How To Use AIDA Model To Write Affiliate Product Reviews

How To Use AIDA model to write affiliate product reviews

Content writing is hard… isn’t it?

But, when it comes to writing Affiliate product reviews, it becomes a lot harder. It is because now we need to focus on many factors besides just driving traffic. It is because now we need to focus on many factors besides just driving traffic. Here, your content should be compelling enough to convince your readers to make a purchase.

But how?

This can be easily done by following the below two steps:

  1. Your content should deliver value.
  2. You should have a brand name in the industry.

But, what if you don’t have a brand name yet?… People will be reluctant to make a purchase, right?

This means you should focus much on your content marketing strategy. You should aim to deliver a lot of value to your readers through your content which makes them trust you and make a purchase.

Here in this post, I am going to discuss how to write a perfect Affiliate Product review post by using AIDA model.

But before going to the AIDA model, let’s discuss what types of affiliate blog posts make sales:

My main source of revenue is from Affiliate Marketing since last 3 years and I keep implementing various techniques to improve my sales and test which strategies work and which doesn’t. Below are the types of affiliate blog posts which work like a charm for me.

List Posts
Deals Posts
Tutorials Posts
Alternatives Post
Product Reviews

You can also read this post to learn about 6 main types of affiliate blog posts

List Posts: I have seen the best results from the lists posts. Lists posts are easy to rank than other types of affiliate blog posts. They can be easily ranked for multiple keywords. I generally focus on writing list posts and recommending legit affiliate products. 

Example of a list post: Best Digital Cameras under $500

art of copywriting

Coupons And Deals Posts: Then comes ‘Coupons and Deals’ posts. The best part of these type of posts that I like that here we need not write a complete product review for our readers. As they are looking for coupons, it means they already know about the product and are about to make a purchase decision.

These type of posts have a VERY HIGH conversion rate but generally, have moderate competition.

The second advantage of writing a coupon post is that it is a time-saving affiliate post. I take around 4-5 hours in writing a perfect review affiliate post which is very time consuming and requires a lot of research and brainstorming. A coupon and deals post can be written in 300-500 words while a good product review post should be of 1000-1500 words.

Example of coupon post : Bluehost coupon


How To’s Or Tutorials Posts: Then comes ‘How To’ Affiliate posts. How To posts are also known as tutorial posts. These are written as a tutorial guide with an objective of promoting a product.  These type of posts REALLY have a low conversion rate but it really works out very well when you’re ranking for many targeted keywords or if you have an established brand name in your field.

An example of ‘How To’ Affiliate posts is: How To Generate Tons Of Long Tail Keywords Using Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro is a premium tool used to generate long tail keywords. Here, Long Tail Pro is promoted through tutorial posts. But it doesn’t generally mean that people who are looking for ‘How To Generate Long Tail Keyword’ have buying intentions.


Product Alternatives Posts: Then comes product alternatives. These types of posts tend to convert REALLY very well and are hell easy to rank!

To write product alternatives post, what you need to do is to search for a great tool and its disadvantages.

The second step is to recommend some great alternatives to that product by showing their advantages over the product disadvantages.

For example: Let’s say there is a software XYZ which helps in finding profitable niches but people are not able to buy it due to its high pricing. Now, the only disadvantage of this product is ‘HIGH PRICING’.

Now, what you need to do it look for the other legit profitable niche generating software and write a post: 7 Best XYZ alternatives to find profitable niches.

Screenshot (75)

I am using this formula since last 2 years and it works great for me.

Product Reviews: At last comes the Affiliate product reviews. These type of posts works very well only when:

  • You have a brand name in the industry which makes people trust you
  • Your content is compelling enough to entice visitors to make a purchase
  • You’re ranking for many search queries having a good search volume. 

Screenshot (76)

Following are the two steps to create great affiliate product review which make sales:

Step 1. Writing a great content copy

The first step is to write a great content copy which delivers a lot of value to your readers and convinces them to make a purchase by your recommendation. If you don’t have a brand name yet, you need not worry. Even I don’t have! We are not as big as top Affiliate Marketing gurus such as Charles and Patt Flynn but still, we can deliver great content which helps in forming our brand name in future and helps in making sales too.

Step 2. Do SEO For That Content

Now, you have a written a great content copy. But now, the next step is to drive traffic. Just writing a compelling copy and not focusing on marketing it, won’t make any difference.

SEO is a great source to drive organic traffic. You can drive referral traffic to make sales but what if you rank for some targeted keywords?…

It will boost your sales as you had already written a great content that provides value.

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Both are compliments to each other which help in boosting your affiliate marketing revenue.

Now, let’s get started. 

How To Use AIDA Model To Write Affiliate Product Reviews

how to use AIDA model to write affiliate product reviews

Before that let us understand what is AIDA model.

AIDA refers to:

  • A – Attention
  • I – Interest 
  • – Desire
  • A– Action

AIDA model is used in marketing which helps the marketers to communicate with people in such a way to meet their desires and entice them to take an action with a profit motive. It creates a funnel for buyers to make them purchase a product as a final goal.

AIDA model is a very broad model which starts with brand awareness and then gradually building an interest which makes the interested buyers to research further and then generate a desire for your product in the minds of people by adding an attractive personality to your business and the last step is to entice them to take an action which could be anything like making a purchase of your product, making a phone call, subscribing to your newsletter etc.

In the context of content marketing strategy, AIDA model flows like this:

Let’s say you’re promoting a Vaccum Cleaner as an Amazon Affiliate.

Think how you can grab their attention…!

Attention :

The first step is to grab their attention by knowing your audience and by having a deep understanding of them. Below is a great example that I read on Forbes:

If you’re selling a skateboard to enthusiasts and you want to capture their attention, it’s important that you understand their internal language and approach. If your audience self identifies as “skater kids,” using that term in your headline or lead could capture their attention immediately.

You get just 3-4 seconds to grab your users attention. Your headline and the introductory paragraph plays a crucial role in grabbing the users attention.

Recently, I was reading ‘Long Tail Pro Review’ On Matthew Woodward’s blog. Here’s how he grabs user attention within seconds to motivate them to read further:


Interest :

The second step is to build an interest to motivate them to know more about the product. To build an interest, you need to solve a problem.

Why anyone would spend their hard-earned money if your products don’t solve their problems?

People spend money on their desires and problems.

You can build an interest by showing how your product can solve their problems. Once, it is done, it will be converted into their desire.

For an example, let’s say you know about a problem that people with demographic 60+ are not able to use the modern mobiles properly. They face the problems with small buttons while dialing.

Now, there are many startups working on to fill this gap by making mobile phones especially for 60+ demographic with large buttons and screen. With this, you can build up an interest by showing how those mobile phones helped old aged people. For e.g. An Indian Startup ‘SeniorWorld’ developed ‘EasyPhone’ for senior citizens.

1 2



The third step is to build a desire for your product. When your product tends to solve a problem for your audience, it becomes their desire to have it.

But there are many other factors that determine to make the purchase decision. It could be pricing or a great alternative to that product available in the market or anything else.

Here, there’s a need to get emotional with them. People generate interest in a product with their minds while they build desires for your products in their hearts.

The only way to build a desire for your product is to be emotional and reach their hearts. Click To Tweet

You need to show how your product outstands other products in the market and why they should be preferring your product over the competitors’ products.

In this case, use of testimonials can be a great deal to start generating a desire for your product in the minds of people.


Action :

affiliate product reviews

The fourth and the final step is to make them take an action. You have grabbed their attention by writing an enticing headline and introduction, build an interest by showing how your product can solve a problem, generated a desire by showing how your product is different from other products available in them market and the final step is to close a sale.

This step mainly aims to provide a strong call-to-action.

Write a great conclusion covering all the essential points and insert a button at the end. Keep optimizing the button text and color for higher conversions.



Here, you learned how to use AIDA model while writing affiliate product reviews. AIDA model is an essential part of your content marketing strategy. Besides just writing affiliate product reviews, it can also help you in selling your own products also.

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Do let me whether AIDA model worked for you or not? What are your views on using AIDA model to write affiliate product reviews?

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