9 Best WordPress Themes For Online Businesses 2017

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world. The popularity does not fade with just blogging. WordPress seems to have extended the same in its website creation too. Many website holders thank WordPress for their fame. 

Businesses of different kinds and websites of different services are run by WordPress. The only thing apart from content and purpose that determines how well a website is received by the audience is the user experience.

User experience is based on how well the site serves the user. A friendly theme that is simple to understand and easy to follow is the building block for a great user experience. For this purpose, WordPress offers different themes that can help you customize your site according to your business and more importantly, according to the audience.

Here are the best WordPress Themes that can be used for businesses:

Best WordPress Themes For Online Businesses

Circle Flip:

corporate WordPress Themes

One of the most popular WordPress themes is the Circle Flip which is beautifully designed to stand for simplicity and efficiency. An added advantage with Circle Flip is that it comes with an unrestricted free demo and the trial version will allow you to get the ‘feel’ of how your website is going to be, once you use Circle Flip. Straightforward and user-friendly, this is the go to theme if you want to convey your business in the easiest way possible.



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Known as WordPress’s most innovative in design, this theme offers a flexible background with easy mobile compatibility, configurable widgets with elements, features, and short codes.

This is the platform to choose for a multifaceted business. Apart from safety and security, Divi offers complete flexibility that allows you to modify your preferences as you build your website.

The exclusive Divi builder is easy to understand and will help you setup a professional website in a matter of minutes. Even with all the added features, Divi enables the website to function as lightweight and fast loading. A win-win right?




Innovating, graceful, elegant and composed, Wish is a theme that stands for its sophistication. Its professional graphics design is an added benefit and it is very easy to use and customize.

The most amazing thing about Wish is that it is retina ready, intuitive, responsive and is best suited for multipurpose businesses. You don’t have to write a single line of code and you can enjoy an enormous range of options for creativity and innovation.

It comprises of both the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider which come free of charge and the theme throws in over 50 elements that are also free of charge and help make the theme serve itself better.



best business WordPress themes

This is a theme that speaks of UX and the experience of the website holder. The main advantage with this theme is the fact that the support team is always available to help. One of the biggest issues with certain themes is that, when they are resized, their content does not look as sharp as before.

This is not a concern if you are using Specular. Besides, you get to see how your content performs in the theme, with their free demos. With over 28 templates, this has been the go-to theme for medical private practices, photographer portfolios, and recipe bloggers. With its ‘easy on the eye’ view, this theme enables users to understand the concept of the website better.

Specular has a theme documentation that comes in handy when you have issues with the theme. They are informative and well written and will help you solve your issue on your own. If not, you can always get assisted help.


Studio 8:

studio8 corporate WordPress theme

An entrepreneur or a business always has a certain goal. It is to make their business look presentable at all times. Mediocre is not a standard that start-ups and established businesses want to settle for. Studio 8 is a versatile theme that offers sophistication with a good UX for your business.

There is no requirement for you to learn how to code to design your site because the theme and its developers handle that very well. Studio 8 is compatible with any version of Word Press and hence if you are thinking about getting a new theme that is both functional and flashy, this is your theme.

The theme comes with 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and to satisfy you, they give you a lot of free upgrades. The site incorporates 3 custom widgets and other widget areas with a thread for comments. It is smartphone and tablet compatible and hence, you don’t have to worry about losing part of the picture.


TempleMonster Business Theme:

best WordPress theme for online business

Your website is sure to be amazing with the Business Responsive WordPress theme. It has a whole set of practical features and a very utilitarian design. The main advantage with this theme is that it gives you plenty of time to work on the most important aspect of your site which is your content. The installation for the theme barely takes a few minutes, which is helpful because it allows you to get started on other things.

Personalizing a website maybe a hardship for many but with this theme, it has never been easier. The drag and drop tool is a God send which makes personalization all the easier. TempleMonster has a well-written documentation of the theme and if at any time you are a bit behind, their expert team of assistants is there to get you back on your legs.


Zerif Pro:

Zerif Pro review

Zerif Pro comes with several widgets and page layouts for all sorts of businesses. This theme is particularly targeted for start-ups that want a lot of traffic for their site. Since it is an SEO friendly WordPress theme, it helps you get your site on the race in a search engine. With parallax scrolling for different sections of the website and CSS3 animations, this theme is definitely about to take your business to the next level in the virtual world.



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If there is a theme that has never disappointed bloggers from around the world, it is scalia. Scalia is designed to support online businesses of all sizes. It is modern, utilitarian and easy to use. There are over 150 templates and the feature list is long to choose from. Once you buy the theme, you gain access to several organized and built in designs. There are several layouts that are perfect for portfolios too.



best WordPress themes for online business

The star theme to having a responsive website is Azoom, with special grids that can configure multiple settings in your website for better UX. Fluids and Grids that come with Azoom will be of great help when it comes to adjusting the site according to the user’s display. It is functional and very impressive. This is a theme that allows you to have your own online store with the Rock Page Builder. Again, with no programming language, you can run your own website that speaks for you.


There are several number of themes that are available for WordPress. The trick in choosing one depends on the price. If the price is low, it doesn’t mean the product is of low value and if the price is high, it doesn’t mean that it is a fairy tale. Always check the screenshots and user reviews that come with the theme and read the description of the theme over and over again, to understand how well it might work for you.

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