10 Free On-Page SEO Tools That Every Blogger Must Use

On-Page Search engine optimization is the backbone of your blog.

Isn’t it?

It’s really difficult to make a blog survive without following the right on-page SEO practices. Gone are the days when bloggers just used to spam and use the rank and bank strategy. It’s not really possible now. Google is building strong algorithms for the survival of the fittest.

I still believe that content is king because I have myself experienced it. I rarely make backlinks for Universal Blogging Tips but still, I managed to be on the top for 2-3 competitive keywords for almost 3 years without any backlink for that page.

Everyone wants his pages to be on the top of the search results beating their competitors. But, is it so easy nowadays?

Obviously, NOT!

I make sure that I am doing my on-page SEO perfectly. So, today I am going to share some free on-page SEO tools that will help you to rank with your content. 

10 Free On-Page SEO Tools For Bloggers

1. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research is considered to be the most integral part of on-page SEO. Without keyword research on-page Search Engine Optimization is incomplete. But make sure that you use more of LSI keywords than the high volume keywords. This Quora page will help you get to know about some good LSI keywords tools.

I have seen bloggers saying that Google keyword planner shows inaccurate results, do you also believe that?

It’s not really like that. Even if it’s so, you still get a pretty good clue about the competition and search volume for that keyword. Though, now they have updated Google Keyword Planner which just shows the range and not the exact searches so I solely rely on SEMrush for my keyword research and competition analysis. 

I considered Google Keyword Planner as one of the best tools to search for long tail keywords but since they have started showing the range, I use first use SEMrush and then use Google Keyword Planner tool.

Generally, what people do is directly enter the keyword and click on keyword ideas where they get the common results that it is showing to all the online marketers. But you can also make a lot more out of it. Let’s see how.

The first step is to visit Google Keyword Planner and click on “Search for new Keyword and ad group ideas“.

10 Best Free On-Page SEO tools | Google keyword planner

Suppose let’s say you are going to check long tail keywords related to “Buy flowers online“. Now, what you need to do is pick up the URL of any top site that is selling flowers and is ranking good in the search results.

Enter that URL in the landing page box and don’t forget to select the targeted countries and languages. If you want traffic only from USA the remove other countries. Rest you can leave as it is because they are mainly for paid customers.

Now, click on get ideas and then click on “Keyword Ideas” and there you’ll see some new long tail keywords that nobody can find. Isn’t it amazing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. UberSuggest

Free onpage SEO tools | UberSuggest

Ubersuggest is a great tool for digging long tail keywords. It is the best tool for finding out long tail phrases but make sure to analyze them before targeting them.

3. SEO Smart Links ( Only For WordPress Users )

SEO smart link is an ultimate interlinking plugin for WordPress that automatically links your pages, posts, and comments with relevant pages on your blog. It allows you add your custom keywords and it will automatically link to relevant URL’s so that link juice passes to all the pages and Google ranks the pages quickly.


4. Siteliner

Screenshot (52)Siteliner is a great tool to find out broken links which are a poor ranking signal for Google rankings. It’s absolutely free to find duplicate content, broken links and much more.

5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool

free onpage SEO tool | Screaming Frog

It’s a free On-page SEO tool that you can download it on Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu. Screaming Frog SEO spider tool lets allows you analyze any website with SEO perspective. Analyzing each and every page of the website is nearly impossible especially if your website is years old. Screaming SEO Spider lets you find out all the on-page SEO bugs on your websites like redirect errors, duplicate meta tags, and all the broken external links and internal links.


6.SEO Powersuite

Screenshot (55)

SEO Powersuite is a bundle pack of the following 4 tools:

  • Rank Tracker
  • Website Auditor
  • SEO SpyGlass
  • Link Assistant

Rank tracker analyzes the keyword difficulty by emulating human action through proper step by step processing. It also allows you to add your own proxies for better and secure results. It helps you inaccurately managing your keywords ranking by flaunting its progress graph and history.

Website Auditor audits any website and helps you in fixing errors in titles, headings, meta tags, redirect errors and much more. It also flaunts duplicate meta tags, broken links and your indexation progress in search engines.

SEO SpyGlass keeps an eye on your competitors’ backlinks. You will get a full report on the competitors URL that you will enter into the box. It gives all the details regarding all the backlinks pointing to the homepage, link penalty risks, traffic from particular backlinks. It also gives information on Anchor texts, Domain’s IP address, Country etc.

Link Assistant helps you track your latest backlinks and proper link management.

Aren’t they amazing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Get SEO Powersuite Free Trial

 7. Robots.txt Creator

A robots.txt is a short text document that exists in your root directory. The Google spiders crawl robots.txt before your main site so that they get to know about the pages that they need to exclude. The tool will help you in generating the robots.txt file.

8. Pingdom Tools

Screenshot (56)

Pingdom tools helps you in analyzing your website page load time which is an essential ranking factor of Google. It also displays various DNS and other errors which you need to fix to rank higher in search engines.

9. XML SiteMap Inspector

XML sitemap inspector validates your sitemap and analyses whether all the links in the sitemap are working perfectly or not. It also automatically pings the search engines to make improve your site’s indexability.

If you haven’t generated a sitemap yet, then you can generate it here.

10. Feed The Bot Image SEO Tool

Screenshot (53)

This free image tool analyzes your website’s images and makes you aware whether they are meeting basic SEO guidelines or not. Like proper use of Title, alt tags, captions, and description.

If you have more suggestions regarding FREE On-Page SEO Tools, then please let me know through the comment box. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nikhil Ganotra (Nick)

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