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8 Ultimate Tips On How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

You may be knowing that google considers your page load time while ranking your website. The trend of digital marketing is boosting up day by day. Your competitors are growing more every single day. Do you know if amazon’s page load time increases by 100ms then it loses 1% of its sales. No one likes to visit a blog which takes more than 4s to load. You have competitors in this crowded niche so you have to make sure to deliver relevant content with low page loading time.

Speed Up WordPress Blog
Boost your Blog Speed And Help Google To Rank You Better.


Your page loading time has a great impact on your readers as well as on search engines.

Now lets start with 8 easy steps to speed up your wordpress blog.

 1. Buy a good host 

I have seen many bloggers try to save few bucks by grabbing a cheap hosting from a crap company and then crying  afterwards when they experience frequent downtime, low page speed etc.

I have my personal experience in this. When I started blogging I knew nothing about a good web-host and finally got a cheap hosting through a crap advertisement. Then?

It sucked. Really, It sucked :( . Frequent downtime, high page loading time and at last I ended with my blog banged after the hosting server got off. Hence I request you to get a quality hosting instead of saving few dollars.

I am using hostgator from the past seven months and never experienced a downtime. If you are seeking my suggestion then I would love to advise you to get hosting from hostagtor.

Hostgator Review – Why I consider Hostgator As The Best Web Hosting Provider?


2. Grab a premium template

Screenshot from 2014-04-08 17:25:46

Template plays an important role in making your site rank better. Google loves the site site with clear navigational structure for ultimate user friendly experience.

You may be knowing that there are thousands of free templates available in wordress gallery. I agree that  wordpress is delivering awesome free templates with good features. But I would suggest you to get a premium theme for your blog if you are really blogging for money and not as a hobby.

Blogging is a long term game hence, no compromises should be done with it.

My advise would be to get a premium theme which should be highly responsive, Lightweight and SEO friendly.

I am using genesis here on my blog. If you can afford it then get it. And if you can’t then my advise would be to grab a premium theme from MyThemeShop( $35).

BTW you can also use this MyThemeshop coupon code to get 50% Flat Discount on all Mythemeshop templates.

Coupon ” uniblogoff50

3. Setup Cloudflare

Speed up your wordpress blog by using cloudflare. Cloudflare is one of the top available content delivery network. Cloudflare serves more that 7,85,000 users around the globe. Now what better proof do you want?

The main purpose of cloudflare is to accelerate and secure a website. I am using cloudflare from past six months and have have got awesome results with my blog speed. Now you might be thinking how cloudflare works actually? Am I right?

Lets say you are having a site forexample.com . When a visitor clicks on a link pointing to your website the first main thing its browser will do is query to your DNS system and get back to your server’s I.P adress.

It can be easily setup on your website without any code or adding software. It delivers you two name servers authoritative to your domain.

For example.. Nikhil.Ns.cloudflare.com and Ganotra.ns.clouflare.com. After that you need to make a change with your domain registrar ( e.g godaddy , bigrock).

Replace your previous nameservers with the new one’s. No need to worry. Your registrar remains your registrar and your hosting provider is still your hosting provider. Cloudflare then begins fetching the data and accelerating your speed. It has no effect on your hosting provider or domain registrar.

Some effective tools by cloudflare you should know

~ Auto Minify– Use autominify option to remove all the white spaces between codes. It helps in improving your javascript, HTML and CSS structure. It has a great impact in boosting your blog speed as gadgets take longer to read the codes when they are not minified. Use the autominify option on cloudflare instead  dowloading any other crap plugins for it.

~ Rocket loader – Use rocket loader to load javascripts quickly.

~ Cloudflare apps integeration – If you are using apps like google analytics then cloudflare suggests you to remove all the apps as it delivers you apps integeration service in which it ensures you to add your google analytics code to your pages automatically.


4.Download W3 total cache Plugin

The best caching plugin according to my experience. Caching involves using information from previous requests to speed up future requests. WordPress carries a lot of load overtime you visit your blog. With caching wordpress need not to take a heavy load to data on its back end. Thus it will reduce page load time and hence better rankings.

There are many caching plugins but I would suggest you to install W3 total cache as it has all the required features and it works efficiently with cloudflare.


5.Homepage optimization

Ahaann… the main thing you need to take care of. The homepage is your visitor’s landing page. Make sure to show only the summary of every article on the homepage. Generally every article consists of images and videos which boosts the page load time. You get only 2-3 seconds to entice your visitors. They wouldn’t hesitate to click the back button if your site is taking more than 3s to load.

Reduce the number of posts on your homepage. Maximum of 5-6 post should be shown.

Show only the summary of every article. Your visitors will click on the particular article they want to read.


6.Practice Image Optimization

Image optimization have an essential role in boosting your side speed. Optimizing every single image is time consuming and irritating. I would suggest you to use WP smush.it plugin. It automatically optimizes every time you publish an image.

How it works

  • Removes meta data from JPEG’s
  • Removes unused colours
  • Coverts GIF’s to indexed PNG’s
  • Optimized jpg compression

Understanding The Behaviour Of Image Optimization On Search Engines

7. Limit your wordpress plugins

Limit your plugins. Deactivate and delete all the unused plugins to make your site lighter. WP plugins are amazing and delivers us extensive features but too many plugins can make make your blog load slowly.

Go to through your installed plugins and I am sure you will find some unused or crap plugins. Delete them.


8. Do database optimization

Database optimization is an essential process for every blog to boost their speed. It cleans up the unnecessary space and keeps your data base running smoothly. Deactivate pingbacks and revisions.

When someone notifies you in their blog you receive a pingback. These pingbacks need to be disabled.

  • What are revisions? Revisions are the backup files of your articles.

Screenshot from 2014-04-13 15:53:57

Each time you save a draft or update your article a post revision is saved automatically. These backup copies makes the page heavier and need to be removed.

For all this stuff I would suggest you to download WP optimize plugin. There are many more plugins but according to my experience this is the best data base optimization plugin ever.

Now what are you waiting for? Implement the above given tips to spped up your worpdress blog. If you are having some tips to speed up wordpress blog then please let me know through the comment box.

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    • says

      Heyy Amiti,
      Yeh post revisions increases the page load time. We should remove them time to time by using WP optimize plugin.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  1. says

    Hello Nikhil,
    You have provide an important information to bloggers about speeding up their website. As we all know that speed of a website matters a lot. When Google spiders crawl your website then speed is a major factor to consider for ranking. Cloudflare is an responsive service which reduce the load at the website as all the imaged get stored at the server of your web host. Using a good Web Host can be a good way to increase the speed of a website. A web host with good server can provide your website a fast running capacity.
    Your post is worth reading. I hope to hear from you.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted…10 Most Common Blogging Mistakes Repeated By Newbies : Every Beginner Should KnowMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Ravi,
      I am glad that you liked this post useful. Yeah google considers the page load time while ranking it.

      I appreciate your views and comments. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. says

    Hi Nikhil,

    That was a comprehensive guide to help boost loading speed of a WordPress blog. We all know that boosting loading time can help improve SERP ranking of a blog. Thus, we have enough reasons to start optimizing, isn’t it? :)

    You’ve shared some good strategies and tips here. Like- making use of CloudFlare is a good way to kick up speed. I’ve been making use of that myself.

    Regarding the caching plugin, I’m using WP Supercache. W3 Total Cache is a good plugin, but it has been creating conflicts in my case.

    Image optimization is another aspect that I take care of much seriously. I use WP Smush it for it.

    Good article.

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…24 Things You Don’t (But Should) Know about SnapchatMy Profile

  3. says

    Hello Nikhil, Thanks for the awesome tips to increase WordPress Blog speed. A good host is really important for blog speed, in the past, I use a local hosting for my blog and now I convert it to vps hosting and it really works better. And image optimization is another important task to increase blog speed.
    Fakharuddin recently posted…6 Steps to Secure Your WordPress BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Heyy Fakharuddin,
      I am glad that you found my tips useful. Yeah image optimization plays an important role in boosting blog speed.

      I appreciate your views and comments. Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. says

    Loading Speed of a blog plays a very important role in ranking also. So every one need to have a blog which loads less than 3 seconds to stay in the competition. The info provided in the article is simply amazing and very helpful. I managed to reduce my blogs loading speed below 1 second. Thanks a lot for this useful piece of information.

  5. says

    Hi Nikhil,

    From last 2 days i am reading your blog, many of the articles is great and valuable specially how to ranking high article. I am disagree with your second point. I do not think a premium template will help you to increase your blog speed. We buy premium template because they are flexible, have lots of control option and you must find SEO better but not the speed (Some exception is there).

    I never found speed in any premium theme better than a free theme, the reason behind that is they have less files and control option which helps them load fast. I am agree with the rest of the point. But W3 Total Cache suck me.

    Have a great day my friend

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