9 Experts Advices On How To Get Your Posts Loved And Shared By Readers

Have you ever wondered why your posts are not being shared by your readers?

If not, then this article is a must read for you. Here in this article, I am going to share 9 experts advises on how to get posts shared by your readers.

If you are planning to go through through the whole post then you might be the luckiest person ever to grab the secrets revealed by top experts in the industry.

How To Get Your Posts Loved And Shared By Readers?

Neil PatelJohn ChowNick LoperChris GuthrieYaro StarakAdam ConellErik EmanuelliKulwant NagiJane Sheeba

Let’s get started…

1. Adam Conell


There are no magic bullets here, but there are some straight forward things you can do to ensure that your audience really enjoys your content and more so, encourage them to share it.

It all starts with mindset, how you write and the approach you take.

Start off by doing the following:

  • Understand your audience and write for them
  • Address the problems your audience is facing and solve them with your content
  • Always publish your best content
  • Always be authentic, honest and consistent
  • Avoid being another ‘me-too’ bloggers – find your voice

We can also take other steps to ensure that our audience is encouraged to share our content.

This includes:

  • Make share buttons easily visible (I still see some bloggers publishing content with no social share buttons)
  • Add shareable quotes
  • Mention other people in your blog post and link out to them, then let them know about it (when you say awesome stuff about people, they are more inclined to share your content – keep it relevant though)
  • Use Triberr.com

In addition, there are various tactics that can help you get more social shares on specific networks; I’ve broken them down in this blog post.

2. Yaro Starak  


If you want to get your blog posts loved and shared by your readers you need to do three things well:

1. Make sure you know exactly what your readers are trying to achieve and provide solutions to their problems.

2. Provide your solutions in as many modalities of content as possible – written blog post, pictures, graphics, infographics, audio, video slides, live workshop recordings, desktop recordings – as many different ways as you can offer.

3. Market your content – build relationships with influential people so they pay attention to your work and share it with their followers.

3. Neil Patel

get your posts shared by readersA simple way to get your content shared by your readers is to write great content that they would want to share. You can do this by putting in your URL on http://www.quicksprout.com and click on the “social media analysis” tab.

You’ll see a list of headlines that did well on your blog in the past. You can then come up with ideas that are on similar or related topics as you now know what your readers prefer.

4. Eric Emanuelli


First of all, understand your audience.

This is the most important thing.

If you know what to write about (so what your audience want from you), to produce then you’re halfway there).Also, be sure to use a language that is appropriate for your readers (normally, the easier the better).

Remember to cure your writing so that it is free from errors of any type.

When you create your content, producing something that is really worth reading.

Solve your readers problems, give suggestions, tips, guide.

Finally, get in touch with your audience.

Answer to comments, ask what they want you to write about in the next post.And very last step, be sure to make the social sharing buttons available to your readers! 😉

5. Chris Guthrie


In my opinion, the best way to get your post loved and shared by readers is by offering up information they truly can’t find anywhere else

The way I try to accomplish this task is through case studies of various successful and failed businesses I’ve built online.

That’s why I’ll share things like how I built a website from scratch and sold it for six figures (link here:http://entrepreneurboost.com/how-to-sell-a-website/) or other types of things that have worked. No one else can share that same story because it’s something I lived.

People love case studies and regardless of your niche, there is some way you can share personal stories that other people can’t find anywhere else.


6. Nick Loper

Nick-Loper-top-bloggerA couple things come to mind. The first is obviously to write something worth sharing. The posts that have done the best for me are the ones that share an in-depth case study, my actual results, or a collection that cites a ton of other people.

Naturally if people are mentioned, they like to share it.The second element is making it easy for people to share. I use the Digg floating sidebar plugin and try and embed easy “click to tweet” links.

And the final thing would be to ask. I do a poor job of this, but my friend Jullien Gordon has a good way of signing off his posts: “If it’s valuable, make it viral.

7. John Chow



The best way to get post love and shares on your blog post is by delivering value to your readers. If you write with that in mind, and put your readers first instead of just trying to sell them something, they will like and share your post.


8. Kulwant Nagi

kulwantFollow these three simple steps to get your posts shared and loved by people:-

  • Solve their problem in such a way that no one is solving.
  • Put your efforts to provide multiple solution of a problem and don’t just stick with the number of words in an article.
  • If there is demand of 2000 word in any article, write it. People love to share the stuff which not only help them but the people around them can also get the benefits.


9. Jane Sheeba


  • I always look out for what my audience are interested in. Serving them is my main goal coz that’s the one that will keep my blog useful. And, of course, people will love my posts and share them – that is a cool by product.
  • The first and foremost way I get to know about what my readers want is via my Newsletter. Whenever someone signs up for my newsletter I send them out an email that asks for something they are struggling with right now.
  • And from the replies I get, I know the pain points and acute problems of my target audience. I cover them in my blog posts and BAM, people LOVE it 🙂 because that’s what they were EXACTLY looking for!
  • I also pay attention to comments in my blog. My readers usually comment and ask for “more (specific)” information on a topic or they usually ask me a slightly different question with a twist.
  • I also keep up with other blogs in my niche (for connecting with others and for voicing my opinion). Whenever I leave blog comments I usually get ideas to expand that opinion.
  • I also look at the comments on other blogs to find out what the readers in my niche are looking for.
  • Sharing others’ content is a neat little trick to get your content shared. But your content should be share-worthy in the first place to get that trick working 🙂


Many more experts are currently working on the topic and will be listed soon…… So, stay tuned 🙂

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  • These are some great suggestions from great authority bloggers. All these methods are just awesome and even a newbie can follow them with ease.

    Thanks for sharing Nikhil Bro. 🙂 have a nice week ahead.

    • Glad you liked it Hamim. Thanks for visiting brother 🙂

  • Hi Nikhil
    It is amazing to see a few A-list bloggers. You managed to get their opinion it shows your prowess of networking with influencers. Do share with us how did you do that. 🙂
    All of them stressed on two points; know your audience and give value to your readers either it is unique info, solutions or anything else. But the thing you give must not be easily available anywhere else.
    Apparently it’s simply a post of a few hundred words but to make it happen how much hard work you had to do is an open secret.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post with diversified value.

    • Hello Sir,

      The chaps I mentioned above were really very friendly. I though that they would never reply as they are so busy in their online lives but still… they gave my blog such ultimate little contributions.

      I am really glad that you appreciated my work. Thanks a lot Sir 🙂

  • Seems like “understanding your audience” and write useful content are the two basic common tips in this interview.
    Really interesting data collected here, Nikhil.

    Thanks for including me!

    • It’s my pleasure Sir. Thanks for being the part of the survey 🙂

  • Those were some Nice tips from Nice Bloggers.

    Vital content is always bound to go Viral and you can make your Content vital by putting value into it.

    For Example
    Convey the information in very simple,beautiful and easy to understand Manner.If you are benefiting people from your Content then it will obviously goes Viral.

    • Glad you liked it. Thanks for your ultimate feedback 🙂

  • Cool round-up — thanks for including me!

    • It’s my pleasure Sir 🙂

  • By and large, all the seven experts featured in this post shared the same advice – “understand the customer and offer value to them”.

    Yes, this is important because if the customer’s problem is solved by your post or content then it becomes easier to spread the “good news’ to others.

    In addition, the use of easy shareable features like links, social buttons, and images, etc can enhance the user experience. This will lead to easy sharing of the posts, or what would be referred to as viral content!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for online marketers and bloggers.

  • The one thing was common from all the experts, to know the audience. One needs to understand the demographic and their need, only after that one can deliver something to solve their problems.

    People tend to share post which has helped them get better. Like John Chow said, one should deliver value before products. Sales is something should be secondary importance.

    The readers have initially came for the content, if that is delivered in quality then there is nothing stopping people from sharing it. Thanks for having an expert opinion on this. Anyway, I found this post on Kingged.

  • Hi Nikhil,

    One thing I noticed as well with all what those gurus shared had to do with knowing your audience.

    I do think that is of course really very important.

    Your audience determine your success.

    I found this shared on kingged.com

    • Yeah.. It’s true. Targeting the audience is the main funda behind driving quality traffic and shares from readers.

      Unless your readers are not getting for what they are looking for, they are not going to share your content.

      I am glad that you liked the tips. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  • Hey mate,

    Thanks for sharing! Top notch and glad to see so many bloggers and influencer I know. Excellent tips and sharing this around!

    Keep it up and coming man.

    • Hello Reginald,

      Thanks for your ultimate feedback, Reginald. Keep visiting 🙂

  • Hello Nikhil,

    This is a great post!

    All the techniques shared here by experts are awesome. I loved the technique shared by Kulwant Nagi sir. Solving a unsolved problem in a way everybody can understand is best to get good traffic. It can go viral quickly on Social Media.

    By the way, All the tips shared by experts are great!

    Well, i found this post on http://www.kingged.com and commented on it.

    • Hello Swaraj,

      Kulwant is an experienced blogger and he knows well how to drive good traffic and shares from readers. Glad you liked it. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Really great post here with alot of great bloggers. I’m very impressed.

    I like what Kulwant said about “Solve their problem in such a way that no one is solving.” In blogging, there are so many “me too” blogs and “me too” blog posts. I think people need to start being original and come up with different ways to get their message across in their posts.

    And I agreed with everything that Adam shared. You really have to understand your audience in this day and age of blogging.

    Great post.

  • Great!

    The tips shared by the different blog experts are indeed valuable and helpful to effectively get your posts read and shared by many.

    I must agree with what you’ve said that if anyone will plan to go through this entire blog post, he might be the luckiest reader ever to grab these secrets revealed by top experts in the online industry.

    They all give powerful words that will surely help many bloggers make their published content exposed and be loved by their audiences.

    Thanks for this post! 🙂

    I’ve found this article shared on Kingged.com and leave the same comment there.

  • It’s not always easy to get the opinions of top bloggers like this. I know this because I have published such a post before. However, once you get their attention, you can always come up with a powerful post such as this

    Thanks for putting your resources together to come up with this

  • Hey Nikhil,

    Thanks for sharing the post. It’s amazing how you’ve rounded up all these insights from these amazing leaders.

    My advice to get your readers to share you post is to write something that they can relate to. It’s during these situations when writing a You+Me copy can get you TONS of results.

    The more the users can identify themselves with your write-up, the more compelled they are to share because they feel that the write-up is all about them.

    Jimmy R.
    Freelance Writer

  • Very nice tips and after creating blog you must generate great quality content regularly and keep on learning new things which are happening in your niche.One should always blog about useful content which might be useful for your readers and this will gradually increase your authority in the niche or topic and increase traffic to your blog

  • Hi Nikhil,
    Great tips here from great bloggers!
    Good collection. Well done!
    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips.
    Keep writing.
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip Ariel

    • Glad you liked it.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

    • Very Nice tips by the Experts

  • Hi Nikhil,
    Thanks for sharing these great opinions from some authority and leading bloggers. Got all important points here to get my blog post more share 🙂

    • Really, glad you liked it Manik. Truly Appreciate your comment 🙂

  • Nikhil i appreciate your work and i also believe its tough to get response from higher level blogger but you manage to get it from them for fate of your readers on your blog..keep doing best of luck 🙂

  • Hey Nikhil,

    You did a great job with this post. Getting a host of top bloggers to share their opinion like this is not easy.

    Looks like the most important thing in blogging is to understand your audience, their most pressing needs and then providing them solutions in your own unique way.

    I’ll surely put this to practice as I move ahead with my blogging.

    Thanks for preparing this great post.