9 Best Auction WordPress Themes And Plugins 2017

These days, people are thinking smartly and investing their time and energy on the resources where they get a solution and benefit both. An online auction is also a land of opportunity for buyers and sellers.

Are you thinking of building your own Auction website like WebBidz, ePier, Webstore, eBay and more? At the same breath if you do not have knowledge of coding then you can opt for these Best WordPress auction themes to start an Auction Website, which I will discuss it in details.

Auction website is not easy to code but with the help of below-recommended auction themes, you can make your general WordPress blog into an auction website in minutes. Now, you need not hire any designer or professional to build an auction website for you as you can do it yourself in few clicks using the Best WordPress Auction Themes and Plugins that I am going to share below.

The Auction WordPress plugins help you largely on auction your stuff on your website without spending money on the seller, gallery, listing, and others. We are recommending both free and premium WordPress auction plugins with all ingredients included which will be beneficial for your usability.

Now stick to the best enlisted and profitable WordPress themes and Plugins 2017 To Start An Auction Website.

 Best WordPress Auction Themes 2017

WordPress Auction Theme


This auction theme has a good design and its contemporary look gives an edge. With the help of some features of these WordPress themes, you can have your own online auction blog. Only a few clicks can create your website without any knowledge of coding. Its spectacular features will lead your ordinary blog into multi-functional auction website. A website will support almost all the platforms like Tablets, Android,iPhone, iPad etc.


  •  Auction Tools– This feature gives you details of buy now price, Start price and buy now price and reserve price.You will be kept updated with all transaction information.
  •  Auction Post – By adding new auctions from WordPress admin, you can do multiple operations like assigning tags, assigning categories, choose, auction mode and you can also set price and more.
  • Percent fee -You will have an option of charging percent fee with every sale through your website.
  •  Feedback and rating system- Buyers and sellers can rate the auction item after every buy and each user will give feedback for the other users.
  •  Auction Expiration-You need to update the number of days per auction through setting.
  •  Make an offer feature-If you add this feature and you post the auction then bidders may tell you a lower rate than buy now rate.
  •  Escrow-This feature allows you to monitor your bucks.
  •  Payment Gateway – You have not to involve in any special effort for this theme as it has already payment options such as PayPal, Payza, Moneybookers, iDeal, Sisow, Payfast, Authorize.net and more.


Responsive Auction Theme


Responsive themes provide you multiple options as its interface is easy for using auction theme from which you can build your auction website anywhere anytime without having 0% knowledge of coding. This theme has some child themes, which will give your site a stunning look. Another benefit of earning revenues through Adsense with the help of your auction site is rewarding.

You can generate built-in bidding system to allow people to have their highest bid then the system will automatically bid. There are various other features, which make your auction site more proficient.


  •  Member and bidding history – Your readers or visitors can be the member of your site with their respective login id and account details.
  • Paid and free listing packages-Auction price and length will determine the various listing options.
  •  Commission percentage- Commission percentage is the good source of making money, which you can set accordingly.
  •  Feedback- When the auction generally done then users will pay for the listings after this, they leave their feedback about the dealing and rating which you can view in seller’s profile.
  •  Listings highlights- Your visitors can extend the listings with the features like HTML descriptions, featured text and more.
  •  PDF Uploads, images, videos – This auction theme allows the users share and upload the content in the different medium.



Bingo Auction WordPress Theme


You can create your own auction site with the help of brand new Bingo without any coding skill. It has an amazing design and great strength to all kind of devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop, desktop etc.

This theme carries many features such as reviews, social sharing, and auction history, buy now or bid option, description etc.


  • WPML Compatible-Your site will have more strength with WPML compatible. It will enhance the easy interface.
  • Shortcode generator -This feature will create a shortcode to your auction site.
  • Listing-You can add more features in this segment. Project listing page will surely help you to maintain the auction site perfectly.


Penny Auction WordPress Theme


You can easily create your own auction website with the help of Penny theme. This theme is not only packed with few features as it has more functions to provide you ultimate service.


  • Auction Post – With the help of WordPress admin, you can include new auction in which you can set categories and use the option offsetting to start the price.
  • Auction tools-This particular WordPress theme allows various tools to bid time increase, start a price HTML description etc.
  • Payment Gateway-WordPress only supports PayPal account. However, if you want to add more payment option then you need to contact the developer of this theme.
  • Various Currency support-The currencies like US dollar, Euro, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, British pounds and much more supported.
  • User Account-You can have your own account with the bids to the auction and you can buy credit packages.


 Best WordPress Auction Plugins 2017

  WordPress Auction Software


This WordPress auction software is amazing in handling any WordPress sites into the active auction site. This lies both themes and plugins which set it apart from others. You can easily sell your products for that you just need to log in, register and list your items. This can provide service in three manners i.e standard auction, fixed price auction, and a penny auction.


  • You can sell and buy items.
  • When a seller sells the product then buyers get it after that automatically invoice carries seller info.
  • In the main page of the site, the users pay for the listings.
  • You can have also benefited from making visible to the list, which will be featured on the sidebar of the site.


Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin


You can auction your product through a plugin on your website. In the eBay style, you can sell your stuff in an easy way if you set your auction website into eBay style. This plugin is simple and compatible with any WordPress theme.


  • You can upload multiple and different images.
  • There is a PayPal payment setting.
  • It can cancel the last bid.
  • For bidding, you can add a standard auction.


WPAuction Plugin


You can host your auction on your website. After that, you do not need to pay any kind of fees. All you have to do is to install this plugin and auction product on your website.


  • You can use PayPal for the payments.
  • There is a sleek Ajax Popup to give the display of auction.
  • It can host various auctions accordingly.
  • You can set date and time.


WooCommerce Auction WordPress Plugin


This WordPress plugin will help you to arrange a WordPress auction website. Most amazing thing is that you can start auctions your product in few hours. It has an email notification for the failed auction, won the auction, pay for won auction and much more.


  • You can manage time.
  • Auto biding.
  • WPML compatible
  • You should opt for the auction from product downloaded.



Starting an auction website has become a profitable business online. I see people making handsome bucks out of it. If they can..then why can’t you?

Building an auction website is not a big deal. By using the above recommended Best Auction WordPress Themes and Plugins You can build your auction website in minutes WITHOUT any coding knowledge or skills.

So, which Auction WordPress Theme are you going to download to start an Auction Business Online?

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