5 Best Video Popup WordPress Plugins 2017

best video popup optin WordPress pluginsIt is said that picture speaks a thousand words, well by that logic a video would definitely say a million, right? So why not take that into account and grab some eyeballs by pitching a Popup stuffed with conversion-optimized video to your readers instead of just another ‘Give me your Email’ request?

With the advent of various CTAs and attention-grabbing elements on the web, you need to keep moving forward, those plain-text articles or just sidebar videos might not work anymore.

The audience has turned blind to them for the fact that they’re well aware of them being sponsored videos, ads, or basically just something they wouldn’t wish to spend their time on.

So that’s where these 5 best video popup WordPress plugins come to your rescue. Before digging deeper into them, let’s have a brief discussion on what are Video Popups and how effective they are.

What are Video Popups and do they Work?

Video Popups are the same as any E-mail marketing popup, but instead of asking the visitors’ for their Email Ids, they’re shown a video, and you may or may not choose to display the E-mail form along with it. If you want to collect emails with your attention grabbing video, then it’s called a lead magnet. You can also check this post on 40+ lead magnet examples

But you probably already knew that, didn’t you? Or else why would you be on the hunt for a video popup plugin?

But do these work? Well according to a study conducted by Sumo.com on nearly 2 million Popups, they found that Popups still have a conversion rate of 9.28% for the top 10% users.

While around 3% users witnessed as high as 11% of conversions.

And not just that, research by Entrepreneur.com reportedly witnessed an increase of 86% in subscriptions and 126% in sales after implementing Popups!

Now the above data is just for the general “Popups”, just imagine the impact it would have on your blog when it’s coupled with “videos”!

So bottom line? Yeah, Popups do work and are not distracting if the content is relevant to users. 

5 Best Video Popup Plugins To Increase Your Subscriber List

  1. ThriveLeads

ThriveLeads is, without a doubt, one of the best email marketing tools you can get your hands on for your blog or website. I consider Thrive leads as one of the best lead generation tool on the web. Its easy to use interface requires no coding skills to setup. Generally, video popup WordPress plugins tend to slow down the website speed but Thrive leads is not one of those. 


  • Drag and Drop Editor: No coding knowledge required in order to create the video popups. You can simply drag and drop the elements you need. 
  • Great Deliverability: When you delay your Popup, it increases your conversion rate. Research by AppSumo has shown that Popups shown with a 5-second delay have a 50-70% better chance of conversions! W

We know a lot about Exit intent that a popup flaunts up when we move a cursor toward the close button, but what if the device has no cursor, i.e. mobile? 

Smart Exit popup lets you time the popup for non-cursor devices. That’s the beauty of this plugin. 

Hence, ThriveLeads offers advanced options such as the ExitIntent, Timer, and the SmartExit+ to guarantee maximum conversions. 

  • Animations: How” the Popup makes its entry will also impact how your visitors react to it, won’t it? They’ve grown tired of the traditional Popups suddenly introducing themselves, well ThriveLeads offers as many as 22 different animations such as Bounce-in, Rotation, 3D etc.
  • Integration: The chances of you coming across an email marketing platform and it not getting integrated with Thriveleads are extremely low! In other words, it can be integrated with all major email marketing platform including MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse etc. 
  • Multiple Targeting: It also lets you show different Optins (which you can use for different videos) based on the source of the incoming traffic, the exact page they’re landing upon and other factors as such. Not every kind of video is made for every kind of page, and ThriveLeads understands that.

Bottomline, ThriveLeads is a must have if you’re serious about your Email marketing and lead generation campaigns with Video Popups

Check Out Thrive Leads

  1. ConvertPlug

ConvetPlug is another powerful video lead generation plugin for WordPress. I am recommending ConvertPlug because it’s cheaper that Thrive Leads. There may be a case that you are short of budget or don’t need the advanced features that Thrive leads delivers. 


  • Drag & Drop: Every popup plugin worth its salt knows the importance and ease of Drag & Drop. So yeah, no coding skills required here either while designing/customizing your popup.
  • 8 Different Deliverability Methods: ConvertPlug not only offers “popups” but 7 other different options to chose from when it comes to “how” you wish your popups to be delivered. There’s slide-in, sticky box, Full-Screen etc to choose from.
  • Easy Integration: It can be integrated with nearly all the major marketing platforms in just a few clicks as well, the list includes MailChimp, Aweber, MailerLite and what not!
  • Timing: It’s no less than ThriveLeads when it comes to “timing” your Popups. You can choose from Exit-Intent, Timer, and half a dozen other options to make the most out of every visitor.
  • Mobile Responsive: ConvertPlug popups are totally mobile-responsive as well, so you don’t have to worry about the videos cropping out or not leading as per the size of the device they’ve being viewed upon.

Check Out ConvertPlug

  1. Layered Popups

Layered Popups sell themselves primarily upon their extensive templates library. Among many of their features, their primary weapon of choice is the fact that they truly have one of the most diverse (150 to be exact), advanced and beautiful pre-designed templates library.

Although their other features include:

  • Deliverability: Layered Popups let you choose from on-click, HTML-element trigger, exit-intent (obviously) and other advanced delivery parameters as well such as “idle detection” or “on-schedule”.
  • Live Visual Popup Editor: It also features a live visual editor so any changes you make to your popup are reflected in real-time and you do not have to reload, navigate to another page or basically experience any kind of delay between your editing and it is displayed on the popup.
  • In-Content: The Popups can also be embedded into the page content with its In-content mode.
  • Integration: Layered Popups can be integrated with as many as 56 different Email marketing solutions.
  • Page Speed optimized: Layered Popups have taken special care to make sure the popups do not overload your server and cause speed issues. The popups have been designed keeping page optimization in mind, hence they load only the bare-minimum requirements needed in order for your popup to function properly.

So if you’re looking primarily for “a lot of template options”, Layered Popups is the answer.

Check Out Layered Popups 

  1. PopupPress

PopupPress is a plugin that has already sold over 4,000 licenses on CodeCanyon alone. Being honest, it’s not a “great” video popup plugin if compared to above-shared plugins, but it gets the job done


  • Static Videos as well as Video Slider: This is something unique to Popup Press. It lets you create not just static videos, but a “slider” for the videos as well so you can include more than one videos in the popup.
  • Deliverability: It offers the same deliverability options you can expect off any other Video popup plugin, you can choose from “hover”, “Leaving the page (exist intent)”, “Click” etc. Although you can also select which pages are to display the popup and which to exclude.
  • Configuration: PopUp press lets you manually resize the Popup’s length, width, height etc as well as details such as the border radius.
  • Easy Video Embedding: All you need to do is “copy-paste” the Video URL on the plugin in order to embed it on your pop-up.

If you’ve read this article till this point, It’s only fair that I am honest with you. Popup Press is pretty limited when it comes to advanced features such as smart exit, especially when compared to ThriveLeads or ConvertPlug.

So yeah it won’t be my first choice when I’m digging for the best video popup plugins, but it’s still an option.

Check Out PopupPress

  1. Clifton’s Lightbox

Clifton’s lightbox is another one of the options to go for when nothing else seems to be working. It’s an extremely basic yet effective lightbox plugin which is comprised of the following elements:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Call to Action
  • An Image or a Video.

That’s all there is to Clifton’s lightbox. Now the fact that it’s extremely basic also makes it a good choice for users who’re not big on customizations or complicated options.

Not to mention that it’s free! So yeah, if you’re just getting started and would like to start small, this is what you should get!

Check Out Clifton’s Lightbox

Final Words:

So those were the 5 best Video Popup Plugins you would ever need in order to implement a video-popup on your websites.

I’d advise you to go for ThriveLeads or ConvertPlug as your first choices, but if you’re okay with limited options and functionalities, in that case, the bottom two options serve a good purpose as well. 

Also, check:

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy any product any product from the above links, I will get some commission with no extra cost to you. I did my best to recommend legit products that you might not regret after buying and I use the commissions to support my blog. 

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