8 Best Hello Bar Alternative WordPress Plugins 2018

Hello Bar, one of the most popular notifications bar WordPress plugin used by many websites built on WordPress. But, because of its high pricing structure, many people (including me) avoid using it. If you opt for Free Hello Bar plan you’ll only be able to get just 25 clicks/month and that’s not a good deal.

If you go for their pro plan, then either you need to pay $49.95 /mo. for 7500 clicks or pay $4.95 for 100 clicks/mo. and yes, I very well know that it is not still affordable for newbies and small businesses.

The first disadvantage of using hello bar was its pricing structure, while the second disadvantage of using Hello Bar is the complicated setup process. Hello Bar is not just a plugin, it’s basically an application from where you will get a code and paste it into the header of your website or use a plugin instead. 

So, I handpicked both Premium And Free Best WordPress Plugins as alternatives of Hello Bar that would help you to make affiliates sales, convert visitors to subscribers, send traffic to a particular page, generate leads, give out free eBook and much more.

Best Hello Bar Alternative WordPress Plugins

WP Notification Bar 

best hello bar alternatives

WP notification bar is an amazing WordPress plugin delivered by MyThemeShop and yes, it’s 100% responsive. This plugin delivers you all the features that Hello Bar does and it costs just $29.

This plugin will help you in growing your email list, boosting your social media presence, diverting traffic to a particular page and much more.

What you can do with MyThemeShop Notification bar:

  • Show Text link button
  • Show related post
  • Make your visitors subscribe to your email list
  • Show social media icons
  • Display countdown timer
  • Display search form

Some overwhelming features:

  • 100% Responsive: Looks perfect on all devices
  • Unlimited color options
  • Hide or show notification bar WordPress plugins
  • Choose either fixed or absolute position
  • Add the unlimited notification bar
  • Preview option directly from Dashboard
  • Show custom HTML
  • Show special notification for mobile users
  • Hide notification bar on mobile devices
  • Offer attractive deals to only search engine visitors
  • Show only to a specific referrer
  • Ultimate 365/24/7 premium support

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Attention Grabber Plugin

best alternatives to hello bar

This plugin helps you in grabbing your visitors attention and make them sign up for your email list. It is a free alternative to Hello Bar.


  1. Track number of clicks and sign-ups through Google Analytics
  2. Easy customization
  3. Hide or show feature
  4. Responsive to all devices. 

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WordPress Notification Bar


It’s another free notification bar WordPress plugin that adds a call to action for your website. It offers easy integration and simple customization.

The disadvantage of using this plugin is that it only shows a text link button and it has none other feature that MyThemeShop notification bar or Hello Bar delivers.

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Fluid Notification Bar For WordPress


Similar plugin to attention grabber. It’s a free WordPress notification plugin that you can easily download from the WordPress directory and promote your blog posts, announce giveaways and flaunts important messages.


  • Customizable animation effect for text
  • Clickable button to navigate to a particular page
  • Customize font size, font color as well as the notification bar
  • Set interval for the notification bar

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Above I have handpicked and listed some of the best premium and free Hello Bar Alternative WordPress plugins. If you are seeking my suggestion, then I would recommend you going for MyThemeShop Notification Bar plugin as it delivers many ultimate features that none of the other plugins delivers.

Generally, free plugins lack good functionality and deliver a poor user experience and in-case of any bug, nobody is going to help you out with it for free.

MyThemeShop delivers ultimate premium support to its users, so in-case you get any bug, they will love to resolve your issue in minutes.

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