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Are you looking for some amazing ways to monetize your website traffic? Is your website traffic not being monetized properly and getting wasted? 

Here, I am going to cover the latest monetization method launched by If you are not familiar with, let me cover it in brief and let you know how you can make handsome amount of money from just shortening URLs.


What is is an innovative URL shortening website that lets bloggers make pretty income by just shortening URL’s and placing them either on their websites or on social media. When someone clicks on those links, they see an ad on the intermediate page and then redirects it to the destination URL. For that ad, you are being paid.

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Pop Ads by – Boost up your monetization

Recently, launched a new Pop Ad monetization method for you.  When a visitor visits your website, there will be one Pop Ad shown to every unique visitor in 24 hours. The ad will open up in a new browser that will be hidden up in the user’s current browser and for that, you get paid.

How To Get Started with Pop Ads?

Step 1. Sign up for account. It’s damn easy and free. review

Step 2. Hover your mouse over the Tools option in the navigation and hit the Website Monetization button.


Step 3. Find the Pop Ads in the list. Turn it ON, copy the script and paste it in your HTML. That’s it.



> The Advertisement will be displayed to every unique visitor in 24 hours. You will be able to track your views in your statistics page and get notified about your earnings.

>You will receive the revenue generated by your ads.

> Pop Ad gets activated only when the click is being made by the user on your website.

Some other monetization ways offered by

  • Links 

The Same procedure is followed for links monetization as pop ads. You need to turn it on in your dashboard and copy paste the script in your HTML. This will shorten all the links that you have on your website that can make money for you.

It also has included/excludes features that let you include/exclude domains manually.

  • Entry Ads

This will flaunt an Ad to your user as it visits your website. Entry script is preferable for websites with a very high amount of traffic.

  • Exit Ads

Exits ads monetize your bounce rate. When a user is about to leave your website within a few seconds, it shows an ad and for that, you get paid. But you shouldn’t worry about your visitors, technology is smart to take care of everything. If any visitor stays for a while on your website and then hit the back button, he/she wouldn’t be shown an Ad.

Benefits of joining

  1. Offers a wide range of monetization tools, scripts, and plugins.
  2. High CPM rates
  3. High-quality ads displayed
  4. One-time payouts
  5. Refer others and earn 20% of their income.


Here I covered the latest Pop Ad website monetization offered by that can make you good money from your lucrative flow of traffic.  Placing a pop Ad is not a big deal, you just need to copy paste the script into your website HTML from your dashboard.

Payments are made on 10th of every month. If you still have any queries regarding the Pop Ads by, feel free to drop a comment below! 🙂

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