9 Best Tools To Check Your Website Position On Google Search Engine

It’s of utmost importance to check your website position in Google because only when you know where your page is ranking right now, you can put efforts to improve it and drive the potential traffic.

Also once you know your Google keyword search engine ranking, you get to know who’s outranking you and you can get on with your competition analysis.

Here we bring forth the 9 best tools to check your website rankings on search engines (especially Google) which should ease out your SEO efforts a bit.

1. SERPWatcher (Freemium)

SERPWatcher is a tool from Mangools, the same parent company which has KwFinder as one of its offsprings, so you know they come with value.

SERPWatcher is one of the best keyword position checker trackers that doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Even a blogger or webmaster not having knowledge of digital marketing can check the rankings of keywords without any hassle.

We simply are asked to enter the URL and the keywords we wish to track and it gets us keyword ranking reports in just a few clicks.

The left half of the screen holds the following data:

  • Keyword: The keyword you’re tracking.
  • Yesterday: The position of the keywords 24 hours earlier to the current time.
  • Change: Change in the position of the keyword.
  • Average: Average positioning of the keyword.
  • Best: Best results ever achieved.
  • Search: Search volume.

Then there’s the right-sidebar, with an illustrative graph of the keyword’s position history, and the indexed URL for the keyword.

I believe that encompasses everything that there is to learn about a keyword’s position isn’t it?

Fetches rankings from:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

Cons Of SERPWatcher:

To track your keywords effectively, you need to upgrade to the premium plan. Besides that, rankings might not be 100% accurate all the time.

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2. Rank Tracker (Freemium)

Rank Tracker by SEO PowerSuite is one of the most promising tools to check website ranking for a keyword.

It’s not an online keyword ranking checker tool but is a software that can be installed on our computers.

Here’s what a results page with RankTracker looks like:

The page gets us the following data:

  • Number of searches
  • Google Rank.
  • Yahoo Rank.
  • Bing Rank
  • URLs

Cons Of SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker:

Pricing is too high for newbies ($124.75 for the professional plan).

(Though the good thing is that it’s a one-time investment)

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3. Advanced Web Rankings (Freemium)

Advanced Web Rankings is like Rank tracker which isn’t a web-based platform, but instead a cloud-based computer application to check keyword rankings on Google.

Even though it could use an upgrade with the user-interface, the results and data are pretty hands on.

The top-half of the left-sidebar lists all the websites you’re monitoring, the bottom-half shows you your keywords and search engines.

And the center-screen holds a data-rich graph depicting positions for your keyword, followed by current position, maximum (best) position, Minimum (worst) position, and average position.

Cons Of Advanced Web Rankings Position Checker:

Can’t be used for competition analysis. For competition analysis, SEMrush is a great deal.

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4. SEMrush (Freemium)

SEMrush isn’t in dire need of an introduction I suppose, it’s one of the most popular SEO solutions in the industry.

Well, it does offer a “Position tracking” feature as well that can be used to check website ranking online. It can be set to track and send you daily/weekly or monthly updates as well.

The first half of the dashboard holds an illustrative graph showing us the visibility trend, estimated traffic and average positioning of the keyword.

And the lower half provides for a more text-based, simpler, tabled presentation of the:

  • Keywords
  • Current Rank
  • Difference in ranking
  • CPC
  • Search volume.

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5. SEOCentro (Free)

SEOCentro is a free SEO keyword rank checker tool (pretty accurate as well), and even though it has quite a few tools in its purview, we would be taking up its keyword rank checker for the scope of this review.

The user-interface is as basic as possible, considering it’s free, it’s safe to assume that it’s intended purely as a result-based service and not because they need to have thousands of subscribers.

Once the keyword and URLs have been specified, here’s the kind of results SEOCentro comes up with:

Suppose we want to check the ranking of ‘Online Marketing’ on neilpatel.com.

As I said, it’s simple, we simply get the rank, search engine, and URL. So it’s not a tool we’d recommend for a professional or multi-site use, or if you’re an SEO “professional”, but sure it can be used occasionally when you need fast and free results.

Fetches rankings from:

  • Google
  • Yahoo

Cons Of SEOCentro:

Rankings are pretty accurate but using the tool is time-consuming and distracting with ads.

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6. Google Rank Checker (Free)

Note that it’s not a tool from Google, even though the name sounds pretty official, it’s a tool by Search Engine Genie, and is named so only because it fetches your rankings from Google.

The one aspect worth singling out is, it fetches rankings only and only from “Google”. Although you can select country-specific Google rankings (Google.au, Google.ca etc) it’s strictly Google only.

Again, it’s a free online keyword ranking checker tool, with a very simple interface. Basic details such as URL and keyword need to be entered on the dashboard and that’s all.

There isn’t much to say about it because it doesn’t give us a lot to go on, it simply gets you the ranking for the keyword.

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7. Rank Tracker by Serpstat (Freemium)

Serpstat is a premium tool, much like SemRush or SerpWatcher. Although it does offer 30 queries free/day.

As for its rank tracker, the user-interface is a bit advanced. It lets you add keywords, or specific URLs to monitor, along with letting you import a list of keywords directly.

There also is a conveniently placed “keyword suggestions” feature which fetches related keywords using your domain name.

Anyway once the details have been filled out, here’s what the tool gets us:

The data includes:

  • Search Engine traffic
  • Organic keywords
  • New / Old keywords
  • Lost / Improved / Declined keywords.

Although it really is a data-rich platform, full with charts and graph. It also includes a list of organic competitors (and additional data such as common keywords, all keywords, relevancy etc).

Cons of Serpstat:

It doesn’t come with a chrome extension and difficult to track keyword list in one go.

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8. SE Ranking (Freemium)

Cloud-based, and downloadable keyword rank checker tool, just like couple other solutions on this list.

Anyway, SE Ranking has a lot of options and features for us to fiddle with, but we can access its rank tracker from the top bar > view rankings button.

The rank tracker in itself is pretty simple, it shows the keywords along with:

  • URL
  • Search Volume
  • Rankings with exact rankings, combined with their ups and downs.

Then there’s a separate data-chart for the mobile version of the Search Engine you’ve specified (cause we all know its the age of mobile devices, and the rankings aren’t the same as for computers).

Then there are couple advanced settings which allow us to get a graphical representation of:

  • Traffic forecast
  • Average position.
  • Visibility
  • % in top 10

So all in all, it’s a good enough tool if it fits your budget.

Fetches rankings from:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Yandex

Cons of SE Ranking:

No cons for now. Will update soon.

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9. SERPmojo (Free)

When I wake up every morning, I rush to check my keyword rankings but switching on my laptop, makes me a lot lazy. If this is the case with you, get SERPmojo.

Well, SERPmojo is an android application, a reliable rank tracker which lets you track your positioning across search engines from your smartphone.

It has a very modern yet simple result presentation, here’s a sneak-peek:

And there are graphs to make things more understandable and “not so boring” as well.

Fetches rankings from:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

I found the rankings to be pretty accurate using SERPmojo. The pricing is too reasonable and one-time. I love it.

Cons of SERPmojo:

Not available for iOS users.

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So those were the top 9 tools which help you track your ranks on Google and other search engines.

I believe that’s more than enough options, and we’ve tried our best to point you in the right direction without cluttering this article too much with the unnecessary spiraling of the topic.

If you are looking for our final suggestions, here they are:

1. If you are a newbie and don’t want to spend money on these tools – Go for SERPmojo (it’s amazing, I have been using it).

2. If you have a budget to spend money on these tools, I would recommend SEMrush and SERPWatcher.

Do let me know your verdict on the article and also your favorite choice for the best SEO rank checker tool (reasons would be appreciated and helpful as well).

Evan Derek

Evan is a 19 year old SEO Consultant and Affiliate Marketer with 9 years of experience down the lane. Currently working at numerous Projects. He shares his tiny bits of knowledge over at Vebblabbs.