Easiest Way To Find Best Websites For Your Link Building Campaign

Link building comes out the be the crucial step after delivering quality content to readers. To get higher rankings in search results, link building is must but aggressive link building can drop your keyword rankings.

Some of my posts are ranking for high competition keywords by just dropping 1-2 comments. So, what does it indicates?

It clearly states getting quality backlinks from authority websites are far better than doing aggressive link building on low quality blogs.

Here, I am going to share the easiest way to find websites for your link building campaign and it doesn’t make use of any premium tool. So, keep following! 🙂

Before going further, I would suggest you to install SEO quake extension as it would let you analyze the quality of the websites directly from the search results and not analyzing them individually.

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How To Find Best Websites For Your Link Building Campaign?

Using the following method you will be able to find link building websites for –

  • CommentLuv enabled blogs + Do-follow comments
  • Participation in forums and building links
  • Blog platforms –  WordPress, TypePad, BlogEngine.net
  • Forum backlinks
  • Getting backlinks from guest posts

The trick that I am going to share is very simple. Here I am going to share some keyword strings that you need to copy and paste in Google search bar to get websites for link building under your respective category.

Replace your targeted keyword with the ‘YOUR KEYWORD’ and then copy-paste the string in Google search bar.

How To Find Blogs For Commenting?

Use the following string to find CommentLuv enabled blogs for your link building campaign. 

YOUR KEYWORD  “This blog uses premium CommentLuv” -“The version of CommentLuv on this site is no longer supported.”

Use the following string to find blogs that give Do-follow links to comments

YOUR KEYWORD “Notify me of follow-up comments?”+”Submit the word you see below:”

Use the following string to find keywordLuv enabled blogs

YOUR KEYWORD “Enter YourName@YourKeywords”

How To Find Forums For Link Building?

Use the following string to find ip.board forums for link building

YOUR KEYWORD “powered by ip.board”

How To Find Websites For Guest Posting?

Use the any of the following strings to find websites for guest posting in your niche. 

YOUR KEYWORD “accepting guest posts”

YOUR KEYWORD “become a contributor”

YOUR KEYWORD “become a guest writer”

YOUR KEYWORD “contribute to our site”

YOUR KEYWORD “contributor guidelines”

YOUR KEYWORD “guest post opportunities”

YOUR KEYWORD “guest posts wanted”

YOUR KEYWORD “I’ve been featured on”

YOUR KEYWORD “my posts on other blogs”

YOUR KEYWORD “sites I’ve written for”

YOUR KEYWORD “submit article”

YOUR KEYWORD “submit blog post”

YOUR KEYWORD “submit your content”

YOUR KEYWORD “this is a guest post by”

YOUR KEYWORD “This post was written by”

How To Find Blog Platforms for link building?

Use the following string to find websites running on BlogEngine.NET

YOUR KEYWORD “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in”

Use the following string to find websites powered by TypePad

YOUR KEYWORD  “powered by Typepad”

That’s it. Now, I think you have a handful of websites for link building to drive you on the top position of search engines, but do read the below given suggestions to be on safe side and avoid harsh penalties by Google.

Some do’s and dont’s of the above given link building technique


  1. Do analyze the quality of the website before dropping your link on any website. Install SEO quake and Ahrefs browser extension to save your time while checking every website individually. Mainly, look at the domain authority rather just focusing on Alexa rank as Alexa rank not always show the true picture.
  2. Do drop your link only if the website is related to your niche.
  3. Do read the terms of the website before leaving your link as it could be removed by admin or may be not get accepted.
  4. Do make sure that your comment is enticing and relevant and delivers value to the general conversation.


  1. Don’t guest post on unrelated websites. Recently, I received an article from a real estate company and I rejected that article as I have a blog in ‘Internet marketing’ niche. So, either your post can be rejected or you might hit by a penalty.
  2. Don’t buy links as Google is having an eye on you and on low-quality websites that are dealing with link farming.
  3. Don’t go for link building without analyzing the quality for websites. Low quality link building might make Panda slap you with a harsh penalty that can lose your rankings.
  4. Don’t spam in forums. Add your link at the end after your name and go smoothly.


Here you learned about the easiest way and a free way to find websites for your link building campaign. The method made use of keyword strings that you just need to copy paste in Google search bar for getting the desired results.

At the end I would just suggest you not to do aggressive link building as it might harm your blog. Link building is must to get higher rankings in Google search results but aggressive link building can make the position more worst, so it’s better to go smoothly and be patient !

So, what method do you follow to find websites for link building?

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  • Hi Nikhil bro,
    Yes you are right. We need quality backlink to rank high. As you said how only 2-3 comments rank you high! Here is quality matters. We should take backlink from only relevant sites. And we need to check the PR and domain authority of sites from where we are getting backlink.
    Drop my link is a good tool what we can use it easily to find best websites to comment on.
    I generally comment on high PR commentluv enable blogs and getting some good traffic daily! I think it’s going well for me!
    Should we still comment on comentluv blogs? I think it has also some disadvantages. What do you think Nikhil bro?

    • Hey,

      If you are dealing with aggressive link building on commentluv enabled blogs, then definitely you’re going to land yourself in trouble. If you are doing it gradually and adding value to the general conversation in the comments then it doesn’t matter a lot.


  • Awesome writing bro, You are doing a good job, thanks for save my time.

    Have nice weekend

  • This guide for finding link building resources is really awesome and we will surely use them for the link building in right way.

  • Nikhil, thanks for sharing your nice trick of link building…

    Well, building backlinks is really important to pull up your blog to higher position of search engine. It’s a significant important job that you’ve got to do for your blog.

    I agree what you said, backlinks is really important but it doesn’t means that all could give you better benefit of ranking. You’ll need to find the quality backlinks from authority and relevant content.

    Getting dofollow link from those quality blog will give you much more benefit than a low quality.

    Again, thanks for sharing your tips. It educated me a lot of link building..

  • do follow links helps google to rank your site and blog higher in search engine result pages. I am also writing a blog for loggers who wanna to make their site or blog seo friendly in search engines.

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  • Yogesh Shinde

    Hey Nikhil,

    Thanks for the backlinking tips and how to search sites for blacklinking. Thanks for pointing out, “you should not be aggressive in backlinking and how it affects our ranking”. I am building my backlinking by commenting and I hope I get few quality backlinks from authority blogs and website in near future.

    Writing quality content is my focus so I could get backlinks from various sources and my visitors find it helpful.

    Thanks Nikhil.

  • An excellent piece of content I can see here. Thanks, sir. 🙂

  • I used to use this method and had all the queries written down somewhere until I came across dropmylink about 5 years ago and lost the paper until I stopped blog commenting and forgot the url to drop my link and started panicking to find it again which I fortunately did. Do you use dropmylink or similar sites?

    • Yes, I used to but now I focus on natural links by delivering quality content! 🙂

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  • Awesome Nikhil, really loved reading this article. As a real-estate expert, I can’t tell you how many times businesses lost potential clients just by not doing the basics of optimization. I told some of my friends that quality linking and doing White hat SEO is the most efficient way of optimizing your site safely. Instead they took their route of being aggressive with their link building and now they are paying the price.

    • Hello Ronald,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      I agree with your statement ‘As a real-estate expert, I can’t tell you how many times businesses lost potential clients just by not doing the basics of optimization’. This is what we realize after getting into the digital industry.

      That’s why it’s very much essential to get digital and take business online nowadays to drive more clients for business.

      The best is to rely on white hat SEO and have a long term view.

      I am glad that you liked it.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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