10 Fast Loading And Responsive WordPress Themes 2017

You might be knowing that Google algorithms consider your website’s page load time while ranking your pages.

Here, comes the role of your WordPress themes. Now, suppose your WordPress theme is not responsive and takes more than 5s to load then do you know how much traffic you are missing out?

Thus, Below I have compiled a small list of 7 Best WordPress Themes With Low Page Load Time.

I am using Luxe WordPress Theme by Thrive Themes for last 1 year and it’s amazing. It loads blazing fast and delivers super easy customization experience. I am also a big fan of MyThemeShop.

NOTE: All the following WordPress themes are tested using Pingdom and GTmetrix speed test tools. Also, you need to make sure that your web-hosting is fast. If you’re using a bad hosting service, choosing a fastest loading WordPress theme is useless. I highly recommend SiteGround as I am personally hosting my site on that and got amazing results.

1. TruePixelScreenshot from 2014-07-21 19:49:31


TruePixel is fully responsive WordPress theme delivered by MyThemeShop. It’s a beautiful WordPress template which is a mixture of elegance and style. MyThemeShop TruePixel is perfectly optimized for Adsense. If you are an Adsense publisher then MyThemeShop TruePixel is highly recommended.

TruePixel is perfectly Speed optimized which makes your site loads blazing fast and reduce your page bounce rate.

Screenshot from 2014-07-21 16:03:02

 Features of MyThemeShop TruePixel:

  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly template
  • Ultimate Premium Support
  • Perfectly coded for SEO
  • Unlimited backgrounds
  • Optimized for Google Adsense
  • Inbuilt social media integration
  • Fully SEO optimized to boost your CTRs, CTRs and RPMs.

My experience:

The only thing that I don’t like about Truepixel is that it’s not much enticing and not many unique features available. However, the support is awesome as they will be eager to help you out with any query you have. MyThemeShop launches out frequent updates of TruePixel. So, there is nothing to worry about. TruePixel is also the #1 selling theme of MyThemeShop.

Price: $69 $47 SALE

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2. Luxe

Luxe is a beautiful blogging WordPress theme by Thrive Themes. Not just for blogging, it can be used for multiple purposes. Luxe is one of my favorite WordPress and as you can see, I am using Luxe on Universal Blogging Tips as well. This theme is built using latest technologies and loads blazing fast. Luxe WordPress template is well optimized for SEO and aims to deliver an easy reading experience to users. Now, building landing pages with this theme is not a big deal. It comes with optin form builder, landing page elements etc.


  • Conversion optimized
  • 100% responsive and mobile friendly
  • Bold typography for easy reading experience
  • Optimized for mobile users
  • Loads blazing fast

My experience: 

Earlier I used to find free landing page WordPress plugins to build full-width layouts but none for reliable. All free landing page plugins had bugs or were useless. But luxe WordPress theme has inbuilt options for that. So, I saved my money with this beautiful template.

Thrive themes support is awesome. They also have 30 days money back guarantee. Nothing to worry about! 🙂

Price: $67

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3. Insider 
Screenshot from 2014-07-21 19:56:49

Insider is fresh and modern responsive WordPress theme developed by ThemeJunkie. ThemeJunkie is a web based company which build top-notch quality WordPress themes.

All ThemeJunkie WordPress Themes are updated regularly to keep it bug-free. Now, you need not mess with any code to make any changes in the theme. The smart option panel lets you customize your theme with ease.


  • SEO optimized
  • Multiple custom widgets
  • Easy Ad Management
  • Cross Browser compatibility
  • Premium support for lifetime

My experience: ThemeJunkie themes are responsive but support is not up to the mark.

Price: $29.25 (After Coupon Discount)[drpcoupon name=”Click To Copy 25% OFF ThemeJunkie Coupon Code” exclude=”expiration,description,rss”] 

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4. MagXP
Screenshot from 2014-07-21 20:02:43


I won MagXP MyThemeShop theme in a giveaway and since that day, I am a big fan of MyThemeShop. I used this template for a year and it loaded blazing fast and was highly responsive as well. It comes with an integrated review system, so if you’re planning to build a review website, there is no need to spend money on any schema plugin. MagXP is super-easy to customize using the MyThemeShop powerful option panel and I am sure you won’t face any trouble customizing the theme.


  • Inbuilt review system to show ratings in the results
  • SEO optimized to drive long term traffic
  • Drag and drop feature to design your dream homepage
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Full layout control
  • Speed optimized to boost your rankings
  • Built using HTML5 And CSS3

My experience: MagXP is a flexible WordPress theme and I never faced any major issues with the customization. It comes with various layouts that you need not spend any extra money for the layout you need. MyThemeShop support guys always helped me when I was in need.

Price: $69 $47 SALE

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5. FocusBlog

fastest loading WordPress themes

FocusBlog is one of my favorite WordPress themes to build simple blogs or corporate websites. It’s an elegant and simplistic WordPress theme with bold typography and a powerful option panel to make customization hell easier for you. It is a conversion optimized fast loading WordPress theme that gives your blog a professional look.

FocusBlog code is well optimized for speed and is kept as light as possible. FocusBlog theme is 100% responsive and mobile friendly. No need to spend any money on page builders, FocusBlog comes with smart features to help you build professional landing pages.


  • Grow your mailing list
  • Build landing pages with ease
  • High conversions
  • Light coded to optimize for speed
  • 30 Days money back guarantee

My experience: Loved this theme. Till the time of writing, I have no recommendations for the improvement of this template.

Price: $49

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6. Avada

fastest loading WordPress theme

Avada is a multi-purpose WordPress theme which had sold over 3,00,000 copies and has been the #1 selling theme of ThemeForest. It is the most flexible and the most customizable theme in the Envato market. You can build any layout that you can dream of. It comes with unlimited designs, powerful option panel and fantastic support.


  • Optimized for speed
  • More than responsive
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Free demos included- One click install

Price: $60

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7. SocialNow

SocialNow is another fast loading WordPress theme, well-coded and well-delivered by MyThemeShop. SocialNow is mainly built for those who rely on Social Media Marketing. Its navigation structure and optimized social sharing system engages users on the website and reduced the bounce rate of your blog. SocialNow is highly optimized for SEO and Google Adsense to increase your CPCs, CTRs and RPMs.


  • Enticing and eyeball grabbing homepage
  • Optimized social sharing system
  • Light coded
  • Innovative sliders
  • 30 Days money back guarantee
  • Ultimate Support

My experience: 

Enticing design and great support.

Price: $69 $47 SALE

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8. Bazar Shop

fastest loading ecommerce theme

Bazar Shop is one of the best e-commerce WordPress themes that I have used in my life. The theme loads super-duper blazing fast and delivers easy customization. Most of my users browsed my website from mobiles and they gave the positive feedback about the website. Bazar Shop is 100% mobile friendly as well.


  • Runs using WooCommerce plugin
  • Zoom Feature
  • WPML full support
  • Shortcode manager
  • SEO Optimized
  • Super-easy to customize

My experience:

The only drawback is that design looks outdated.

Price: $64

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9. Ad-Sense

Ad-Sense is one of the most Ad friendly WordPress themes ever built. It is also a boon for Adsense users. Ad-Sense theme also comes up with an Ad block detector. Of course, it’s optional. This theme is completely optimized for Ad placements and comes with a content locker to increase your social shares and earnings as well.


  • Light coded and optimized for speed
  • Pre-defined layouts
  • 100% responsive
  • Adsense Optimized
  • Flaunts responsive Google Ads
  • Show Ads in header
  • SEO optimized
  • Integrated review system
  • 30 Days money back guarantee
  • Ultimate premium support

Price: $69 $47 SALE

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10. Coupon

fast loading coupon WordPress theme

Coupon is one of the fastest loading coupon WordPress theme built by MyThemeShop. It comes with fully customizable layout designs. Now, building a professional looking coupon website is not a big deal with this MyThemeShop coupon WordPress theme. This theme is optimized for high conversions and aims to maximize your affiliate earnings.


  • Professional design
  • Unique layouts
  • SEO optimized
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Categories tabs on homepage
  • Loads super fast
  • 30 Days money back guarantee
  • Ultimate support

Price: $69 $47 SALE

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Finally, you’ve got to know about the fastest loading responsive WordPress themes.

All the above WordPress themes are tested for speed using various testing tools such as Pingdom tools, GTmetrix and came out with a conclusion that all the themes are Mobile friendly, responsive and fast loading.

What’s your say about the above fastest loading WordPress themes?

Nikhil Ganotra (Nick)

Nikhil Ganotra is the owner and editor of Universal Blogging Tips. He is a passionate blogger from India. He loves to read and write about content marketing and SEO related topics. You can catch him on Twitter or use this contact form.