Convert Pro Review And Tutorial 2018

OptinMonster Vs. Thrive Leads Vs. WP Subscribe Pro Vs. Convert Pro? 

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Convert Pro is an Optin WordPress plugin that we use on UBT for lead generation. I recommend this plugin for those who need ultimate customer support, easy customisation and don't want to make monthly recurring payments.  





Summary: Convert Pro is super easy to install and customisation is just a child's play. It's very easy to integrate with most of the email service providers. You can visit the Company's website to know more about the integrations. The price of the plugin is competitive and is good for them who want to avoid monthly recurring payments. The Company doesn't offer any free version of Convert Pro but a cheaper version is available branded as Convert Plus costing $24 at the time of writing. I started with Convert Plus and then bought Convert Pro. Convert Pro offers some ultimate features like Drag and Drop builder, two buttons in a single popup, multi-step optin forms, Analytics and performance tracking and multiple text fields. Talking about the support, it's amazing. You can even connect with the founder on social networks for help. 


  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Advanced A/B testing
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics
  • No monthly recurring payments
  • Two buttons on a popup
  • Multi-step Optin forms


  • Some of the templates causes bugs
  • Sometimes On-click popups clashes with other plugins that you are using

Convert Pro is believed to be one the best WordPress plugins for lead generation, you will find out in this in-depth review if the claim is true or not. I will be taking you through the various features and advantages you will get with this plugin as well as its downside. I recently got the copy of my Convert Pro Plugin and till now, I am very much satisfied with it.

Convert Pro as I found out is the best among all the popular WordPress lead generation optin plugins. This awesome plugin is highly fortified to do extraordinary things for your business more than you can ever imagine. However, no plugin is completely perfect and meet all your requirements, so same is with Convert Pro. I will be sharing Convert Pro Pros and Cons below.

I tried several optin WordPress plugins including Thrive Leads, OptinMonster, WP Subscribe Pro, Ninja Popups and many more in the last few years but out of them, I found Convert Pro superior of them. 

On UBT Express, our international courier business website,  we shifted from OptinMonster to Convert Pro and saw a spike in the leads and ultimately conversions. We used to drive 10-15 emails and 2-3 calls a day but after shifting to Convert Pro, we started driving 20-30 emails and over 10 calls a day. This made me write a post on OptinMonster alternatives.

Do you need Convert Pro?

You need Convert Pro if you have a website. Simple! Email Marketing has an amazing ROI and is growing every year. According to Constant Contact, every $1 spent on email marketing leads to $38 ROI.

Convert Pro is a reliable WordPress email opt-in plugin. For your business to strive and expand, it is imperative you find the best lead generation WordPress plugin for online marketing. I know how tasking is making the right choice from the numerously available plugin perfect for your business. This is why I’m writing this review of Convert Pro, one of the best lead generation plugin for WordPress.

Convert Pro is not even perfect though. It completely depends what do you require and then decide whether it's perfect for you or not. 

Convert Pro has some ultimate features which I require for better conversions on my International Courier Business website. What makes it unique is its design freedom. You can customize the design as you want and show the right messages to the right kind of visitors through Advanced Targeting feature.  

Already have a similar plugin? I can tell Convert Pro is a better alternative to OptinMonster, WP Subscribe Pro, Ninja Popups, Bloom and especially Thrive Leads regarding cost and efficiency. OptinMonster costs you around $29/month while you can grab the Pro version of Convert Pro for unlimited sites for just $99/year. 

Convert Pro Overview

Once you purchase Convert Pro, the plugin file becomes accessible to you, and all you need to do is install it into your WordPress Administrator Dashboard. As soon as you install the product, you are good to use the wonderful features Convert Pro offers.

best optin WordPress plugin

Convert Pro Features

Easy-to-use Drag and Drop Editor

convertpro review

You don’t need to be skilled in HTML or CSS to move around the text, images, and other components. All these can be done easily with the drag and drop editor. The feature allows for easy creation of attractive pop-ups, subscription form, and ads.

It is enhanced with a user-friendly form editor with which you can create personalised ad modules. The good thing about drag and drop feature is you don’t need any programming skill to use it; it is easy to use, fast and reliable.

The feature comes with numerous font, color, style and shape that present you with different editing options and methods to customize all aspect and component of your design.

99% Responsiveness

Wondering how mobile friendly this tool is? I'm pleased to tell you it is 99% mobile friendly. The remaining 1% depends on the theme you are using and the other plugins which might clash with Convert Pro that might cause the plugin not to be mobile friendly. As mandated by Google for mobile-friendly pages, the developers of Convert Pro have ensured the tool is mobile friendly.

This is how the modal looks on mobile:

One of the best features of Convert Pro is that you can also edit the modal in mobile view itself.

convertpro walkthrough and details

Regardless of your site design or layout, pop-ups created with this tool are mobile friendly and won’t affect your design or layout in any way. It looks so great when viewing from a mobile. You can be sure every subscription form and ads created will be automatically reformatted to suit the device used to view your site.

Swift Loading

Convert Pro is well optimized for high-speed regarding performance and functionality. The developers have done so well to ensure that the use of the plugin does not cause slow loading of your site. It does not negatively affect your conversion rate.

I have personally tested the Convert Pro popups loading time on the website and it's clean coded and well-optimized for speed given that you are using a quality web hosting for your website. We trust SiteGround

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Easy and Advanced A/B Testing

Looking for a way to find out what is functioning well on your site and what’s not? Testing for functionality is the way to get this done; the good news is you can do it using the Convert Pro A/B Testing feature.

This feature is in-built in Convert Pro but not recommended if you are just starting with email marketing. Just focus on creating a decent optin and growing your website traffic before diving into core email marketing. 

You can increase your conversion rate by running a test of your site’s performance and make changes where need be. All you need is make use of the A/B testing already integrated into Convert Pro by the developers.

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First activate the A/B testing feature in Convert Pro settings:

activate convertpro

Create Optins and begin testing:

convert pro optin WordPress plugin discount

Real-time Google Analytics

With the real-time analytics incorporated in this plugin, you will see how your forms, pop-ups, and ads are fairing and converting in real-time. This is a wonderful one from the developers of Convert Pro as there is no need to wait for days or weeks to get a useful analytics report for your site.

You just need to go to Settings in Convert Pro to authorise Google Analytics to view your data. 

how to use Google analytics tracking in convert pro

You as well don’t need to migrate or use an external analytics tool, Convert Pro is made easy. This function helps you to make necessary alterations as and when due because performance results are sent to your Google analytics account in real-time. Whether you want to track conversion rate or bounce rate, you can track user behaviour flawlessly directly from your Google Analytics account. 

Easy Integration With Top-notch Mailers

It is easy to integrate Convert Pro with most of the top-notch mailing service providers. You can almost immediately start attracting prospects following the simple few steps to integrate the plugin with any mailer of your choice. Either MailChimp, Mad Miami or Drip, the plugin integration is so simple for all. You can visit this page to know more about the integrations. 

Innovative Targeting Capabilities

Convert Pro is well programmed for advanced targeting. In simple term, you are allowed to decide who you want to see your pop-up and how often you want it to appear to them.  It is also up to you to decide where and when your pop-up can appear to your targeted client. The targeting tool options includes:

  • Specific device pop-up

It is interesting to know you can decide the device you want your pop-ups, ads, and forms to appear on. For instance, suppose you have promotions for Samsung and Apple devices, you can create specific device opt-in forms that will only appear on both Samsung and Apple devices.

  • Page Level targeting

This feature allows you to decide specific pages where you want your pop-ups to appear. This help to increase the chances of reaching your prospective audience. It boosts the relevancy of the popups being shown to the users and get them an easy experience on the website which ultimately reduces your bounce rate and boost the keyword rankings of your pages

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  • Easy re-targeting

This allows you to create different offers for different visitors on your site. This simply means you can create a different offer for first time visitor and another offer for old visitors, who have previously visited your site.

  • Advanced Cookies control tool

The decision is yours to make regarding how often a pop-up can appear for a visitor, and you can as well restrict such pop-up to visitors’ first time of visit or if you are testing the popups, you can set cookie expiry time to 0 and every time you revisit the page, you will see the updated popup. 

Advanced Behavioural Triggers

With the numerous advanced options on Convert Pro, you can trigger your pop-ups as you so wish. The feature allows you to use certain pop-ups to target certain traffics depending on their behaviour on your site. Such behavioural triggers include; after-scroll, well-timed, welcome, exit intent, after content, user inactivity, and so on.

  • Welcome Trigger

This is the first thing a visitor sees on your site whenever they get on it. The trigger allows the use of your opt-in form as a welcome pop-up for your website. This is very enticing for the user to see a welcome message and visit more pages on the website. 

  • Exit Intent Trigger

This option triggers your pop-up just when a visitor clicks to leave your page or website. It is an exceptional innovation to call the attention of visitors back to your page and hint at them what you have to offer when they hover their mouse on the back/close button. It's a quite common feature that most of the optin plugins are offering but still it's necessary feature though. 

  • User Inactivity Trigger

This is a pop-up to bring back the attention of your visitor to your site. This is how it works; the trigger allows you to determine how long a visitor can be inactive on your site such that the top-up appears to them once their period of inactivity elapses.

  • Well-timed Trigger

This tool allows you to set the exact time you would want your opt-in form to pop-up for a visitor on your site. 

  • After Content trigger

After -content trigger allows your form to pop-up at the end of a page or content after which your visitor had read the content or the page. It is a great opportunity to convert readers of your content to buyer or subscriber using all the information they have gained from such content.

  • After-scroll Trigger

The tool lets you set a certain point on your page where your form should pop-up when scrolled to. Once the point is set, your form pops up when a visitor scroll to the point. You can set the type of form you want your reader to see at this point depending on the type of content they are reading.

  • One Click Pop-ups

Here you have the chance to set up the type of form you would want to appear for certain texts, images, button or other features of your site. Once a user clicks any of the images, text, or button as the case may be, your form pops up.

This is very essential feature that I use on the landing page on my website. On a landing page, it's not good to show a complete optin but if the user is interested, he/she will click on the button to subscribe/buy on your website. 

Convert Pro is one of the best on click popup WordPress plugins. Though it clashed with one of the WordPress plugins that I installed but after the deactivating it, on-click popups started working perfectly. 

Convert Pro Pricing 

There are three pricing options available for Convert Pro users, each depending on a user’s style. The options include; Unlimited Sites option and Unlimited Sites + Lifetime. The choice is yours to make, depending on your need and budget.

  • Unlimited Sites Plan
convert pro deals

The unlimited sites plan costs $99 for a year for Convert Pro and $249/year for Agency Bundle (comes with Astra theme, Schema Pro, Addons for Beaver Builder and much more) at the time of writing this article.  With this plan, you have access to all the amazing features of Convert Pro and a 20% renewal discount. Other benefits include updates and support for one year and limitless lead forms and traffic / leads.

Unlimited sites plan is suitable and recommendable for users who need to use the plugin for more than one website. Are you a web developer and need Convert Pro plugin for your client websites? The unlimited sites plan is the best for you if you are in this category. 

  • Unlimited Sites + Lifetime Plan


Unlimited Sites + Lifetime Plan costs around $399 for JUST Convert Pro and unlike the other plans with renewal fees to be paid monthly or yearly as the case may be, payment is made only once. It offers full access to the entire Convert Pro Features and of course for a lifetime.

You are also entitled to support and updates as well as unlimited lead forms and traffic/leads for a lifetime. If you intend using Convert Pro for multiple websites for many years, this plan suits you the best.

Unlimited Sites + lifetime plan is the best choice to make if you are a web developer with the need of Convert Pro for unlimited sites and can afford the $399 cost.  It’s amazing to know by calculation it implies you will be using this plugin for free after four years when you subscribe to this plan.

If you are a blogger or just focusing on your business, I would recommend you to go for an annual plan and then if you life it, you can buy the lifetime plan, the following year. 

My Verdict

I can boldly without hesitation recommend this amazing, easy to use email marketing optin WordPress plugin for anyone who would want to expand their online market. You don’t need to be skilled in programming to use this plugin and create attractive and exciting opt-in forms on your website.

If you are looking for an email opt-in product you can always count, look no further, Convert Pro is a great choice. Whether you need this plugin for a single website or multiple websites, there are plans on Convert Pro that handle your needs.

Convert Pro Vs. OptinMonster, which optin plugin is better for me?

No WordPress plugin is perfect. Every single plugin has its drawbacks and same is the case with ConvertPro and OptinMonster which I have shared above. Overall, my ratings would be 8.5/10 for ConvertPro and 6/10 for OptinMonster. 

I started with OptinMonster but I don't like it now as it is too buggy and the monthly recurring pricing kills me. You can also check out other OptinMonster Alternatives

Why don't you try Convert Pro?

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