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Are you looking for the best iPage alternatives?

If yes, then sorry, you’re at the wrong place, because here I am going to talk about just one best alternative which had helped me delivering a great experience to my readers with fastest loading times and 100% Uptime and UNBELIEVABLY SUPER customer service.

And yeah, at a reasonable price too.

Recently, I was checking out some of the top reviews hosting websites and came to know about some complaints and poor feedback for iPage. Though iPage offers quality hosting service at a reasonable price and some of the sites had recommended it too but still, nowadays it has started driving poor feedback from its users.

Now, let’s have a look at the problems that users are facing with iPage:

iPage Complaints And Problems And How SiteGround Is The Best Alternative

You might get WHAT are various alternatives of iPage, but here you will learn WHY is SiteGround the best iPage alternative based on my personal experience and facts.

1.  It’s NOT SO easy to get a refund with iPage

Though they offer a money back guarantee still users are experiencing problems getting money back from iPage.

iPage customer service is really very bad. It’s really not easy to reach them. Though they offer 24X7X365 support I don’t think, they mean it.

Sometimes, you even need to wait for more that 20 minutes to get in contact with them on phone.


And… the last option you get is to contact them through Live Chat. Good luck for that!

2. Very high renewal pricing structure

This is a most followed strategy in the web hosting industry. Sign Up price for iPage web hosting is $1.99/mo. but renewal fees is over $10/mo.  Shocking, isn’t it?

Besides that, there is also a hidden trap behind $1.99 discount offer.

best ipage alternatives

How SiteGround is the best iPage Alternative

This review is completely based on my personal experience as all my websites are hosted on SiteGround since 3 years and I am very much satisfied with SiteGround.

SiteGround is a reliable web hosting company (best according to me) hosting over 4,50,000 domains globally with 3 data centers in Europe, Asia, and U.S.A. Now, here I am going to tell how SiteGround gained the #1 position since it was launched in 2007.

As told earlier, all my websites are hosted on SiteGround. So, I am carefully monitoring the uptime, speed, and performance of SiteGround that I am going to share below.

But before that, let me share some overwhelming features of SiteGround.

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Customer support – 

SiteGround customer support is awesome. That’s one of the main reasons I love SiteGround. I never needed to wait to reach them through Live Chat or Phone. Live Chat gets connected within seconds and the support guys are so eager to help you out with any query.

Once, I made a mistake by choosing the wrong data center ( I chose Asia instead of U.S.A). When I contacted them to change my datacenter, then asked me a fee of $30 but at that time, I was dealing with financial problems and they did it for free for me. I was amazed. I have never seen such a great customer service like SiteGround.

While if I was on iPage, it would have to wait for 15-20 minutes to reach them through Live Chat and still there was no guarantee that my query would be solved or not as the iPage support staff is not as expert as SiteGround.

SiteGround delivers free migration service. You just need to open a new ticket or contact them through Live Chat and your website will be migrated for FREE in few minutes. You need not pay a single penny. And you know, what, I didn’t face a downtime of a single minute when they were migrating my website. Unbelievable!

No Hidden Fees

Unlike iPage, SiteGround charges no hidden fees from you. Not even a single penny. You can use this link to grab 60% OFF on SiteGround and pay $3.95/mo. which is a very reasonable amount for a reliable host.

It’s far much better to pay a little higher amount that being caught in a trap of a very low price and then facing issues such as automatic deductions from accounts. Yes, it has happened many times with iPage customers.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee – And they MEAN it

Like other hosts, iPage also provides money back guarantee, but I don’t think they REALLY mean it. They will make excuses and won’t make a refund or they may cut a significant percentage of the refund.

SiteGround delivers 30 days money back guarantee and they really mean it. You will surely get a refund and no questions would be asked.

While if it was iPage, first you need to wait for a long time to reach to them regarding this issue and then it’ll take days to get you a refund.

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Now, let’s get to the uptime statistic which is the main statistic before choosing a new host

Though hosts, guarantee 99.9% uptime still it’s slightly less than that. I recorded the SiteGround’s average uptime for the last few months and they are as follows:

  • January – 99.9% uptime
  • February  – 100% uptime
  • March – 99.99% uptime
  • April – 99.77% uptime
  • May – 100% uptime
  • June – 99.99% uptime
  • July – 99.98% uptime
  • August – 99.99% uptime

ipage alternative

Though the uptime of iPage also looks good (lower than SiteGround) but still it keeps facing service disruptions which might harm your site and lead to lower rankings in search results.



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So finally, do I recommend SiteGround?

Yes, I do. And my recommendation is backed by some important reasons which might help you in choosing a reliable web host for your site.

Don’t just blindly go with the offer, especially when you’re selecting a web host. Make sure you look at their customer service, their renewable charges, hidden fees, etc. Most importantly, buy a small plan and analyze the performance of the web host if you’re not sure about it.

I recommend SiteGround as the best iPage alternative because: 

  • iPage starts blackmailing you for a higher price when you start receiving high traffic and might suspend your site and due to poor support, your site might remain suspended for days. But, never expect this attitude from SiteGround. 
  • iPage keeps delivering service disruptions. If you really care about your readers/audience, SiteGround is the best option
  • iPage has huge hidden costs which you might never get in SiteGround
  • iPage panel doesn’t let you remove your credit card information and they will auto deduct your money.
  • iPage sometime deducts unauthorized charges of hundreds of dollars. Never expect this from SiteGround.
  • Not easy to get a refund with iPage. 
  • Expect a much higher uptime on SiteGround than on iPage. 

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So, what are your views on the above iPage alternative? Let’s discuss below!

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