9 Best WordPress Amazon Affiliate Themes

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On April 11, 2016
Last modified:June 13, 2017


If you are planning to build an Amazon affiliate micro-niche website, then you need to work really hard on many things like using a clean coded and fast loading WordPress theme for your Amazon niche website, writing lots of quality content with targeted keywords, follow non-spammy backlinking practices etc.

Here I am going to share my handpicked collection Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes that will make sure to deliver you high conversions and boost your website rankings in search engines.

There are two types of Amazon Affiliate Niche Websites:

  1. Review Style
  2. E-commerce Style

Though here I am going to share my handpicked collection of both Review Style and Ecommerce Amazon affiliate WordPress themes, I have got much success with review style amazon websites than e-commerce style niche sites.

Best WordPress Amazon Affiliate Themes 2017

Review Style:

  1. UltimateAzon

amazon affiliate WordPress Theme

Ultimate Azon is one of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress Theme. It’s is used by many affiliate marketers ranking on the top 5 searches for the highly competitive profitable keywords. The best feature of this theme is the drag and drop builder as now you don’t need to install any plugin especially like easy tables etc. as its smart option panel helps you in building comparison tables with just a few clicks.

The Amazon link localization feature of Ultimate Azon theme lets you drive commissions from all the traffic that you convert (including international traffic). This will prevent losing your hard earned money from the international traffic.

To analyze and forecast the success of the website, you need to analyze the CTR of your pages and links. If the CTR is low, then you need to work on it by changing the colors, improving navigation etc. Hence, UltimateAzon comes with an inbuilt link tracking system that tracks each and every click on your affiliate link and helps you in boosting your CTR for better conversions.

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2. Splash

best review template for amazon affiliate niche website

Splash is well-delivered review style template delivered by MyThemeShop. It works out very well with Amazon Affiliate Niche websites. MyThemeShop made sure to use latest technologies to build this SEO friendly Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme. Splash comes with an inbuilt review rating system that shows star ratings for product review which increases CTR on your pages in search engines and ultimately BOOST UP your sales.

Splash is 100% responsive WordPress template that loads blazing fast with a smart option panel for easy customization.

Want to make it an Ecommerce store? Yes, it is Woocommerce supported too!

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3. Eleven40 Pro Theme

eleven40-pro (3)

Eleven40 Pro is Genesis child theme delivered by theme giant ‘StudioPress’. I am a big fan of Genesis Framework and using Eleven40 Pro theme on many of my blogs. The only drawback of Eleven40 Pro theme is that it’s little complicated to customize than other themes, but you’ll learn by playing with it!

Eleven40 Pro theme is used my many affiliate marketers to build Review Style Amazon Niche Websites and believe me, the website looks DAMN AMAZING! Here is an example – http://www.massagechairinsider.com/

The template is 100% responsive and loads ULTIMATELY FAST. It’s retina ready design makes the content easy-to-read and give a good experience to visitors.

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E-commerce Style:

  1. WordPress Affiliate Store

ecommerce style amazon affiliate store

A professional and one of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress theme for serious marketers. It’s a stunning and highly converting template which is optimized for SEO and makes pages load quickly to deliver easy user experience. It has inbuilt Auto Thumbnail maker and Amazon custom search which makes sure to boost your conversions.

And.. you know what! It’s has a new feature called ‘Automatic Discount Finder‘ which automatically searches for the latest discounts available for the products in their countries and flaunt them to the readers. Now, you need not regularly update your website with latest offers and deals.

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2. Kingdom Amazon WordPress Theme

amazon affiliate wordpress theme

Kingdom is a high-resolution WordPress theme specially built for Amazon Affiliates. What’s special about this theme is that it’s revolution slider lets you flaunt latest offers and deals on the homepage which drives an ultimate CTR to your product pages and increase your sales. The theme is powered by Woocommerce Amazon Affiliate Plugin.

Revolution Slider (Worth $18) is already installed in the theme template and you need not pay a single penny for it.

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3. The Zeno Theme


The most cleanest WordPress theme built for Amazon e-commerce style niche website. Zeno WordPress theme lets you build a stunning Amazon Affiliate Store with just a few clicks. The best feature of Zeno Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme is that here you can add products from the WordPress dashboard directly and start making money. It lets you import products to your dashboard with just a single mouse click. Isn’t it amazing? πŸ™‚

With the Zeno theme, you don’t need to update the product prices and images time to time as its ‘Auto Product Update‘ feature automatically updates the prices, images or the details and you can just enjoy the passive income flowing in! πŸ™‚

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3. AuthorityAzon


Authority Azon is one of the preferred WordPress Theme by Amazon Affiliates. AuthorityAzon is built by TrungTran, the most popular Amazon Affiliate that generates a pretty lucrative income promoting Amazon products.

Being an experienced Amazon affiliate, he knows the obstacles that come is between while setting up the website. On the basis of his personal experience, he has built AuthorityAzon with super-easy customization which saves a lot of time.

Some Authority Azon features that will amaze you:-

  1. Its advanced filter lets the user compare the products which help in increasing the conversion rate.
  2. Get product information from Amazon with just a single click.
  3. Stunning and highly converting review pages for increased sales.
  4. Amazon link localization – Redirects the user to their country Amazon’s website instead of the wrong one.
  5. And.. yes, it’s SEO optimized! πŸ™‚

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Here I am going to share some coupon and comparison WordPress templates that help Amazon marketers in increasing their conversions.



Clipper is one of the best coupon WordPress theme in the online market which is easy to install and setup. The theme is inbuilt with a powerful option panel that makes it easy to customize. It’s advanced link cloaking and tracking feature lets you hide your original Amazon affiliate link from the users and calculates your click through rates. It can also work as a great WordPress theme for Amazon affiliate.

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2. Compare


Compare is a product comparison WordPress Theme that can be used by Amazon marketers. People generally compare the products before making a purchase, so this makes it profitable and can generate good bucks.

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Personal Message From The Editor-

Here I shared my handpicked collection of best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes. As I told earlier, I had a good success with review style niche websites than e-commerce style amazon niche websites. It doesn’t mean that e-commerce style doesn’t work but for me, review style worked better.

Now, if you are still confused which template to go for finally, here are my top picks for you and I am sure you will love them-

For Review Style Amazon Niche Websites – UltimateAzon  or Eleven40 Pro

For Ecommerce Style Amazon Niche Websites – WordPress Affiliate Store Or Kingdom

If you are looking for the best Amazon WordPress plugin, then EasyAzon is a great option!

In-case of any queries, or you’re not able to find best Amazon affiliate WordPress theme for you,  feel free to contact me! πŸ™‚

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  • kiran

    I have been thinking about to start affiliate marketing since last 6 month.and this post help me for choosing right theme.
    Thanks nikhil

  • Glad you liked them, Kiran. Thanks for your feedback! πŸ™‚

  • hello Nikhil Ganotra
    i’m confused about woocommerce plugin and amazon products !
    is it possible to merge both of them to publish amazon products ?
    and is there any method to scrape amazon products ?

  • Great post,

    Well few months back I was searching like crazy and guess what I landed here and you’ve saved my time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Please add some new themes. I have seen all of these before, I’m looking for a unique template for my new project.

  • Good Collection of Amazon wordpress themes. Building a good and profitable Amazon Niche website is not an easy game. So, it’s better to spend few bucks to get a good theme with all the functionalities to make your work easier. So I prefer paid one for it.

  • Great Collection of Amazon WordPress subjects. Building a decent and beneficial Amazon Niche site is not a simple diversion. In this way, it’s ideal to spend few bucks to get a decent subject with every one of the functionalities to make your work simpler. So I lean toward paid one for it.

  • you have shared some great wordpress theme for amazon. But I also would like to intoroduce with you much more Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes 2016. I hope that will help you guys. https://thrivethemes.com/themes/focusblog/. If you need some unique theme just have a look https://themexy.com/. Hope you might get better solution about those.

  • I have been scouring the web for info om Amazon affiliate WP themes. Thanks….Gonna make sure that I bookmark this as well!

  • I have been using one of these themes for my website, and I found it really a great help, I am making a good numbers using the theme Zeno for this site goodcarts.com. I recommend people to use it.

  • Sharad Gaur

    Thanks for the great article. Does ultimate azon support amazon india?

    • Yes, it has link localization feature. If you’re using EasyAzon plugin (which you should use), you should turn off the theme’s feature.

      Thanks Sharad! πŸ™‚

      • Sharad Gaur

        Thanks Nikhil. That was helpful.

  • uday

    Hi Nikhil, if I use UltimateAzon, can we also upload our own products to the site? and is UltimateAzon comes with easyazon.

    • Hello Uday,

      Really sorry for the late reply.

      No, you need to setup a separate store to upload your products and UltimateAzon don’t comes with Easy Azon.

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