Bazar Shop WordPress Theme Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Recently, I was helping my Dad to set up an online store for him and was looking for a good multi-purpose e-commerce WordPress theme. I checked out many, read many blogs but didn’t find any good theme meeting my requirements.

I was looking for some high rated e-commerce WordPress themes on ThemeForest and I found Bazar Shop.

Bazar Shop is a multi-purpose e-commerce WordPress theme which gives you infinite possibilities to build your desired e-commerce website. It lets you build unlimited layouts and delivers some great features that you never imagine to do with WordPress using Bazar Shop.

It’s a 100% responsive WordPress Theme which opens flawlessly on mobile phones and other gadgets and delivers a super user experience.

bazar shop theme review

According to me, no other e-commerce theme is better that Bazar Shop. It’s truly a MASTERPIECE. So, finally, I tried my hands on Bazar Shop as it had good ratings on ThemeForest and I made my mind to buy it.


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Bazar Shop Review + Walkthrough 2017

Bazar Shop is an SEO Optimized and responsive e-commerce WordPress theme built for serious e-commerce players and has been one of the best-selling e-commerce theme on ThemeForest recommended by thousands of users. It makes use of WooCommerce plugin to help you build a full-fledged e-commerce store.

Today, I am not just going to give you an overview on Bazar Shop, but also give you a walkthrough on how to use Bazar Shop and what all you can do with this theme to build your desired online shop.

Following are some features of Bazar Shop WordPress theme. (Don’t worry, I am going to give you a walkthrough for all these features, so keep following! )

1. Build unlimited sliders with 8 responsive slider options

There are 8 types of Slider which you can choose from. There are no restrictions on the number of sliders. You can build as many sliders as you wish for your pages or the posts.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 11.52.00

Let’s have a look how these sliders look like:

  1. Elastic 

Elastic slider mainly used for featured products or products categories. It is mostly used on the shop pages or your blog where you want to display the best or related products to the content.

Elastic Bazar SHOP

2. Flash

Flash Slider can be used on your homepage or your front page where you want to compel your visitors or you want to grab the most eyeballs to a special product. Flash slider can also be used to display important information such as coupon discount or seasonal sale that is going on.

Flash Bazar SHOP

There are 6 more enticing sliders which you can check out here.

2. Two Custom Checkout pages

Generally, I see that e-commerce websites built on WordPress have a slow loading checkout pages which really frustrates me and I wish like bouncing back to Google search results.

But when I installed Bazar Shop and was took a test drive of my site from selecting the products and making a purchase, I was amazed at the checkout. It loaded unbelievably fast and looked enticing to me.

Here is how the checkout page of the site looks:

Checkout Ganotra Puja Store

With Ajax loading, my checkout page didn’t take even more than a single second to load. This delivers a great user experience to your customers during checkout and they wish to visit again.

Checkout has never been so FAST! ๐Ÿ˜€

3. Integrated Popups

Now, you need not spend your money on buying an optin plugin for WordPress as it is already integrated with Bazar Shop WordPress theme.

These popups can be used to notify your users about the latest offers and sign up to get the latest deals directly to their inbox or it can also be used to let users sign up when the product is out of stock and get notified by email when it’s available.

Besides desktop, the popup opens flawlessly on mobiles too. The popup looks like this:

Screenshot 2016-08-11 12.32.31

Actual Cost of the Popup is $77 but you get it free with Bazar Shop. Get it now. 

4. Multiple Images and Zoom Feature

Zoom feature of Bazar Shop lets your users explore your product much better. Imagine you’re purchasing a T-shirt, so won’t you like to see the high resolution image of the product?

Besides the Zoom feature, it also lets you add multiple images of your product like you see on eBay and Amazon. As told earlier, Bazar Shop helps you build a full fledged e-commerce store, so there is nothing left which gives other e-commerce store comparative advantage over your store in terms of website design.

When someone hovers the mouse over the image, the high resolution image of the product gets displayed.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 12.47.50

5. Over 310 Ready-to-use shortcodes

Aha… the best feature of the theme. Now, you need not have any coding knowledge to make your theme look enticing and compelling and deliver various functionalities to users to make their work easier.

Bazar Shop comes with over 310 shortcodes which you can directly insert from the WordPress editor to your pages and posts and easily customize them without being a tech geek.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 12.53.47

6. Various possibilities

Bazar Shop comes with a powerful option panel which lets you make the customization super easy for you and yes boy, you need not have any coding knowledge.

Using the option panel, you can change the layouts, edit the header and footer, activate responsive, create a sitemap, customize typography, change the colours, customize blog pages, posts and sidebars and much more.

Here, how its option panel looks like :

Screenshot 2016-08-11 13.01.02

7. SEO made easy

You might be knowing, how important is SEO is for online business. If you are not familiar with SEO, here is basic definition. SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of your pages in the search engines which helps you drive more traffic and get more sales.

By optimizing your website for Search Engines, it helps you get higher ranking in SERP’s and you tend to make more sales.

Earlier, webmasters used to edit the code to insert tags etc. But now, you need not worry.

Bazar Shop has a special portal for SEO which you would find in the WordPress dashboard. It lets you add/edit tags with just few clicks.  Here’s how the SEO portal looks like :

Screenshot 2016-08-11 13.09.59

Some other overwhelming features of Bazar Shop :

1. Bazar Shop gives you these premium these tools for FREE

  • Revolution Slider – $15
  • USquare Grid Slider – $12
  • Zoom Feature – $29
  • Ajax Navigation – $29
  • Product Enquiry Form – $29
  • Wishlist feature – $12
  • Compare feature – $49
  • Catalog – $29
  • Popup – $77

Total Free Value : $281 and that’s one of the reasons, why I love Bazar Shop.

2. Custom Login Page and Maintenance Page

Screenshot 2016-08-11 13.19.46

Some General Features :

  • Multiple payment options
  • Easy user account maintainence and order tracking feature
  • Shipping options
  • Create custom coupons
  • Create unlimited product sliders
  • Megamenu options to list product by categories and price
  • Choose your custom fonts and colors
  • 2 services page layouts
  • 2 enticing about pag layouts
  • Build animated slideshows

So, do I recommend buying it?

Yes, I would like you to give a try to Bazar Shop WordPress theme as I am personally using it and according to me, this is the best e-commerce WordPress theme with such unlimited possibilities to build our dream online store with a few clicks and no coding knowledge.

I never thought, building an e-commerce store was that much easier.  

Get Bazar Shop

By the way, I want you to congrats me. Today, I got the first order from my newly setup e-commerce store. ๐Ÿ˜€

best ecommerce WordPress theme


Get Bazar Shop

So, what are your views on Bazar Shop WordPress theme? Please do let me know in the comment box!

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