10 Proven Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

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Here, I am going to discuss some basic affiliate marketing tips for beginners who either are just getting started with affiliate marketing or are struggling to make money with affiliate marketing. If you’re one of them, this post is for you. 🙂

Before getting started with affiliate marketing tips, let me tell some of the mistakes that I did as an affiliate marketer and you should avoid.

My Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner

1. I wrote biased reviews

When I started out, I just used to mention always the positive facts about the products instead of discussing the cons as well. This made my readers believed that it is a biased review just to make a sale and there are tons of them online.

Then, how to stand out of the crowd?

Write honest reviews about the product. This is as simple as that but the outcome is amazing. Your readers will trust and it had really worked in my case.

But just after realizing my mistake within 6 months of starting my blog, I got serious about it and improved the quality of my product reviews.

2. Followed Push Marketing

Push marketing is the type of marketing where you attempt to promote a product to your potential customers without learning about their interest and desires. This strategy works only if you have a good reach or a good flow of traffic or a good list of targeted email subscribers but as you’re just starting out, you have nothing.

You need to learn about their interest and desires and then help them how your product can meet their needs and then make a recommendation, this process is known as pull marketing.

It’s is the best way to make affiliate sales. Simply write top-notch quality content explaining how the product that you’re recommending will help your potential customers meet their requirements and then make a pitch.

I have already written an article that you should definitely read about How to use AIDA model to write affiliate product reviews. If you use AIDA model in affiliate marketing, you’re just heading towards success, believe me.

So, based on my experience for 4 years in affiliate marketing, today, I am going to cover 10 Affiliate Marketing tips for beginners.

These were the two big mistakes that I did in affiliate marketing. 

1. Promote the right affiliate products

This is the first main step to affiliate marketing success. There are some blogs who promoted similar products that I do but got very few conversions despite driving thousands of visitors a day and I just get a 1/7th of that traffic.

While I made very few sales of the product that my friend was promoting on his blog and enjoying ultimate conversions.

Why is it happening? 

This is because our targeted traffic is different. My blog’s audience is affiliate marketing beginners and now if I promote too expensive or too complicated tools for affiliate marketers, it’s possible that I get low conversions. Am I right?

So, basically choosing a right product connects to define your targeted audience. But everyone keeps saying this and we’re really fed off this sentence.

Isn’t it? 😉

How will you define your targeted audience?

Firstly, I would advise you to focus on a particular niche instead of general blogging.

Do you know what mistake I made while starting Universal Blogging Tips? 

I made a blog that covers everything about SEO, blogging, link building, social media etc. which makes me difficult to learn about my audience and promote them relevant tools. But still, I am happy that I am sharing tips about topics that I am really passionate about.

Once you start focusing on particular niche and defining your audience, it will be much easier for you to select the right products and make money from affiliate marketing.

For example, Instead of starting a general blog on make money blogging, you can target users who monetize their blogs with Google Adsense. This will make easier for you to sell Adsense themes and tools that will help them to make money blogging.

Are you here with me? 🙂 

2. Avoid banner Ads, use contextual links instead

I have personally experienced extremely low conversions with banner Ads. Banner Ads worked best for me until the year 2014 and nowadays, I see very bad conversions with it. Maybe, the possible case is that people have started using Ad blockers which don’t let the banners ads flaunt up.

Contextual links are the clickable texts in your blog posts. Contextual links had delivered me better conversions than the banner Ads since 2014.

affiliate marketing tips for beginners

If you have really delivered an informative piece of content, I bet contextual links will work for you if reaches to your targeted audience.

3. Write list posts and less of review posts

affiliate marketing tips for beginners

List posts give good conversions than review posts. Though, there are 6 types of affiliate blog posts that make sales for me out of which coupon posts worked the best and review posts worked the least. But as coupon posts really work for short term and not all companies give coupons or if they give, they can delete coupon anytime.

So, if you are willing to write product review posts, I would advise you to get the product, test it and give your honest views. Don’t make the mistake that I made! 🙂

Once you start being honest with your readers, they will start trusting you and ultimately, you will see higher conversions.

4. Do smart keyword research

You have read most of the blogs that you should target keywords above a certain search volume, typically above 100 with a moderate competition.

But what if I bet that you can make thousands of dollars with keywords with a search volume of just ’10-100′ in Google keyword planner or just 10 in SEMrush?

Yes, I can bet on it because I have myself done that. 

The fact that I want to share with ‘Do smart keyword research’ is that:

Never underestimate a buyer keyword with a search volume of 10 in Google keyword planner or SEMrush because that 10 search volume is not exactly 10, it’s much more than that.

How I get those keywords? 

It’s really simple. I pick around 5-6 posts from Google about the topic/product that I want to write about. I plug those posts one-by-one in SEMrush and pick the keywords with around 10-20 search volume as they are easier to rank and then plug those keywords in Google keyword planner to confirm the search volume.

If it’s more than 50 with moderate/high competition, I don’t target it as my keywords with 10-20 search volume that I am going to use as LSI keywords will automatically help me rank for the high competition keywords. 🙂

Once the keyword research is done, I use those keywords as LSI keywords and build a good post around it. It helps me rank for multiple keywords and for high competition keywords as well. 🙂

This is all that I meant with smart keyword research, but was anything smart in it? I don’t think so. 😉

5. Write honest product reviews

As said earlier, product reviews will deliver good conversions only when your readers will trust you. I just checked this amazing guide by my friend Fabrizio on how to write affiliate product review posts and I love to follow his tips.

The best way to start your affiliate product review is with the overview of the product and pros and cons about the product.

Once you are done with that show them the screenshot that you have bought the product or an email confirming that. For example, here is the screenshot when I bought Thrive content builder:

Then after that write an in-depth post about its features, pricing etc. and in the conclusion, give your personal opinions to readers whether they should buy the product or not.

Are you guys still here with me? 🙂 

6. Ask your product companies for discount coupons

As I said in one of my posts that coupon posts had converted the best for me but the problem is that, companies can disable the coupons anytime and we need to regularly update the coupons but when coupon posts convert, they convert really good.

If you’re driving traffic to your coupon posts through search engines, as I do, make sure you write catchy meta titles, for example:

  • 60% OFF Bluehost coupon code March 2017 → Maximum Discount
  • 80% OFF EXCLUSIVE Themeisle Coupon Code 2017  {Working}

7. Use notification bar for special offers

I generally use notification bar especially when there is any exclusive deal going on and they really convert.

I have tried many notification bar WordPress plugins but I love WP Notification bar by MyThemeShop as it has multiple options such as countdown timer, newsletter, facebook feeds, twitter feeds, popup video, and search form for better conversions.

8. Build a targeted email list

I told earlier that starting Universal Blogging Tips as a general blog was one mistake that I made. It makes difficult for me to promote relevant products to my email subscribers because I don’t know whether the subscriber is interested about blogging, social media or affiliate marketing etc.

I need to keep running ‘AMA: Ask Me Anything’ email campaigns to do email segmentation and still, it’s not an easy task. You need to even do list segmentation when you build a niche blog but it’s much easy.

9. Write top-notch quality content

This is the key to affiliate marketing success. Here you need to learn content marketing. AIDA model helps to make affiliate marketing sales through product reviews.

High-quality content not only helps you make sales but it does lots of other tasks for you such as lead generation, list building, drive natural backlinks, companies hire you for work etc.

So, writing quality content is much important which you will generally improve yourself by working daily and tracking your results. Just reading books or articles on content marketing won’t help much but still, you should make efforts to read and implement and test the strategies.

10. Solve problems

Affiliate marketing is all about solving problems. Here’s how I do it and how you can:

Here’s how I do it and how you can:

There was one plugin with a high pricing and few bugs but nobody was noticing that. There were people looking for its alternatives through forums and from there I got an opportunity to help them and solve their problem.

I looked for its best alternatives with low pricing and easy customization and wrote a post on it how these are better than those particular plugins and believe, it converted really good. 🙂

This way you can solve the problems and make money out of it! 🙂


Affiliate marketing is not easy but it’s really interesting. Even if you don’t see results, you will be eager to try some other strategies and see what works. This will keep you engaged and successful one day.

Today, you learned about mistakes that I did in Affiliate Marketing and some basic tips on Affiliate Marketing.

I hope that you learned something out of it. Did you? 🙂

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