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MyThemeShop is one of the best web based companies delivering ultimate premium responsive WordPress themes at reasonable prices and providing superb support to its customers.


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WordPress solely being the king of blogging platforms and delivering amazing features and templates is grabbing popularity day by day. It is loved by millions of bloggers and web developers around the globe.

Yeah, I agree there are many free templates to choose from but what is a point when most of them lack required features. Either they may not be SEO optimized or they may be lacking security features.

There are hundreds of problems connected with choosing a free template and you would surely come to know after activating them on your blog/website. Spending just $17.5 on a premium template is not a big deal. Right?  

Some Popular Themes By MyThemeShop :

.                    Screenshot from 2014-04-08 02:12:30


A fully responsive WordPress theme which can act as store, blog or a static website.

Screenshot from 2014-04-08 02:15:04


Fortune is an awesome theme developed by MyThemeShop. As you know nowadays generally people make use of their smartphones to browse a website. Fortune is multipurpose Adsense optimized theme which is compatible with all screen sizes and resolutions. This feature will drive you more traffic and finally more earnings. It delivers you a user-friendly experience and skyrocket your Adsense earnings too.

Fortune is multipurpose Adsense optimized theme which is compatible with all screen sizes and resolutions. This feature will drive you more traffic and finally more earnings. It delivers you an user-friendly experience and skyrocket your Adsense earnings too.


Mythemeshop adsense ready template



As I told you Mythemeshop deals only in quality WordPress themes. Truepixel is a best Adsense optimized theme delivered my Mythemeshop. And do you know what? A Stories sharing site(viralnova.com) which uses TruePixel makes $4,00,000 every month from Adsense. If haven’t heard of it before check it out here.

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that Truepixel can make you $4,00,000 in a month but I can guarantee you that it will skyrocket you CTR.

mythemeshop google adsense ready template


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 MyThemeShop Review

There are thousands of themes to choose from. Either it can be free or premium. When I started my blog, I was not able to afford a premium and I went with a free theme and you can’t imagine the consequences that I used to face after installing a free theme. The site loaded slow, in-case of bugs nobody was there to help me out and many more.

So, since then I am using a premium Template and recommend others to do so. Here are the reasons why I recommend others to go for a premium template instead of a free template –

1. Theme Code Framework

Most of the free themes are poorly coded that makes your page load slowly and delivers a poor user experience. Generally, premium themes are well-coded because the company knows very well that if their customers don’t like their product, they will never visit again.

So, to sustain their brand name in the industry theme companies delivers well-coded WordPress Themes. MyThemeShop templates are very well coded and deliver ultimate user experience to my visitors.

2. Responsive Nature

NOT all free themes are responsive. Having a responsive theme installed is a must for every blog as nowadays generally people make use of their smartphones, tablets etc. to browse a website. If your WordPress template is not responsive then you’re losing a huge amount of traffic that you can’t imagine.

3. Customer Support

MOST  IMPORTANT! If you are using a free template and in case you get a bug, nobody is going to help you out if you are not having coding knowledge. But in the case of Premium templates, generally companies provide good customer support to support their brand name in the industry. And for this MyThemeShop is one of the best in the industry in proving ultimate support.

MyThemeShop Review – Premium WordPress Themes And Plugins

Here, in this MyThemeShop review, I am going to give my honest views on the company’s products. As I am a customer of affiliate of MyThemeShop since last two years so you can expect the best out of this.

When I started using MyThemeShop products, it was hardly having around 60,000 customers.. and within a short span of time it’s customer base crossed 1,00,000 and now it’s 233771 customers. So, you can easily judge its popularity by its number of users.

Here, I am using Splash WordPress Theme on my blog. So, now I would be showing you how MyThemeShop is popular for delivering ultimate responsive and easy-to-setup WordPress themes that require no coding knowledge. Even I am not a coder! 😉

After downloading the theme from MyThemeShop, I uploaded it to my WordPress root directory through my WordPress Dashboard itself. Yes, theme installation is that simple.Now comes the configuration part. As I told earlier that you need not have any coding knowledge once you have installed MyThemeShop WordPress Themes.

It’s super powerful option panel is smart enough to help you out with the configuration of the theme.

  • Let’s have a look at the option panel:Screenshot

Here’s all what can you do with the MyThemeShop’s smart option panel –

  • Upload logo , favicon with ease.
  • Enter Header, Footer code and copyrights text without any hassle.
  • Select custom pagination type
  • Prefetching option –  If user is on homepage, then single page will load faster and if user is on single page, homepage will load faster in modern browsers.
  • Custom Styling Options – Color scheme, layout , background, footer widgets, image lightbox, Custom CSS
  • Homepage – Design your desired homepage layout
  • Set your custom sidebar, show breadcrumbs , edit meta info etc.
  • Ultimate social media management
  • Ad management feature – No need to install plugins like quick Adsense etc.
  • Theme Typography – 600+ Fonts

  • Some Overwhelming features of MyThemeShop that made me recommend you to grab MyThemeShop Premium Themes

    1. Responsive

    There’s is no doubt in it. All MyThemeShop themes and plugins are 100% responsive and deliver ultimate user experience to my mobile visitors.

    All MyThemeShop templates are 100% fluid responsive so they adjusts themselves very well on all types of devices.

    2. No coding skills required

    Once, you have installed MyThemeShop template you need not worry about its customization. MyThemeShop’s option panel is smart enough to help you out with it. Designing your desired website using MyThemeShop is not a big deal. It’s just a work of few clicks.

    3. Loads blazing fast

    All MyThemeShop templates load blazing fast. You might be knowing that if your website takes more than 3s to load, then it’s a red signal for your blog as you might your visitors as well as sales. So, for this feature also I consider MyThemeShop best in the industry as it used light weight scripts that loads asynchronously.

    4. Support

    They are not like those theme companies, who just make you wait for long to resolve your queries. MyThemeShop LOVES to help you out with any MyThemeShop product related query you have. They had an ultimate support forum where you can sign in with your existing MyThemeShop account and post your query. And.. They will be there with you until your query is COMPLETELY resolved and you’re satisfied.

    5. Easy Video Tutorials

    They have created superb narrated tutorials for you if you get lost anywhere.

    Some other ultimate MyThemeShop Features- 

    • Unlimited color options
    • Unlimited background options
    • In-built Ad management system
    • Select from 600+ Google fonts
    • Cross browser compatibility
    • Easy-to-use inbuilt social sharing buttons
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Contact forms included
    • All themes built with latest technologies
    • Ultimate Ad placements for higher CTR
    • Enticing design to lower your bounce rate
    • Clean and clear commented code
    • SEO friendly
    • One click installation

    MyThemeShop Pricing 

    mythemeshop-review-pricingMyThemeShop offers 3 Pricing plans. First one is for individual bloggers and they get access to a single theme for $45. In membership plans you get access to all MyThemeShop templates, but not the plugins and PSD files and it costs $87 and $15/mo. onwards. Extended membership is mainly suitable for agencies who setup premium themes for clients and it gives you all access to MyThemeShop themes and plugins that cost $127 and $15 on-wards.

Personal Message from the editor:

I have tried my best to deliver an honest MythemeShop Review and I hope all your doubts are cleared. I am delivering a 20% off discount coupon only for UBT readers. A new blog or a website should be given a heavy boost by installing a premium template.

Every penny spent is a worth the money. Hence, at last I want to recommend you to grab a premium theme by using the above Mythemeshop coupon code.

If you think that I have helped you in saving your few bucks then please don’t forget to share this MyThemeShop Review over your network. Thanks for reading !

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MyThemeShop is one of the best web based companies delivering ultimate premium responsive WordPress themes at reasonable prices and providing superb support to its customers.
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  • Responsiveness
  • SEO Optimized
  • Adsense Ready
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support


MyThemeShop is a web-based company which mainly focus on delivering quality, responsive and SEO Optimized WordPress Themes at reasonable prices. It also delivers an ultimate customer support.

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