Beginners Guide To Get Started With Niche Marketing


Money is everywhere on the web… you just need to grab it using some smart marketing techniques. Today, I am going to talk about profitable niche marketing and will deliver you some smart niche marketing techniques that will make you at least $1000/mo.

Aren’t you excited?

Before getting started with Beginners Guide To Niche Marketing, let me explain you the meaning of niche websites.

Niche websites are the websites based on solving problems.  A niche website is created when the problems of a particular group are defined and the website is going to deliver the solutions.

Before building your niche website, you need to define your audience. Before that, you need to know the field of your interest. Just create a long list of niches that you might be interested in blogging. We will narrow it down and search for its profitability later on. So, keep following!

Here is a step-by-step guide get started with niche marketing

Step 1. Define Your Audience


I am blogging since 2 years (at the time of writing) and according to my experience, I have seen that blogs with highly targeted and defined audience convert well and drive a passive income online.

For e.g. You might be knowing that Health And Fitness is a popular category to blog on under which Weight Loss is a profitable niche to make a lucrative income from blogging.

But .. really.. have you defined your audience? NO!

Weight loss for whom? Is it for Moms, Dads, Girls, Boys etc. ?

Don’t write for anyone! It increases bounce rate and traffic doesn’t convert well.

Now let’s say, you chose ‘Weight Loss For Dads’. But still, you should niche down to drive a better-targeted traffic.

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Step 2. Define your motivation

Let’s take ‘Weight loss for Dads who work from home’.. this sub-niche will drive you less traffic than the previous niche but this sub-niche will convert well as you will be having a properly defined audience.

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Here I assume that you have selected a niche of your interest, and not just for money. The next step is to define the type of motivation.

There are two types of motivation:

1. Intrinsic Motivation-  Motivation that comes from inside to complete the specific task.

2. Extrinsic Motivation – Motivation that forces you to complete a specific task for just incentives. i.e money in your case.

Though I have seen that many people start a blog just to make money and some succeed but not everyone does. So, according to my experience, it’s better to select a niche that motivates you to blog more even you fail in marketing a product.

In the case of extrinsic motivation, you will give up once you fail!

Step 3. Understand why people buy


This is one of the most important steps to market your product. Before selling your product, you need to understand that why people buy.

People spend money on Passions And Problems.


  • Health Problems
  • Relationship Problems
  • Smoking Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction


  • Become a better batsman- Buy a good bat
  • Want to attract opposite sex- Buy latest iPhone
  • Want to become an entrepreneur – Buy a course from Udemy

That’s the secret to niche marketing. You need to identify whether you are blogging to solve their problems or fulfill their passions by recommending them good products to buy. That’s why some niches go very much profitable.

Step 4. Target buyer intent keywords

To make pretty good affiliate sales, you need to target buyer intent keywords. There are two types of keywords-

1. Informational keywords– e.g. how to get rid of Jock Itch.

2. Buyer Intent Keywords – e.g best Cream for Jock Itch.

The person searching for the query ‘ How to get rid of Jock Itch’ might not be willing to buy your product but if you target buyer intent keywords then the probability of buying that product increases.

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The second thing is that you need to understand the difference between needs and wants.

To get started with profitable niche marketing, you need to target the wants of the people and not the needs.

E.g. Suppose a person is Obese and looking for a solution

Want – Exercise regularly and get slim

Need – Get a good supplement to get slim.

People are always looking for an easy solution to get rid of a problem and that’s what you need to find to exchange solution for cash. Isn’t it interesting? 😉

You can’t make good money online from the needs of the people buy if you target their wants lucrative income starts driving in.

Don’t just think of Money. Generally, I see that bloggers just analyze the profitability of a particular niche and start delivering low-quality content like a machine. You can also build an authority niche website if you are having good knowledge about that niche. If not, then just outsource.

Patt Flynn’s FoodTruckr niche website makes millions and yes, it’s an authority website.

Bonus Tip: 

Don’t focus on driving income from only one network. Keep at least 2-3 monetization methods in mind while starting a niche website and make sure to target at least 3-5 primary keywords. Don’t keep jumping to new traffic sources. Focus on few and make use of them properly to really drive your targeted audience.

Step 5. Niche down

Like as I told earlier that you will only drive targeted audience to your blog if you blog on a Sub-niche or Sub Sub-niche. Writing for everyone and anyone will ruin your blog and the traffic will never convert well.

Here, I assume that you have created a list of niches that you might be interested in blogging on. So, now it’s time to niche down and get ready to blog on sub-niche.

Suppose, you chose a niche of ‘Online Dating Industry’. Your niche would be Dating. But dating for whom?

Men? Women?

Your sub-niche would become ‘Dating for men’. Still, you can niche down to get better targeted and highly convertible traffic to your website.

Your sub-sub-niche would become ‘Dating for men over 35’.

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Step 6. Check out the profitability 

This is a most important step towards building a successful niche website because at last, the main motive is to make money. Right?

1.1. Use Google Keyword Planner and search for your main keywords and make sure that they are having a search volume of at least 2000 searches a month.

1.2 Search for your buyer intent keywords in Google search and check whether product ads display or not. If there are a good number of ads being displayed then it means that it is having a good competition and when there is competition, there is money.

1.3 Find some products of your niche on the following websites –

On Amazon and Ebay make sure to choose a high price product with a least 30 positive reviews from customers. On Clickbank choose the products according to the gravity. Follow this guide to select profitable products from Clickbank.

Step 7. Time to drive traffic and convert. 

Now, you have worked really very hard on selecting a profitable niche for your website and now it’s high time to drive a lucrative flow of traffic and convert. Well, but I generally see bloggers only focusing on SEO. What about other traffic sources?

They also convert very well!

I follow following traffic generation methods-

  • SEO
  • Email Marketing – Recommended- GetResponse (aff)
  • PPC (Pay per click) ads
  • Active on Forums
  • Blog commenting
  • Guest posting
  • Social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest etc.

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Some other overwhelming methods to drive Traffic + Backlinks:

  • Create long in-depth content
  • Make use of visuals (Infographics)
  • Create videos and upload it to various channels like Youtube.
  • Give free tutorial and guides to your visitors in return of their emails.


There is a huge difference between driving traffic and driving targeted traffic. Here, you learned how to define your audience and drive targeted audience to your niche website.

Being successful in niche marketing takes a lot of time and you will be only successful by taking risks and experimenting.

Nikhil Ganotra (Nick)

Nikhil Ganotra is the owner and editor of Universal Blogging Tips. He is a passionate blogger from India. He loves to read and write about content marketing and SEO related topics. You can catch him on Twitter or use this contact form.