7 Reasons Why You Need An SEO Audit For Your Website RIGHT AWAY!

Here I am going to share some vital reasons why you need an SEO Audit for your site RIGHT AWAY!

Importance of SEO Audit of WebsiteImagine you’re having tons of broken links or errors on your website.. What will happen?

You will be losing a massive search engine traffic and leading to a poor reputation for your brand. Right?

Before going further, let me explain you little bit about SEO Audit!

What is an SEO Audit?

SEO Audit is a part of Search Engine Optimization process that acts as a technical infrastructure for your website and flaunts all the on-page  errors that are caused due to bad construction of your site. In simple words it is a process that find out the faults in your website that are preventing your site to drive the required search engine traffic that it should be driving.

There are some on-page elements like meta tags, redirection, Content, images and much more that affect the search engine visibility of your website. An SEO Audit finds out the errors in the on-page elements and gives you a detailed report on all those errors so that you could fix them and keep your Search engine optimizations techniques updated.

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Here is why you need an SEO Audit For Your Website?

Here are some of the most important reasons why you need an SEO Audit?

1. For Link analysis

Link Analysis is an essential process of an SEO Audit that deliver you the details related to all the internal and external links on your website. The following categories are covered under link analysis-

  • Internal links with missing anchor
  • External links with missing anchor
  • Internal Links Using “nofollow” tags
  • External Links using “dofollow” tags
  • External links with 4xx statuses
  • Pages With Many Outgoing links ( >100)
  • No. of total external links
  • And many more..

2. For Meta Analysis

Meta tags consists of many tags such as meta title, meta description, meta keywords etc. Meta Title And Meta Description are the most important elements that effect the search engine visibility of your website. Unless these tags are fully optimized for SEO, you can’t drive a lucrative flow of traffic from search engines. Following categories are covered under Meta Analysis-

  • Finding pages with duplicate title
  • Pages With Missing Titles
  • Pages With Short Titles ( <10)
  • Pages With rel=”canonical” tag
  • Pages With Long Titles – (Max 70 Characters Are Recommended)
  • Pages Without Meta Description
  • Pages With Duplicate Description
  • Pages With Long Meta Descriptions ( Max 160 characters are recommended)

3. For Pages Analysis

Page Analysis is also an essential process that is covered under SEO Audit Process of your website. It covers all the errors or the issues that distracts Google Spiders while they are crawling your website.The following elements are considered under page analysis-

  • Pages with 2xx, 3xx, 4xx and 5xx responses status
  • Pages with long url’s
  • Pages blocked by Robots.txt
  • Pages Blocked by meta no index
  • Pages blocked by Meta Nofollow
  • Pages with meta rel=”canonical” tag
  • Pages with rel=”alternate” tag
  • Pages with meta refresh redirect

4. For Content Analysis

Ahaa.. Here comes the content analysis, an essential part of the Audit process that aims to optimize your content and make it readable for the search engines. You might be knowing the fact “Content is the king“. So, why we are not optimizing the king for that ants that are searching for food on our website? 😉

P.S… The food of the ants is the HTML tags that it needs. So you should be having important keywords in your H1-H6 tags and for God sake.. Don’t STUFF! The following elements are dug during content analysis-

  • Pages With duplicate content
  • Pages with low word count <250
  • Pages with empty heading tags
  • Pages with missing H1 Tag

5. For Images Analysis

An Image is worth 1000 Words” Am I right?

So, it’s essential to keep a regular check on Titles, Alt tags etc.

6. Health Check

Health covers all the external as well as internal factors that are affecting your SEO Strategies. So, below are the elements that are covered during Health Check-

  • DNS Configuration
  • WWW Redirect
  • URL Rewrite
  • Slashes at the end of URL’s
  • Robots.txt
  • SiteMap.xml file
  • Usage of flash
  • Usage of FRAME
  • Favicon
  • Custom 404 pages
  • Website page load time
  • Spam Check
  • W3C Markup Validation Check

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7. Algorithm Changes

And Yes.. Google keeps rolling out it search engine ranking algorithms frequently so there is a need to keep a regular check on SEO Strategies. If you are ranking well today, it doesn’t mean that you would also be ranking good after the updates. Internet marketing is all about making you familiar with the trends going on and take appropriate decision at the right time.


Now, I hope you have understood very well that why You Need An SEO Audit For Your Website. All the above mentioned elements act as a SEO Audit Checklist 2015.

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    • Forget alexa.. It’s rubbish.

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