How To Buy Quality Backlinks To Your Site – Top 10 Places

Buying Backlinks are bad for SEO, Right?

You might know that very well!

Yeah, they are, but here I am going to prove that wrong!

best places to buy backlinks to your site

It’s true that you should not buy backlinks, instead of earn backlinks!

I also agree with that. I never buy backlinks for my authority websites but buying backlinks works as a charm for niche websites. You can easily earn backlinks for your authority websites but earning backlinks for a niche website comes out to be a big deal due to less and low-quality content than authority websites.

Before going further towards buying high-quality backlinks to your site, lets first understand what makes links the high-quality backlinks?

What are high-quality backlinks?

A backlink is a link pointing to your website from an another website. High-quality backlinks are the backlinks that have the following characteristics –

  1. Are related to your niche
  2. Not containing exact keyword rich anchor texts – Diversified Anchor Texts
  3. Coming from high authority websites. E.g. Huff Post
  4. Coming from websites having Trust flow of min 10 and TF/CF = 0.75+ (check these stats from Majestic SEO)
  5. Coming from domains having good DA and PA
  6. Coming from domains not having very high no. of outgoing links.
  7. Should not be a reciprocal link

I usually buy links for my niche websites or sometimes for my authority websites too. But I never directly spam the money site. I follow the tiered link building method which helps me in giving a ranking boost to my posts without spamming.

tiered link building buy links

Buying links is not bad for SEO but you need to follow a proper strategy for link building that drives targeted traffic and boosts authority rather than just passing link juice. Below I am going to mention the top sites for buying backlinks to your site.

Generally, newbies are not familiar with tools like GSA and it will cost you a lot if you plan to buy them. So, it’s preferable to simply buy backlinks.

NOTE: Don’t just go for cheap backlinks. Read the reviews and always go for top-rated gigs. Check the websites like black hat world and warrior forum for more information.

Best Places To Buy Backlinks To Your Site

  1. Fiverr


I consider Fiverr as the best place to buy backlinks to my sites and is the best place for newbies as you can order gigs for just $5. But cheap doesn’t mean quality. Before ordering your gig, make sure to check out its reviews and ratings to get the best results and avoid penalties.

Buying backlinks directly to your money is not good for SEO and can land you in trouble. So, make sure to follow the tiered link building method and try to build tier 1 links manually.

If you order a gig like for tier 1 like ‘22000 blog comments’, your blog will be de-indexed soon and de-indexing that high no. of spam comments, backlinks will become a tedious task for you. So, if you aren’t an experienced SEO, do consult someone before buying!

2. Links Management


Another good backlink service provider online preferable by many SEOs.

links management review

Before getting started with Links Management, do a proper research and don’t just buy bluntly. Links Management has an easy user interface that lets you order links without any hassle. It also provides a free SEO expert service but it’s highly recommended not to just rely on them and consult anyone in your network who has a good experience in SEO.

3. SEO Clerks


SEO Clerks is a specialized marketplace for SEOs. Like Fiverr, make sure to check the reviews and ratings of the seller before making a purchase. It really offers reasonable pricing structure i.e in the range of $1 – $55. It’s easy to use interface lets you order your required gig without any hassle.

SEO Clerks deals in providing quality services so you need not worry about it. Registration at SEO clerks is just a few seconds task and you’re done! It’s simple and safe, so you need not worry. Just make sure to check the reviews and rating of the gigs that you’re ordering.

4. Black Hat Links


BlackHatLinks is an another place to purchase backlinks to your site. It has a good experience in the industry and keeps on driving positive reviews from its customers.

The black hat links team works 24hr, hence they make sure to deliver the orders in less than an hour.  The drawback of black hat links is that it’s little expensive as compared to other backlink marketplaces and they generally accept bulk orders and might cost a lot to newbies.



An another reliable link vendor to buy Backlinks. pricing structure is based on Moz Domain Authority. Higher the DA more will be the price of buying backlinks.

6. Authority backlinks


Authority backlinks deliver quality links building services. They manually check the following factors of websites before passing out links to your website:

  • Domain Age
  • No. of backlinks from other sources
  • Google page rank
  • No. of outbound links

The better the above factors, the higher price you need to pay! So, expect to pay around $2- $300/month for the links you place.

Should you really buy backlinks from the above sites?

Again, it’s true that buying backlinks is not good for SEO but if you’re having a niche website, buying backlinks come out to be an essential task because earning authority links for niche websites, sometimes becomes a tedious task. And if you buy authority links from any author who writes on that blog, it will cost you around $1000, which is not worth the money, Right?

So, I would recommend you to never buy links directly pointing to your money site. Use the tiered link building formula that will help you in getting a ranking boost without spamming in the eyes of giant Google.

Whether buying backlinks is good or bad, is decided by the purpose, you’re buying links for! If you’re spamming your money site directly, it might give a rank boost in SERP’s  for a short term but soon you might get hit by a Google Penalty in the penguin era.

Some tips to buy backlinks that you might consider –

  • Never buy links pointing to your money site as later de-indexing would become a tedious task for yours.
  • Make sure to read the reviews and ratings of the links service provider
  • Always follow tiered link building formula
  • Take care of the link velocity- Never build too many links at the same time, build gradually.
  • Buy links for your inner pages too, not just for the homepage of the web properties ( PBN, Web 2.0’s etc. )
  • Use diversified anchor texts ( Use naked URLs too)

So, what are your views on the above best places to buy backlinks?

Nikhil Ganotra (Nick)

Nikhil Ganotra is the owner and editor of Universal Blogging Tips. He is a passionate blogger from India. He loves to read and write about content marketing and SEO related topics. You can catch him on Twitter or use this contact form.