The Best Two Tier WordPress Themes Affiliate Programs

best tier 2 affiliate programsSelling a WordPress theme as an affiliate is very much profitable these days… isn’t it?

But, what if your ranks drop and you stop making sales?… you will lose your monthly revenue.

It has already happened with me! ๐Ÿ™

Though you can mail your subscribers but still I consider organic traffic as the best source of traffic to make sales.

Recently, what I did was I started recommending affiliates for those companies and started getting a small amount of commission in return and it was around 15-20% of the total product price.

This is what we call as tier 2 affiliate programs. 

In this process, we get a small commission for recommending affiliates to the companies to make their sales. Once those affiliates start making the sales, you will start getting commissions on automation and you’ll be risk-free. If anything bad happens as Google keeps changing their algorithms, but you will be cover your expenses with the tier 2 revenue.

I really love this model and today, I am going to share some affiliate programs making tier 2 revenue for me as an affiliate

Best WordPress Themes Tier 2 Affiliate Programs

1. TeslaThemes

tier 2 affiliate programs

TeslaThemes one of the best Premium WordPress themes companies delivering top-quality WordPress themes for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. TeslaThemes give out 15% as the tier 2 commissions and 50% as tier 1 commissions.

As from the above screenshot, you can see that I am getting 15% of total product price.

Tier 1 commissions are those which an affiliate directly make sales while tier 2 commissions are those which an affiliate gets for recommending other affiliates to the companies.

Here, what you need to do is just sign up for TeslaThemes affiliate program and start promoting their themes. Once, you start making sales, I am sure, someone will sign up through your link as an affiliate too.

It happened with too. I started making Tier 2 sales by chance and then I framed a model.

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2. MyThemeShop

tier 2 WordPress affiliate programs

MyThemeShop is another great premium WordPress themes company which sells best quality and clean coded WordPress resources and super reasonable prices.

I have been an affiliate of MyThemeShop since it was formed and believe me, I have never seen any friendly chaps like them. They helped me out with each and every query.

And due to their top quality products and friendly support, today, there are having more than 3,50,000 customers which are more than of StudioPress and other top WordPress companies.

MyThemeShop offers the highest commissions in the industry which 70% of the total product price. Besides that, it also gives 10% as tier two commissions. Isn’t it awesome? ๐Ÿ™‚

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3. StudioPress Affiliate Program

I have made good commissions by promoting StudioPress WordPress themes and believe me, they really convert very well. StudioPress have switched for Shareasale for their affiliate program sign up.

You can refer affiliates and earn $1 on their sign and 5% of their commissions. Isn’t that great? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Currently, only these three WordPress themes affiliate programs are making me Tier 2 commissions but I have joined other programs too and waiting for some Sales notifications. Once, I get some, I will keep updating the list. 

So, what are your views about these tier 2 WordPress themes affiliate programs?

Nikhil Ganotra (Nick)

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