EasyAzon 4 Review – A Must Have WordPress Plugin For Amazon Affiliates

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From which countries you drive traffic to your website?

Many. Isn’t it?

The readers that reach your website are from various countries, use different languages, currencies etc. and the same traffic you redirect to Amazon .com default website. Yes, it will work but do you know you’re losing a lot of commissions from the traffic that is not from U.S.A.


I myself experienced that bit later and had a lot of regrets. Then, I thought of getting EasyAzon plugin which is a must have plugin for Amazon affiliates.

Today, I am going to share a step-by-step guide for Amazon affiliates on how to get started with EasyAzon 4 WordPress plugin.

EasyAzon is a great plugin for Amazon affiliate which helps in saving your time in creating affiliate links and does link localization as well. Link localization is a practice of showing different content to your readers based on their geographical location.

For example: If you’re from London, you will be redirected to Amazon.co.uk by clicking on the affiliate link while if you’re from Canada, you’ll be redirected to Amazon.ca by clicking on the same affiliate link. This is the magic of EasyAzon plugin.

So, the ultimate motive of EasyAzon plugin is to drive you high conversions and increase your commissions as well and help you make the best use of traffic that you’re currently losing out.

Download EasyAzon 4

Let’s begin with the EasyAzon review and see how it works! πŸ™‚

EasyAzon 4 Review

You can visit this link to download EasyAzon plugin. They also offer 30 days money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to worry about. Once, you complete the payment, you need to download both plugins from the dashboard: Core and Pro. If you’re already using a free version of EasyAzon, you just need to upload the Pro Version to get started with it.

easyazon review

Once, you install these both plugins on your website, you need to connect Amazon with EasyAzon.

It can be easily done by getting Success Key ID and Secret access key from Amazon by logging into Amazon Web Services account.

Get your tracking IDs from your Amazon Associate accounts

The best way to do that is to first visit your Google Analytics account and see which countries contribute most to your website traffic. Around 90% of my website traffic is from U.S.A, U.K, and Canada. So, I just signed for those countries affiliate accounts.

You need to get tracking IDs from each country’s Amazon affiliate program as shown below. These would be required in further steps of setting up EasyAzon plugin to work.

Once you have the tracking ID’s , it’s time to enter them into the spaces given as shown in below screenshot :

Aha… most of the work is done, but still some work still to do. Just hit the next tab button and tick the settings you need. Below is a screenshot my settings page:

The next settings page is Link Localization which will automatically change your tracking ID based on the user’s geographical location which will certainly help you increase your conversions and revenue from the traffic which you were losing earlier.

That’s it. Settings have been updated successfully but still, you need to update your existing affiliate links or add new affiliate links through EasyAzon which I am going to share below. Besides that, I would also like to share some amazing features of EasyAzon plugin with you. So, keep going! πŸ™‚

Download EasyAzon 4

How To Use EasyAzon 4?

Now, you can straightway add your link from the post editor and no need to visit your Amazon associate account over and over again which ultimately saves you a lot of your valuable time. Let’s see how to use EasyAzon WordPress plugin.

In the post editor, just select the product name that you want to hyperlink with your affiliate link hit the ‘EasyAzon’ button as shown in the below screenshot.

Easy Azon plugin review

It will look for the required product and will show you various options to insert your affiliate link. You can insert your affiliate link in the form of a text link, CTA, image link or info block.

When you choose your desired option, its gives you some other options like cloak affiliate links, show product popups, nofollow your affiliate link, etc.

Product Popups By EasyAzon

When the user hovers the mouse over the product name, the product popup flaunts up and displays the product details with a buy button. This surely boosts up your conversions and your affiliate commissions as well.

P.S. You need not worry about the product change. The prices will be updated regularly automatically by EasyAzon plugin. 

Info Block by EasyAzon

Info block is similar to the popup but it’s not a popup. It’s a simple content box containing details about the product with a buy now button and it looks like as shown in below screenshot.

Image Links By EasyAzon

The best way to add images with affiliate links. Now, there’s no need to waste your time taking screenshots and uploading images. This feature is one of the reasons that I love EasyAzon.

how to use Easy Azon plugin

CTA Button

CTA refers to call-to-action button which simply adds a buy now button to your page and it looks like as follows:

You will be given options to customize your blog design and colors.

My personal views on EasyAzon For Amazon Affiliates

After having a lot of regret on losing so many commissions from the traffic that I sent to Amazon besides U.S.A, I planned to get EasyAzon WordPress plugin. Its amazing features like Info block, product popups etc. surely help in increasing Amazon sales.

When I was not using EasyAzon plugin, I needed to update my niche site frequently for the price change, but now, I need not worry about that because EasyAzon plugin completely adheres to Amazon policies and I can have a good night sleep! πŸ™‚

Believe me, this plugin is completely worth the money! It costs you $47 for a professional license and $67 for a developer license. If you are looking to use it for personal websites, you should go with the professional plan and if you are using for the clients, developer plan is for you.

I highly recommend you going for EasyAzon WordPress plugin.

Check Out EasyAzon Plugin

Feel free to ask if you have any related queries! πŸ™‚

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