AdNow Collaborates with AdVault: What’s in the treat for Affiliate Marketers?

There is no second argument to the fact that a lot of bloggers would love to earn from their blog. There are tons of ways through which bloggers make money from their blog, directly or indirectly. These include affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and display advertising.

Google Adsense is a big name when it comes to display advertising on blogs and websites. But the problem is that it imposes a lot of restrictions and strict guidelines. Maybe due to this, a lot of new blogs get rejected from this advertising platform.

Due to its restrictions, a lot of bloggers seem to be disappointed with AdSense and search out for new ways to make money from display advertising on their blogs; some instead, turn to affiliate marketing.

Well, whatever you might be interested, I am sure you’ll like this news. Recently AdNow and AdVault joined hands to offer a better experience to their users.

What is AdNow, and approach to native ads?

AdNow is a native advertising network based in the United Kingdom. Throughout the world, this network has tons of publishers use its CPM and CPC models. There are several more native advertising providers.

But, due to AdNow’s simple process of adding and approval of websites, it has been a big hit among bloggers all over the world. Now, native ads mean, that to users based in India, ads related to only India will be displayed.

This is quite effective and has received tons of positive from bloggers. AdNow releases payouts every week. The network has a very easy set of rules that “welcomes” new blogs.

  • Traffic: you don’t need a huge volume of traffic to get approved, but the more traffic you have, the better you’ll earn.
  • Restricted Content: Your blog shouldn’t have content related to hacking, viruses, adware, spam, spyware, pornography or any prohibited content.
  • Copyright: Your blog must not have breached any copyright policy.
  • Publishers are warned not to alter the ad code, use traffic exchange, bots or things like this. You can’t click your ads or encourage others to do the same.

What is AdVault, and why professionals love it?

If you have been marketing for some time, you’ll know how the websites showcase advertisements. There is no doubt, that some of those adverts prove to bring more results compared to the rest.

Sometimes, a majority of these ads are either part of an advertising campaign or affiliate campaign is run by the product/service provider directly. On the other hand, some affiliate marketers also run campaigns to get more sales.

When you are into any of this stuff, AdVault comes in very handy. They are a “native advertising spy tool”. Through this tool, you can spy on what other affiliates are doing. The tool allows you not only to see their images and blog post but also how many times their advertisements have been visited and where do they get visits from.

How can this collaboration be useful for you?

If you are into affiliate marketing, you can get heavily benefited from this collaboration. As of now, all the AdVault users can join AdNow with some special conditions.

The amazing part is that your first investment would give you whopping $1500 bonus cash back. So, if you are beginning or have been marketing for some time, this offer would be beneficial either way.

Vice versa, AdVault users can also join AdNow and get the benefit of exclusive coupons and discounts. This means users of both networks will get benefited.

Conclusion: This news doesn’t surprise me much as a blogger but more as a digital marketer, as it would really help me kick in some traffic over to my client websites.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is a Professional Content Writer who manages several blogs, a podcast show and has been featured on several blogs.