SEO After Google Updates- Some Facts You Need To Know

Here is an ultimate guide on SEO after google updates.Almost every year we hear that an old type of SEO tactic is dead, not in use anymore and that it will not work as it did before. Up to a point this is true, as some tactics and strategies are already outdated and the next generation SEO approaches are already knocking at our doors.

Article spinning is something that should be completely avoided. Besides not being used anymore, it is completely useless for any serious SEO handler. No more automatically generated rewritten content to fill up the low empty spots.

Google’s favourite bird

Google hummingbird SEO update

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Hummingbird is Google’s new algorithm system which replaced its old one. Although it does not work differently than the old algorithm, new features are present and will be added in the future. Optimization and adding new content will be easier than ever before. With Hummingbird you can without effort or any complication upload new material and the algorithm will do all the hard work for you.

A few things will certainly change in the upcoming future and those things are how SEO will be optimized and organized. Spam SEO tactics and low tier strategies will be rooted out according to Google. However, any good SEO approach means that it will become spammy over time which is why they stop being useful. The aim with the new algorithm is to separate spam from success.

The future of SEO will lie in how Hummingbird will develop. Google makes it look promising that this new algorithm will ensure a very steady improvement in the SEO world.

Techniques to avoid at any time

 Links you control

Google is systematically punishing situations in which we are holding control of anchor text. This means that every widget link or signature profile links will be frowned upon, and it certainly is something to avoid in future.

 Site-wide links

This is something that has been passed on for years, but it’s always good to be reminded. Avoid site-wide links, except those for navigation. If someone links to you, let’s say in the side bar, it raises an alert, so steer clear from this practice. This also means to avoid linking externally in the footer, as it has been said many times before by Google’s webmasters.

 Asking for anchor text

Whatever your reasons are when you’re doing outreach, communicating with other influential bloggers or even guest posting, never ever ask for specific anchor text. Why? When you’re calculating which keywords are going where, predicting targets and planning up front, this screams: over-optimization. You are creating patterns, raising Google’s red flag, and leaving much more beneficial natural link profile at risk.

Do not stop guest posting

Google and other major search engines condemn guest blogging and how you can shamelessly get backlinks and generate SEO keywords and links. No matter how much it is viewed as bad etiquette, guest posting is still a viable strategy that can be applied. Take it from viable sources, everybody who knows what they are talking about claims that guest posting is not dead.

Guest Blogging Is A Black Hat SEO Practice. Do you Agree?

First of all, it is impossible to separate spam filled content from any good written articles, if we only view it through a SEO program. Nevertheless, guest posting does not simply mean to write some kind of article that is filled with links, even without the links it might seem like spam. But it is not spam and in the long run it will not glitch the system.

Do not think about guest posting only as a way for shameless self-promotion, it can mean that you can post a very well-produced article on a website which can ensure a larger audience. For a small and newly started business such actions could mean that they will have some heads-up with the competition. Rather than spam, guest posting is a perfect possibility to advertise, if you play your cards right, it could mean the difference.

Instead of being forced to use something new and untested, stick to something that has already proved to be good and useful, if you did not use guest posting to create spam and backlinks before, then by all means continue doing as you were.

Distribution of content is a must

A slight shift from link building itself should be done in favour of content distribution. This will ensure links that are more natural, more audience, more attention and more popularity. Partner up with influencers in your niche, get your brand in centre of attention on social media, market your good intentions and diversity by offering good content and good linking.
Do not talk just to search engines, it’s the people that really matter.

And here are some of the questions I have been asked quite frequently that deserve a loud and clear answer:

Does web hosting affect SEO?

Yes, depending on which hosting company you choose will mean the difference between good and the best. Speed, uptime and downtime are some of the major factors that contribute how good your SEO will be. Even if you choose a great hosting company, it will not mean that you will have a boost in ranking, but in the long run it means that your SEO presence will be more visible, which in turns means more traffic.


I am using Hostgator from the past 2 years I consider it the best and safest hosting provider ever. I have never faced any downtime after using hostgator. As you may be knowing that google considers page load time for rankings so it’s necessary to choose a quality host. If you are seeking my suggestion then I would advise you to get your hosting from hostgator. BTW I have a deal for you.

Use the coupon ” unibloggingtips ” to get 25% OFF on your purchase. If you really want to save money with your hosting then I would recommend you to buy long term package.

Hostgator Review- Why I consider hostgator as the best hosting provider.


Can I Do SEO myself?

In short, yes. However, unless you own a website and you have some time on your hand it will be extremely difficult to do it on your own. But you can do certain aspects yourself. Some SEO courses for beginners offer great and valuable tips you should follow, even joining SEO forums will enhance your abilities.

Will my ranks drop if I stop doing  SEO?

Yes, after a while your ranks will drop and it will require some decent amount of time and effort to get back up on your feet with SEO. The best thing to do is to maintain a steady SEO strategy, without overexerting yourself. Try to find the golden middle that will ensure a good ranking and optimal SEO.

Does a site template affects SEO?

Screenshot from 2014-04-08 02:15:04

Of-course, It affects. When I started blogging I chose a free template from wordpress gallery which caused me hundreds of problems like some themes were not compatible with gadgets or others were boosting my page load time. As I told you earlier that google takes page load time in consideration while ranking your website. Hence, It’s necessary to choose a classy template for your blog/website. In my opinion you should try MyThemeShop . It delivers fully optimized themes at reasonable prices.

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Amazing Right?

So what SEO strategies are you following for your website? Let me know through the comment box.

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