the world where you can get the answer of any damn query by doing the proper search on Google.

Being an open source platform, it gives freedom to all developers across the world to create many awesome featured-oriented platforms with ease.

WordPress is no doubt one of the most powerful CMS in the world and a most favorite among bloggers.
I have seen it evolve in the last 5 years and many developers have made millions with it by developing plugins and themes.
So this has very shining future ahead.

So, what are your views on the future of WordPress?

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