How To Localize Amazon Affiliate Links In WordPress With EasyAzon

localize amazon affiliate links
Have you ever checked your Google analytics tool and analyzed your traffic? You might have noticed that readers that arrive at your website are from various countries, use different languages, currencies etc. Isn’t it?

Now, you are redirecting all your users to the .com default Amazon page and losing out the commissions that you should be making from sales made by other than U.S.A readers.

The question is how can you cater your readers with content that is based on their geographical location, on their language and currencies etc. ?

The answer to it is Geo-targeting technique.

Geo-targeting is a technique to show different content to readers based on their geographical location. This technique can be used for PPC campaigns as well as for organic traffic.

For example: If you are buying anything from Amazon from India from an affiliate link,  the prices would be in INR and if you looking for the same product from Canada, prices would be in Canadian dollars by visiting the same affiliate link.

Geo-targeting enables you to target your readers based on their location which ultimately helps you to increase your conversions and increase your affiliate commissions.

This technique is popularly used by Amazon affiliates as well.

Today, I am going to share a step-by-step guide to getting started with Geo-targeting using EasyAzon WordPress Plugin 

How To Get Started With Geo-Targeting Technique For Amazon Affiliates?

In this post, I am going to make use of EasyAzon WordPress plugin for geo-targeting for Amazon niche websites. Besides link localization, it has some other overwhelming features as well which I will be sharing below!

Step 1. Sign Up For Amazon Associate Accounts And Get Tracking Ids

To get started with Geo-targeting, the first and most important step is to sign up for Amazon affiliate and get your tracking Ids.

The best way to do that is first visit your Google Analytics account and analyze your traffic and see which countries contribute to most of your traffic.

My traffic is mainly contributed by U.S.A and Canada, so I signed up for those affiliate programs.

So, based on your traffic, you can sign up and get your tracking Ids which will be required by EasyAzon plugin in the next step.

geotargeting for Amazon affiliate

Follow the same process to get tracking Ids of other country’s Amazon associate account as well.

Now,  hit the EasyAzon settings button in your WordPress dashboard and enter your tracking Ids under the tab ‘Amazon Associates’.

how to use Easy Azon to localize amazon links


Step 2. Configure Link Localization Settings

Hit the link localization tab button and enter simply select the countries from where you are expecting to get most of your traffic.

Once you do that, save the changes and you have successfully configured the EasyAzon settings for Geo-targeting.

Hang on, the work is not done yet.

If you already have Amazon affiliate links on your website, you need to update them with Easy Azon links which is a simple task.

EasyAzon is a great plugin to save your time and increase productivity as now you need not visit your Amazon affiliate dashboard over and again to get links, download images etc. It makes Amazon affiliate marketing much simpler.

Step 3. Update Your Affiliate Links

Visit your post editor, select the text that you want to hyperlink with your affiliate link and then hit the ‘EasyAzon’ button as shown in below screenshot.

EasyAzon delivers you various ways to insert your Affiliate link:

  • Text Link: A simple hyperlink
  • Info Block: A content box flaunting product image and product details
  • Popup: Shows product details with buy now button if anyone hovers a mouse over your link.
  • CTA: A simple customizable call-to-action buy now button

link localization with EasyAzon plugin

Let’s see how the links look like in various forms:




That’s it. You just need to choose your required link form and you’re done. You’ve successfully completed the process of Geo-targeting.


I hope that you will be able to do the above process without any hassle. There are much more tools to do Geo-targeting which are much cheaper than EasyAzon plugin. One such tool is and it’s pricing starts from $9/mo.

The reason I chose to get started with EasyAzon plugin is that it had a one-time payment and besides link localization, it has some great features which make life simpler for Amazon affiliates for e.g. Inserting affiliate links in various forms from your post editor and no need to log in again to your affiliate account. I consider EasyAzon as the best amazon link localization WordPress plugin.

With EasyAzon, you need not download any link cloaking WordPress plugin as EasyAzon automatically does it for you.

EasyAzon’s professional license costs $47 while its developer license costs $67. If you also design websites for clients, then you should go for the developer license, otherwise, professional license is a good option.

Download EasyAzon

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