10 Superb Ways To Help Other Bloggers

Building a network is one of the most important aspects of establishing a successful blog. Those who are well connected with other bloggers and influencers within an industry are far more likely to have success with their own blog. From my experience, networking is right up there with quality of content as the most significant factors for growing a blog.

Networking is not just about what you can get from other people, it’s also about what you can do for them. If you look to build your network by giving more than you get, chances are you’ll be very effective at making strong connections with other bloggers.

There are a number of different ways that you can go about building a strong connection to other bloggers and influencers in your niche, and one of the best ways is to simply be pro-active by helping them in some way. If you are genuinely helping other bloggers they are likely to take notice and it could be the start of an excellent and helpful connection between the two of you.

If you are interested in building your network by helping other bloggers, here are 10 suggestions.

1. Comment on Their Posts

An active comments section is important to the success of any blog and every blogger loves to receive a lot of feedback on their posts. One of the best ways to get noticed by other bloggers is to consistently comment on their posts. This is especially helpful to bloggers that don’t always get huge numbers of comments on their posts. If their are bloggers that you are looking to help, you can subscribe to their RSS feed or email list and whenever a new post is published take a few minutes to read the post and leave a thoughtful comment.

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2. Share Their Posts via Social Media

Sending traffic is always a great way to help other bloggers. You can share links to their posts through your profiles at Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or any other social networks that may be popular in your niche. If you want them to notice be sure that you are including them in your message (like using the @ on Twitter) so they will see that you have shared their link. Not only will you send them some traffic directly from the link that you share, but your followers may also share it and multiply the amount of traffic that it sends.

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3. Publicly Recommend Their Blog

Sharing links to other blogs on social media is great for helping other bloggers with traffic, but this action takes it a step further. Instead of just posting a link on Twitter or some other social network, post a quick message of endorsement for the blog or blogger and suggest that your followers also follow the blog. Every blogger would like to see others recommending their blog as a great resource, so this can be very helpful for others and is sure to be appreciated.

4. Link to Them from Your Own Blog Posts

Link building network

As you’re writing posts for your own blog, look for opportunities to link out to the other bloggers that you want to help. Those links can send some click through traffic from your readers, and of course, links are great for SEO. Building links can be a difficult task, so for other bloggers to get some easy links within your post content is likely to be very much appreciated. It’s also a good idea to email bloggers when you mention them or link to them in your posts, just to be sure that they know about it.

5. Introduce Them to People in Your Network

Help other bloggers by introducing them to your network

Networking becomes pretty powerful when you’re able to help others make important connections of their own. If you know two people that you think have something in common or could help each other in some way, take a moment to introduce them via email or a social network. Those connections could be extremely valuable to the people that you introduce, and they will appreciate your efforts and the fact that you thought of them.

6. Offer a Testimonial.

Some blogs display testimonials on their site. The testimonials could be about the content of the blog, a product that is being sold, or a service that the blog offers. You can help others by offering a testimonial about their blog, product, or service that they can use at their blog if they showcase testimonials.

7. Promote Their Products as an Affiliate

If the person that you want to help is selling a product from their blog, see if they have an affiliate program. If so, sign up and promote their product at your blog and/or through your email list. Helping others by referring some sales is a great way to get noticed and to be of real assistance to them. If they sell products but don’t have an affiliate program, you can still recommend their product or service, you just won’t get a commission for it.

8. Offer a Guest Post

Not all blogs accept guest posts, but if the person you are looking to help is open to guest post submissions this can be a great way to help them. Every blog needs good quality content, and if you are willing and able to provide them with a good post that they can publish, they are sure to appreciate it and take notice. Don’t just stop with writing the post. Once it is published share it at social media sites and respond to any comments that are left by readers.

9. Interview Them

Interviews can be great opportunities for exposure and for attracting new readers. Most bloggers are very open to doing interviews unless they are extremely busy and don’t have the time. If you’re looking to help another blogger, reach out to them and see if they would be interested in being interviewed to be published at your blog, or possibly to be a guest on your podcast.

10. Use Your Strengths

Help other bloggers by using your strengths

Everyone has their own unique strengths and abilities, and chances are you have some strengths that you can use to help other bloggers. If you are a talented designer you could offer to create some graphics, a logo, or even re-design a blog for someone. If you’re a coder you could help other bloggers with customizing their blog theme in some way. If you have good copywriting skills you could help by editing an important blog post or landing page. If you’re a photographer you could offer some photos that could be used for free at their blog. Think about the skills and experience you have and how you can use it to help other bloggers that may not have the same strengths.

Article By- Marc Andre ( Profitblitz.com)

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    Marc Andre

    Marc Andre is a blogger and internet marketer from Pennsylvania. If you're looking to build a successful blog of your own you can get a free e-book, Guide to Profitable Blogging, at his new site ProfitBlitz.

    • Hey Marc,
      I’m happy to see this list. If we can do all of these things to help each other, we can always build a wonderful community.

      In one of my blog post, I wrote on how we can give our products as free bonuses to other bloggers who have products to sell. Blogging is about networking and these of course are ways to hook up with each other

      Thanks for writing such an interesting post and do have a wonderful weekend

      • Hi Enstine,
        Thanks for your comment and for giving the example of free bonuses. Yes, if you use some creativity there are all kinds of possibilities.

    • Hi Enstine,
      First of all I warmly welcome you to my blog.I’m glad that you liked Marc’s post. Yes I truly agree with you that we should build a wonderful community as blogging is all about building relationships and helping others to take their blogs to the next level. Through this we too get active returns in the long run. I appreciate your views and comments.

      Thanks for giving us your valuable time.
      Stay Blessed, Happy Blogging 🙂

    • Hello Marc Andre and Nikhi, This is very useful post for every Blogger. but, in my opinion if you write the title of this post as “10 superb ways to help newbie blogger”, then it will attract a lot of new blogger. But, still is very informative post. Thanks a lot for informing us.

    • Hello Marc,

      What an interesting post indeed…. If every bloggers should follow the tips laid down here, the blogging world would have been one big better network. But i do believe that the blogging world is getting there (in terms of sharing each other contents and mentioning each other on social networks)

      Thanks for dropping such and educative post, do have a fulfill week ahead…

      • “If every bloggers should follow the tips laid down here, the blogging world would have been one big better network.”

        I agree! I do think most bloggers tend to be very friendly and helpful already, so it is generally a very welcoming place. For those who want to be proactive in building their network I think these tips can help.

    • Hey marc,

      Really nice way you mentions to help the other bloggers but very few bloggers follow these ways. most of the bloggers don’t have time to help others even in click on a like they cant.

      I wish the famous bloggers read this article and apply on themselves.

      • Hey Rupali,
        I am glad that you liked Marc’s post. Blogger must help each other to make a proper blogging network around the globe. I totally agree with you that bloggers don’t even care to click on the “like” button after reading the whole article. Thanks for reading this article Rupali.

        Stay tuned for more updates.

    • I love this post it’s very helpful for me thanks for sharing.

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